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Thursday, April 2, 2015

29 Weird Historical Photos That Prove Today’s Celebrities Have Travelled In Time

Celebrities are used to adoring fans copying and imitating them. The admirers may sport similar clothing items or a hairstyle, while others go to the extreme of going under the knife to look like their favorite, famous figure.

No plastic surgery though can match to a star having their own doppelgänger. There are photos on the internet of look-alike’s from the past that look very much like an eerie and uncanny vision of our current Hollywood A-listers. Doppelgänger comes from the German folklore of a paranormal look-alike.

When you look at the photos and compare them to the living person, one cannot help but have a visceral reaction. Perhaps it is the fact that in the past people did not smile in their photos or the similarities are so close, one begins to think these images must have been altered. Here is a compilation of the best and often scary doubles.

#1. Johnny Depp and English composer from the 1500's, Thomas Tallis.

#2. Leonardo DiCaprio and Judy Zipper in 1960.

#3. Ellen DeGeneres and American poet, abolitionist and philosopher, Henry David Thoreau.

#4. Rupert Grint and Sir David Wilkie. Wilkie is 1800's painter from Scotland.

#5. Tommy Lee Jones and Andrew Johnson, 17th President of the United States.

#6. Conan O'Brien and Marshall Harvey Twitchell. Twitchell was a Union Army Soldier.

#7. Jimmy Fallon and Turkish revolutionary Mahir Çayan.

#8. Charlie Sheen and abolitionist John Brown in the 1800s.

#9. Nicolas Cage and an unknown man in 1870.

#10. Brad Pitt and Hermann Rorschach in 1910.

#11. Justin Timberlake and an old time bandit.

#12. John Krasinski and Carl Adolph Feilberg, a journalist from the 1800's.

#13. Jay Z and unidentified man from Harlem.

#14. Bruce Willis and American general, Douglas MacArthur.

#15. Trent Reznor and Napoleon Bonaparte.

#16. John Travolta and this 1860s man.

#17. Michael Cera and this man in a 1930's photo from Germany.

#18. Chuck Norris and Dutch painter Vincent van Gough.

#19. Danny Pudi and a 1962 man in Germany.

#20. Jean Ralphio and Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky in 1897.

#21. Will Ferrell and Greece's hero of independence Odysseas Androutsos.

#22. Jack Black and American patriot Paul Revere.

#23. Peter Dinklage and a 1645 painting from Spanish artist Diego Velazquez.

#24. Michael Jackson

#25. Eddie Murphy and unknown man.

#26. Orlando Bloom and founder of modern day Romania Nicolae Grigorescu.

#27. Silvester Stallone and Pope Gregory IX.

#28. Mark Zuckerberg and Spanish king Philip IV.

#29. Keanu Reeves and French painter and illustrator Louis-Maurice Boutet de Monvel.

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