Friday, November 27, 2015

#Breaking #News : Avichay Adraee‬ account hacked..scandalous nude personal photos leaked

websites activists published many blurred scandalous personal pictures for senior Israeli occupation Army Avichay Adraee,

they said to the news that unknown hacker calling himself "code of justice" succeeded in storming and hacking Avichay Adraee account, the official spokesman for the Israeli army.

this was today on the social networking "Facebook" website and enables hackers to find sexually explicit images for "Avichay Adraee" with young naked girls and they has published a large number of them .

"code of justice" hacker confirmed that he was preserved those photos to be shown completely for public decency and refused the full publishing of the totally nude private pictures to save those girls personal and family reputation.. 

and said "Let perfectly be polite ...we are more better manners and behavior than them".