Thursday, March 5, 2015

36 Powerful Photographs Of Beautiful Humans In Ugly Circumstances - 36 صورة قوية لبشر رائعون في ظروف قبيحة

Extreme violence, war, poverty, struggle, and uncertainty: Human beings across the globe are experiencing hardship at any given time, and it's at these times that human compassion matters the most.

Below are 36 photos that prove that human beings are capable empathy, selflessness, and love - even when faced with the most difficult situations imaginable.

#1. In the Russian town of Beslan , armed men and women seized a local school. Here, a Russian police officer carries a baby from the school to safety.

#2. American soldiers dance with Dutch children during World War II.

#3. During the Korean War, Pt. Dick L. Powell shares a meal with a puppy.

#4. A medic bandages an injured child's foot during World War II.

#5. An East German soldier helps a boy pass the newly formed Berlin Wall, despite the fact that he was given specific orders not to.

#6. Christians protecting Muslims during worship in Cairo, Egypt.

#7. Riot police and protesters sharing the same emotion in Sofia, Bulgaria.

#8. A captured Ukranian woman is given water by a Soviet soldier in 1941.

#9. A firefighter giving a koala water after a serious bushfire in Victoria, Australia.

#10. Raymond Walker, a journalist, carries a child to safety during the Spanish Civil War.

#11. A Bosnian soldier caring for a baby saved during civil unrest.

#12. Ferguson community members protecting a store against looters.

#13. A wounded Russian civilian being treated by a German soldier during World War II.

#14. A hysterical child being carried away from an explosion by an Afghan soldier.

#15. A soldier being comforted by his friend in the trenches of the Korean War.

#16. A German soldier sharing his rations with a Russian family during World War II.

#17. Soldier Joseph Dwyer caries an injured boy to safety during the Iraq War.

#18. American soldiers assist in pushing a trapped car to safety during World War II. There were two gravely wounded German soldiers inside.

#19. Soldier Ryan Lee and Valdo the dog comfort each other on a hospital floor during the war in Afghanistan.

#20. During the Korean War, this kitten's mother was killed by mortar fire. Here, Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor feeds the kitten in its mothers absence.

#21. This child was separated from her family during a firefight in the Iraq War. Here, U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman Richard Barnett comforts the upset child.

#22. A French soldier assists a family fleeing from the Spanish Civil War.

#23. Ukrainian soldier kissing his girlfriend while surrounded by pro-Russian militants.

#24. A group of Brazilian protesters greet a police officer on his birthday.

#25. Keshia Thomas protecting a white supremacist from an angry mob.

#26. A Syrian baby being warmed and comforted by a Jordanian soldier.

#27. A wounded Venezuelan soldier being comforted by a priest as shots are fired around them.

#28. After the army refused to fire on Tunisian protesters, this little girl gave them a sign of her appreciation.

#29. A soccer match between German and British solders during World War I.

#30. A boy leading a blind man through the devastated streets of Korea, after the Korean War.

#31. An American soldier holding hands with an Afghan girl.

#32. American troops in World War II take the time to treat a wounded dog.

#33. A puppy and soldier making friends during the Iraq War.

#34. An Afghan man offers tea to stationed American soldiers.

#35. A Papua New Guinea native helps a wounded Australian soldier out of the bush during World War II.

#36. Homeless Indian men receiving free food outside of a mosque in New Dehli.