Sunday, December 20, 2015

Real Life Vampire has been arrested for attacking his friend to drink his blood

20 year old Thomas Gough sent a text to his girlfriend a few days before saying that he planned to stab the victim, and actually carried his fantasy though in July this year.

He lured his friend Matthew Whitehurst, over to his room in Cheadle, England, telling him they would drink vodka together.

But Gough had another drink in mind.

 After they sat down together, he grabbed a razor blade and leaned over to slash his friend while his girlfriend looked on, leaving a gaping wound in his forearm.

As blood started to pour down, Gough caught the flow in a glass and downed it, telling his victim he ‘needed blood to survive’. Whitehurst needed 10 stitches to heal the wound and has been left with an ‘awful’ permanent scar.

After the attack, Gough, who has bipolar disorder, vomited and asked Whitehurst, ‘What medication are you on?’ before trying to stem the blood flow with a sock, the court heard.

When he was arrested, he talked about the devil and the Antichrist and was talking to a ‘voice’ in front of him. Police also found the knife embedded in the wall and a glass with congealed blood inside.