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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Nibiru-Planet X of Solar System in Sumerian Tablets

What is Nibiru?

According to Sumerian clay tablets, a very large celestial body or planet exists in our solar system, which has quite irregular orbit and it returns to its elliptical orbit between Jupiter and Mars in every 3600 years. Upon its return, it causes serious damages to our planet.

We can find another reference of this planet, which is also known as the Planet X, in Zechria Sitchin’s book “the 12th Planet" that our solar system has eleven planets (considering moon as a planet) and the Sun. in addition to the 11 planet, there was another member planet which is known as the twelfth planet or Nibiru.

Interesting facts about planet discovery

Until 1780, we did not have any clue about the existence of Uranus.

We identified Neptune as a planet only in 1846.
Pluto--the smallest planet of our solar system—discovered in 1930.

Note: The word “Nibiru” has its origin in Akkadian language which means point of transition or crossing.

References to Sumerian Tablets:

In Sumerian tablet named Enuma Elish, there is a description of the planet Nibiru, which I already mentioned at the first paragraph of this post. Another Sumerian tablet (Cuneiform tablet) described Nibiru as a point on the path of transition.

What exactly Zecharia Sitchin’s translation says about Nibiru?

In his book the 12th Planet, Sitchin describes that Nibiru is a giant planet which passes our solar system in every 3600 years and it inhabitants, who are the Annunakis, interact with the inhabitants of our planet. One interesting fact about the timeline of passing of Nibiru in our solar system is that another of Sitchin’s book called “The end of days” mentioned that the last time Nibiru passed by our planet was in 556 B.C., which means that the next time of passing will be (-556+3600) = 3044 A.D.; but he also expressed his concern that the Annunakis might return much earlier than that anticipated time-line and their arrival time will coincide with the pole shift of our planet Earth.

So, the coming of Nibiru is just a possibility, if and only if we have to believe the Sumerian tablets’ prophesized time of arrival. Otherwise, we do not have any real concern about its arrival time.

our solar system before collision with NIbiru

our solar system before collision with NIbiru

What Kolbrin Bible told about Nibiru?

According the Marshall Masters, the writer of “Planet X and the Kolbrin Bible connection”, the planet X has been described as the “destroyer”. If you are not aware of Kolbrin Bible, it is an ancient Egyptian manuscript written by the Egyptian authors around 3600 years ago. Now, take a brief look at what Kolbrin Bible has to say about planet X:

When the destroyer will arrive in our solar system, men will already have great knowledge and wisdom.

The elites of the society will keep the news of arrival secret.

After the catastrophe, only a few men will survive.
The destroyer (Nibiru) was responsible for the sinking of Atlantis and Noah’s flood.

Earth had encountered the destroyer in the past and then it was reborn (perhaps, the phrase “reborn” here means a new orbit of Earth and the beginning of new age).

In the past seas rose up and created giant tsunami because of this destroyer.

When the destroyer passed our solar system, Earth remained dark for a longer period of time.
Earth weather became poisonous and its environment got encompassed with dust.

When men came out from their safe hide-out and refuges, they saw a very different and changed world.

Conclusion: Despite the mention of a destroyer or a giant celestial body passing by our planet, there is no clear mention in the Kolbrin Bible about its next appearance. And there is no way to prove that this destroyer is Nibiru.

Cinturón de asteroides means the asteroids belt

Asteroids Belt  found in the collision path

Asteroids Belt found in the collision path

Note: You can find more about the debris of the collision at the Asteriods Belt page. If you want to know what NASA is saying about the creation of belt, please read the NASA's page about Asteriods.

Relation between Nibiru and 2012

I have found no direct relation between Nibiru and the famous Mayan Prediction of 2012. But the famous sleeping Prophet Edger Cacey has a very interesting reading about the change of Earth pole and the beginning of a new age when people will have the power to communicate with each other with their mind and consciousness. Unfortunately, he did not mention any timeline for this incident. Interestingly, Mayan calendar also says very similar things that Cacey’s readings revealed us: the beginning of a new age. Neither Mayan calendar nor Casey’s reading talk about the existence of Nibiru.

A few simple questions about this planet?

Is it a fairy tale planet? No, the existence of this planet is already described in ancient texts.

Is there any scientific evidence of the existence of Planet X? There is no scientific proof that it exists. But if a planet that has so large orbiting time can be very difficult to detect. Still we know very little of our universe and we are not even sure that if our Sun has a dark sister.

What David Icke said about Nibiru?

In David Icke’s book the biggest secret, he expressed his doubt about the existence of Nibiru and Zecharia Sitchin’s translation of the Sumerian tablets. He thinks that Mr. Sitchin has made some mistake in translating the part of the tablet that tells about Nibiru -- because elliptical orbit will be highly unstable. David Icke seems to be comfortable of the part of the translation that describes that there used to be a planet between Jupiter and Mars, which was known as Tiamat (watery monster) and Nibiru collided with this planet causing it to near destruction, which eventually break the planet and a smaller part of it shifted to a new orbit, which is our own planet Earth. One surprising thing is that there is an asteroid belt between the orbit of Jupitar and Mars, which the Sumerians used to believe as the debris of that collision. In Sumerian language Earth means cleaved one because the collision created a gigantic hole in it. The only place on Earth where you can find a vast hole is in the Pacific Ocean (Mariana Trench).

Mariana Trench

Mariana Trench

Despite the controversy about the translation and trustworthiness of the tablets, we have to admit one vital fact that it described and depicted the exact position and size of the planets of our solar system several thousand years back. Another stunning thing is the exact description about the color and nature of Uranus and Neptune, which we have confirmed only in this century. How a several thousand years old clay tablet can have such an accurate description of our solar system reminds that Sumerian surly had some deep understandings of the astronomy.

Whatever our ancient manuscripts says about the past incidents of our solar system, our human mind always look for evidence to convince ourselves, which is surly a great way to give acknowledgement and confirmation to the accuracy of a theory. For the time being, we do not have any concrete scientific evidence to establish the existence of Nibiru. So, let this planet resides on the Sumerian texts and wait to see what our astronomers can find for us in the future.

Nibiru Planet X Earth Collision Greatest Kept Secret of All Time?

Three Photos, Three Days, Three Different Times

Taken at 8:17 a.m. on Thursday Sept. 20, 2012 my first really good photograph of Nibiru Planet X  near the Sun.

Taken at 8:17 a.m. on Thursday Sept. 20, 2012 my first really good photograph of Nibiru Planet X near the Sun.

Greatest Secret of All Time?

Is Nibiru Planet X Earth Collision the Greatest Kept Secret of All Time or does that title belong to Hollow Earth, UFO's & Aliens or the New World Order (Illuminati)?

Now that we know that the CIA and the Mossad conspired to kill JFK and 9/11 was an inside job and that Aliens not only exist, they have been here for thousands of years manipulating our DNA. The next great mystery can only be how long does the governments of our world remain silent on the topic of Nibiru Planet X and the Polar Shift.

The next one I took at 12:53 p.m. on Sunday Sept. 23, 2012 and it has moved down the side of the Sun. The blobs of light above are from light getting under the floppy disk's as the blow in the breeze.

The next one I took at 12:53 p.m. on Sunday Sept. 23, 2012 and it has moved down the side of the Sun. The blobs of light above are from light getting under the floppy disk's as the blow in the breeze.

Many internet sites such as Wikipedia and others have used disinformation and sensationalism to debunk this profound mystery of Nibiru Planet X by claiming a fantastic collision scenario with Earth.

Although revealed in ancient literature and legend from the Bible to the Hopi Indian and from the Sumerian clay tablets to Mayan prophecy none have ever mention a collision of planets, just a Polar Shift.

The third one was taken on Monday Sept. 24, 2012 at 2:56 p.m. and the planet has moved even further down in the sky compared to the Sun.

The third one was taken on Monday Sept. 24, 2012 at 2:56 p.m. and the planet has moved even further down in the sky compared to the Sun.

Having learned of this planet many years ago, only recently have I discovered a way in which to capture an image of it using the inside of a floppy disk as a (red) filter for my camera.

Through months of trial and error I have captured Nibiru Planet X and the many moons and other planets in its complex using the red filter method placed over the lens of my camera.

Certainly what ever it is that is appearing in the photographs shouldn't be there however what is even more convincing is that as I photographed the Sun at different times of the day the spherical object showed up in different areas around the Sun.

My own success and dozen of other amateur astronomers have lead me on a search for the truth. Reading Zecharia Zitchin's The 12th Planet helped me to understand how this information could be so easily concealed from mankind and helped me to realize its importance.

Searching for the truth on the matter of Nibiru Planet X and the Polar Shift has lead me in many directions and has made me realize just how much censorship takes place in our schools and on television shows.

After the Pole Shift

A possible look at the Earth's continents after the Polar Shift.

A possible look at the Earth's continents after the Polar Shift.

Earth Collision?

Now Wikipedia and many other debunkers always try to distract people by throwing in the collision scenario, which is total BS. Simply a way for The Powers That Be to spread disinformation, use distraction and fear to confuse the public. Nibiru Planet X has been orbiting our Sun every 3,657 years for countless millennium without colliding with our planet and is not going to do so on this pass through our solar system.

It is however the reason for the extreme weather, increase in earthquakes, melting polar ice sheets, rising ocean levels and changing climates. These symptoms of the Polar Shift will continue right up and past the eventual rotation stoppage, three days of darkness and realignment of the planet.

Although you may just now be finding out about this, the information is not new and has been around for a very long time. Many ancient civilizations have tried to leave warnings for their descendants however 3,657 years is a long time and much of this information has been lost. Also many governments, that have known for years that Nibiru Planet X was coming back, have withheld this information from the public for fear that they would panic, which is certainly reasonable.

I have known instinctively about this from the fifth grade (long story), I read about it in 1983 (when it made the headlines in the Washington Post & NY Times) when NASA announced it to the World when I was twenty years old but didn't pay much attention to it. I began looking into it again with growing interest in 2008 after reading Zecharia Zitchin's The 12th Planet. Now after four years of intense study and gathering of information, I'm convinced it is truly here.

Will it cause the destruction the ancient's warned us about, well if you use critical thinking and keep abreast of World News you would have to say that it has already started. If the natural disaster's the Earth has experienced since 2003 when Nibiru Planet X arrived in the solar system are any indication of what we can expect in the near future then we are in for some interesting times.

Obviously it would be fool hardy to try to predict the future however based on the last few years with the melting of the Polar Ice Caps, the increase in seismic activity, the severe droughts and extreme weather, the continuous flooding and climate change it is easy to see that mankind's pollution can not be blamed for all of this.

Something is causing all of this to happen at this time and that something is Nibiru, which is the Sumerian word for 'planet of the crossing', Planet X which is what NASA named it not as an unknown factor but as the tenth planet.

Debunkers and 'disinformationist' use the fear of a collision to distract reasonable informed people into believing it is hogwash. They also claim that if it was this close it would be visible to all by now however we cannot see the other planets during the day and 90% of the worlds population couldn't point out the planets at night either.

The point is that because NASA has a monopoly on space information including photography, satellites and telescope we have only their word to rely on and they have proven to be untrustworthy in the past, especially concerning our own Moon. How can we trust an organization that has been proven liars from their conception, the fact is we can't.

Nibiru Planet X Oct. 15th, 2012

Taken more recently the same image appears in relatively the same spot.

Taken more recently the same image appears in relatively the same spot.


Certainly movies such as Deep Impact, Armageddon and 2012 have fueled the rumors and speculation of Earth colliding with a celestial body leading to the complete destruction of the planet. The theory that a large meteor impacted the Earth 65 million years ago in the Gulf of Mexico and may have been responsible for the sudden disappearance of the dinosaurs adds to this speculation.

While these scenarios in the movies certainly have the potential for the complete destruction of the planet they are designed to instill fear in the public and sensationalize possible events. The extinction level event (ELE) that killed the dinosaurs was most likely from a meteor impact of some sort however without definitive proof we may never know for sure.

However we are certain that this planet has experienced Polar Shifts in the past yet the cause of these events is still being debated. While there does seem to be some evidence that the asteroid belt was created from two celestial bodies colliding this happened in our solar system's distant past.

Nibiru Planet X has an oblong orbit that is counter to the Earth's and the rest of the planets in our solar system. Nibiru Planet X's retrograde 3,657 year orbit takes it outside our solar system and back. It is four times the size of Earth and 23 times as dense and in affect acts as a giant magnet to the Earth's core.

As I understand the process, the main affect it is having on Earth as it now passes out of the solar system is that it is imperceptibly slowing the Earths rotation and creating a more severe wobble. The increased wobble is causing the extreme weather and the increase in tectonic plates moving, as well as polar regions being exposed to more sunlight.

The Pole Shift occurs as Nibiru Planet X passes the Earth and like one larger magnet passing another smaller magnet there is resistance to a point and then the smaller magnet realigns itself with the larger as it move past, basically whipping it around. This takes place very quickly and is sudden, so although there maybe some quivering and shaking leading up to it, it is all over very quickly.

In terms of the Earth it will lead to a gradual slowing of the Earth's rotation that will not be noticeable to mankind then a rotation stoppage which will seem like either a two to three day night or day depending on which side of the planet you are on when stoppage occurs. Those on the day side will see Nibiru Planet X as a small red orb a fraction of the size of the Moon and it will grow in size until many will believe it is going to smash into the Earth as it passes between the Earth and our Sun.

Essentially the Earth's core shifts and the crust surrounding it reacts to that shift, along with our oceans and atmosphere. Both the oceans in the form of tsunami's and the atmosphere in the form of typhoons will react violently from the massive displacement of land (crust). This will take place in a little over an hour and will not be all that noticeable until it stops!

Like a car crash or falling from a great height it is not the fall or crash that kills you but the sudden stop. When the Polar Shift stops is when the proverbial *&#@ hits the fan and all hell breaks loose, literally.

For those that survive the cataclysmic onslaught of the Polar Shift, the long night or day will last about the same amount of time before the shift occurred and then rotation will begin again in the other direction, however the survivors will be a little too busy surviving to notice.

Of those that do survive the Pole Shift half will starve to death in the first six months unable or unwilling to feed themselves. Many more will die from their own incompetence having lost the will and ability to adapt to the ever changing climate and environment.

It will take at least a generation for life on Earth to return to some normalcy however what we take for granted now many will be willing to kill for after the shift.

The Polar Shift will be catastrophic to the planet Earth much as it has been in the past however Nibiru Planet X will not collide with the planet.

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