Saturday, November 7, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: The Most Powerful Ads Of The World Wildlife Fund

1. It’s sad, but many politicians do care more about keeping fucking walls clean than they do about cleaning the eco-system.

Cannes Lion winner in 2010.


4. Very simple idea: The WWF collaborated with CBS Outdoor and spray-painted their message onto bare billboards using temporary paint.

5. Forest / Woods / Tree / Death

6. You see a lot of scary-bad Photoshop in environmental awaresness ads. This is just scary.

7. “Every year, 60 million animals are slaughtered for their skin.”


9. *facepalm* (this is a brand new campaign)


11. Installations put up ahead of a net-fishing government vote in 2008. As of 2012, that number has been halved.

12. “It’s your turn.” Brilliant campaign won all the awards in 2009.

13. Another simple, great campaign that won all the awards in 2010.



16. “Save trees. Save wildlife.”


18. You don’t even need any copy on these layouts.



21. The copy is a bit clunky, because the ads are translated. But they’re still ads that deliver a gut-punch.

22. An amazing video made with only still photos, called Parallax Sequence. Music: Snow Patrol.

23. Annoyingly unreadable typeface, but otherwise, beautiful art direction.

24. Basic translation: “Harm them, harm yourselves.”

25. They kind of look like recruitment ads for the Triad.


27. Probably a scam ambient ad, but a nice, simple idea.

28. Beautiful, depressing campaign.


30. Beautiful 1:00 commercial with a strong message.

31. Smart idea. In 2010, comic noir posters via WWF Spain were put up at a comic book convention and then placed in comic book stores across the country.
32. “Extinction can’t be fixed”


34. This is how to do an online “save the animals” campaign. Brilliant. Rhinos, right now, have about 10 years left. Does that bother you at all?