Friday, March 20, 2015

12 Fun And Creative Things You Can Do With Empty Plastic Soda Bottles

Many people have caught on to the importance of recycling, but there are plenty of creative things you can do with your plastic bottles besides dutifully putting them in the blue bins. Below are 12 awesome ideas for how to repurpose plastic soda bottles - it's time to give your recycling an upgrade.

A floral paintbrush.

By dipping the bottom of the bottle into paint and stamping it onto paper, you can create basic floral patterns. For kids, this is an excellent alternative to finger painting.

2. A clever footstool.

By simply taping bottles together, topping with a cushion, and covering with a colorful encasement, you can create yourself a comfortable footstool that will liven up your living room. Just make sure no one sits on it.

3. Bottle snowflakes.

You can paint the bottoms of clear plastic bottles and turn them in to cute little ornaments for next year's Christmas tree.

4. DIY Chia Pets.

Instead of buying a pre-made Chia Pet, you can make your own version at home. Just turn the bottom of a bottle into a cute little face, and then fill the inside with soil and the plant of your choice.

5. A quick and dirty sprinkler.

If you find yourself entering into the summer months without a sprinkler, you can use a bottle to hack one instead.

6. An awesome wall garden.

For those who have limited space, you can use liter bottles to create mini planters that can then be attached to an outdoor wall.

A classic planter.

All plants can thrive inside the protected warmth of a bottle enclosure. Just make sure to leave holes so air can circulate.

8. A bottle greenhouse.

Bottles make up the walls of this cute little bottle greenhouse.

9. A simple bird feeder.

By gluing some perches to a bottle and filling it with seeds, you'll have all the birds in the neighborhood in your yard in no time.

10. Simple storage.

Use the bottle top to create a simple storage solution for grains and beans.

11. A bottle chandelier

A DIY for only the craftier folks, this chandelier is epic and made out of entirely recycled materials..

12. A screen of bottles.

This screen made up of entirely bottles would be a great addition to any backyard garden.