Thursday, October 1, 2015

Greedy daughter kept mum's dead body for a YEAR to cash in on her benefits

A WOMAN kept her mother's decomposed body for over a year so she could claim her benefits.


Kersting (pictured) kept her mother's dead body for over a year to claim her benefits

Mary Kersting confessed to keeping the body of her 93-year-old mum, Hope Ruller, to cash in on the deceased woman's pension cheques for over a year.

Ruller's house

Ms Ruller's decomposed body was found by police

Police checking on Ms Ruller's welfare found her decomposed body in her apartment last December - more than a year after she died.

Authorities said Ms Ruller died in October 2013 from unknown causes.


Kersting claimed over £8,500 of her mum's benefits

Kersting, from New York, US, pleaded guilty to grand larceny and improper disposal of a body, according to district attorney Louise Sira.

The 60-year-old admitted she stole more than £8,500 ($13,000) in benefits and pension cheques during the period.


Ms Ruller (not pictured) died in October 2013

She also confessed to failing to contact authorities to provide medical care to her mother or take her body away.

Kersting faces six months in jail and will be sentenced on November 6.