Thursday, September 8, 2016

EXCLUSIVE : Celebrities Stars Gone So Fat

Famous Stars Who Couldn’t Stop Eating and Got Fat

So you just had baby number three, and you’re still trying to take off that last bit of baby weight from kiddo number one? We hear ya. But you’re not alone. It’s not only new moms who struggle with their weight after birth (except for that one new mamma that I saw out and about with her less-than-two week old, striding around the mall with a completely flat tummy – just one question, how?), no one seems to be immune.

So grab a tub of Ben and Jerry’s, sit down, and enjoy looking at what these once fabulous looking celebs look like now.

Val Kilmer – 1986 vs. 2012

Remember seeing Val Kilmer play Batman in the mid-1990s? You might have been a tween or in college then, but I remember thinking, break me off a chunk of that mouthwatering-ly delicious chiseled work of art. Well, not so much anymore. Valley Boy looks nothing like that chunk of hunk he once was. Now he’s just, well, the chunk part.

Val Kilmer is most notably known for Top Gun (1986) and Batman Forever (1995). The once chiseled hunk has experienced weight fluctuations pretty much as long as he has been in the public eye. Kilmer recently experienced a health issue that was reportedly a throat tumor, although Kilmer denies this.

Note to self: use “throat tumor” as an excuse for chin rolls. The 55 year old’s acting career is currently on hiatus while he returns to good health from his not-tumor.

Britney Spears – 2001 vs. 2009

Okay, so you had tight abs and a perfectly toned physique in 2001 (when you were 20). So you’ve had a couple of kids and a mental breakdown or two during the intervening decade, but don’t you know that’s no excuse at all and that everyone still wants you to look as slim and fit today as you did in your younger years. Hop to it; run to the fountain of youth, grab some miracle diet pills, become a Scientologist or do whatever else it is that Hollywood types do to worship at the alter of eternal youth once more. Chop chop.

Ah, Britney. You’ve had two kids. You’ve been in the public eye since 1993. You’re almost 34 years old. You’ve suffered from mental instability and mental health issues. How dare you not be the muscled twig you were at 20?

Maybe you missed the memo, but 33 year old women are required to maintain the exact physique they boasted at 20, especially if you are in the public eye. Everyone knows real life circumstances don’t apply to famous people! Get it together, Brit.

Alec Baldwin – 1994 vs. 2012

Oh, Alec. I look at the pictures of you when you were younger and have to wipe the drool (and nacho dip) off of my chin. Okay, mostly nacho dip. I always thought he looked especially handsome in the juror. I’m not sure why, exactly, but those are the memories I had of being dreamy eyed over this particular piece of man. Enter the 30 Rock days, and he’s still a great actor (with a ton of Screen Actors’ Guild awards to boot), but he’s more entertaining than mouthwatering these days. Too bad.

Alec Baldwin is the most well known of the four Baldwin brother actors. Baldwin is also the male performer with the most Screen Actors Guild awards, thanks to his role as Jack Donaghy on NBC’s 30 Rock.

His highly successful acting career, Spanish yoga instructor wife, and two thriving children tell me he couldn’t care less about a few extra pounds. However, he should probably avoid paparazzi when he’s eating as a general rule.

Kirstie Alley – 1989 vs. 2009

Kirstie Alley managed to look 80s fab in Look Who’s Talking and Look Who’s Talking Too, even after two on-screen children, so why should she let real life get in the way of a fit bod. Oh yeah, maybe because it’s real life. Alley’s weight has yo-yo’d back and forth for years, but she still manages to maintain an amazing career regardless of where on the scale she fits in, recently winning second place in Dancing with the Stars. Alley manages to always comport herself in a classy manner, so why be caught up on her weight?

Kirstie Alley’s most distinguished part was as Rebecca Howe on Cheers from 1987-1993. Alley now boasts second place on the 2011 season of Dancing with the Stars, so clearly the weight is holding her back. Her weight has fluctuated for years and she is currently on the thinner side.

Ms. Alley has had a pretty steady acting career over the years, earning a Golden Globe and two Emmy’s early on. I’m sure she sits around crying about her weight as she holds her awards. Fun fact: Alley was married to her “distant” cousin for 7 years.

Jessica Simpson – 2005 vs. 2011

Much like Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson is now in her 30s with two kids so why oh why do we expect her to look as thin and firm as she did at 20? Age has an effect on us all, and Simpson seems to be leading a good life, so her on and off weight issues don’t seem to be affecting her too much. Some people might be able to spend all day at the gym with a personal trainer, but others have better things to do. Yes, health and fitness are important – very important. But tight abs aren’t the be all and end all of living a fun and fulfilling life.

Jessica Simpson, a 34 year old mother of two has had weight problems off and on. Before I criticize her, I’m forced to take note that Simpson’s dating history boasts Nick Lachey, John Mayer, Tony Romo, and she is now happily married to former NFL tight end Eric Johnson, the father of her two babies.

Considering my own dating history, I think I’ll keep my mouth shut. You do you, girl. It’s clearly workin’.

Janet Jackson – 2001 vs. 2006

Here’s one person you wouldn’t recognize at all if you saw her walking down the street. In fact, with the hoodie and baseball cap she sometimes sports, you might not even be able to see her face. Janet Jackson doesn’t come out into the public eye much these days, and when she does, it’s to support the career of her designer husband rather than to further a career of her own. Being in the public eye seems exhausting, so I can’t say I blame her, but a few small things could make a big difference. Ditch the baseball cap and take some fashion advice from hubby, then invest in some quality cosmetics to get back your old glow. Our favorite line (and the fav among many A-listers) is Onsen. Get rid of wrinkles for a night on the red carpet with the limited addition wrinkle release syringe, which works instantly, or play the long game with the basic face collection or a nice mask. Either way, you can look great even with a few extra pounds, Janet! There’s no need to hide.

Janet Jackson’s svelte six pack appears to be long gone. What also appears to be gone are the days when Jackson cared about public opinion of her. She rarely comes out of the public eye, and when she does its to support her billionaire fashion tycoon husband. The talented Jackson sister is no longer producing hit albums.

No one is really sure that she is doing, as she only appears in public sporadically, with no interviews or comments.

Kelly Clarkson – 2002 vs. 2011

After catapulting onto the world stage through American Idol fame, Clarkson has launched a successful career in the music industry. She also married her talent manager and now has a two year old baby girl. Surprise, surprise, she no longer has the same slim bod she once did. The public seems to be on her side though, and have roundly and soundly put Katie Hopkins in her place after she criticized Clarkson for her weight.

The most successful American Idol alum by far, Kelly Clarkson has become America’s sweetheart. Clarkson is married to talent manager Brandon Blackstock, with whom she has a baby girl. While she’s been out and about promoting her new album, Piece by Piece, Kelly was criticized by TV personality Katie Hopkins for her weight.

Everyone and their mom has taken the opportunity to attack Hopkins for fat shaming. So, with that I say, lookin’ good Kelly! Love the new album.

Steven Seagal – 1990 vs. 2013

Okay, to be honest I always thought Steven Seagal looked like something of a creep. Old and greasy looking, if you ask me. But some once thought that he was an Adonis (why?), so let’s do a side by side anyway. Seagal has put on quite a few pounds over the years, and I don’t think that even his hard core fans would think that he still looks remotely attractive.

The 62 year old actor known for his action movies has gained weight steadily for years. Researching Steven Seagal is the definition of following a disappearing lead. You can look for yourself, but basically, Seagal is a compulsive liar. Who knows the reason behind the (fake) black belt’s weight gain, maybe Seagal is eating his words.

He’s also a terrible person, having had two sex slaves, and driven a tank into a house and killing a puppy and 115 chickens that he was there to “rescue”. That is actually true. Moving on!

Marlon Brando – 1951 vs. 2003

As long as we’re having a blast from the past, let’s talk about old black and white dreamboat Marlon Brando. Sure, he had an old fashioned look about him, but I can see what the attraction once was. Unfortunately, Brando didn’t age all too well. His later images look like that of an old fart who could care less about his appearance. Still, I hope he lived happily in his old age.

The Godfather not only in film, but of film as well. Marlon Brando boasts two Oscars (The Godfather and On the Waterfront), but the last few films of his career were rather duds.

He was infamous for not only his size, but his eating habits to boot. Brando would reportedly eat gallons of ice cream, two chickens in one sitting, the list goes on and on. Its pretty clear that toward the end of his long life (1924 – 2004) he just did not give a crap.

John Travolta – 1983 vs. 2012

From Pulp Fiction to Grease to Saturday Night Fever, John Travolta was a drool-worthy favorite for many years. But not so much anymore. Travolta seems to have swapped that dimply delightful hard-bodied look for the soft and pudgy look of someone in his late-forties or early fifties… which isn’t bad considering he’s now 61 years old.

 From the greased lightning on the left, to the average – yet slightly creepy – dad-shape on the right. Travolta has stayed in the public eye pretty steadily over the years, and his career has been on a relatively steady – if slightly underwhelming – path as well.

Hairspray was his last real block buster in 2007. Maybe his acting career isn’t as impressive as it has been in the past, but his hairline seems to have actually creeped down his head a little, so there’s a silver(or should I say, died black) lining there.

Ryan Gosling 2006 vs Ryan Gosling 2007

How on Earth do you go from that rugged piece of meat on the left (if that objectification offends you, see Women’s History: How We’ve Felt Since Forever) to the rough stranger on the right? You drink melted ice cream instead of water. No, really, he said that’s what he did. Relax, ladies, Gosling gained this weight for a role (2009′s The Lovely Bones).

Interestingly, he was fired by director Peter Jackson and the role went to Mark Wahlberg. Ryan lost the weight quickly and he’s been back to his bangin’ self for a while now.

Christina Aguilera 2003 vs Christina Aguilera 2012

Christina Aguilera is famous for showing it all – whether we like it or not. In all honesty, Aguilera’s weight has been all over the place for years. She is 33 and has two babies now, and she credits her most recent weight loss mostly to chasing around after her little ones.

Her career is going swimmingly, as she sits in her coaches chair on her 5th season of The Voice, and has just filmed a guest spot on ABC’s Nashville. Xtina is engaged and happily parenting with Matthew Rutler, a film production assistant and guitarist.

Vince Vaughn 1996 vs Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn has been the funny man in every other comedy for years. Once known for his taught bod and handsome good looks, Vaughn now enjoys more of a decent-ish looking middle aged man…type…style. Vaughn is starring in the upcoming comedy Unfinished Business opposite Dave Franco.

It appears that the old dream boat has gracefully accepted his change in status and is leaving those roles to the new kids.

Jon Favreau 1996 vs Jon Favreau 1996

Waaay back in 1996 Jon Favreau debuted his buff build in a film he wrote, Swingers. He was costarring with Vince Vaughn so there must have been something in the water. Favreau is best known for his role as Tony Stark’s body guard in the current Iron Man franchise, although you have to wonder if he’s really the best man for the job considering his girth.

It’s a bit Paul Blart: Mall Cop if you think about it. He directed the first two Iron Man films and is currently enjoying the success of the indie film Chef that he wrote, directed, produced, and starred in.

Raven Symone 2003 vs Raven Symone 2008

The Cheetah Girl has experienced weight gain and loss over her many years in the spotlight, and she seems to be a bit stuck in the weight gain section as of late. Raven is most recognizable from her wildly popular Disney Channel show, That’s So Raven, and you might also recognize her as the little dumpling on The Cosby Show.

Symone is currently acting on Fox’s hit show Empire. In an interview with Oprah Symone said she doesn’t want to be labeled, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Mariah Carey 1997 vs Mariah Carey 2012

Ahh, Mimi. You fabulous creature, you. Here’s the problem with baring it all when you’re thin and in shape: if/when you become overweight, it’s so obvious when you’re covering up. Certain celebrities can gain weight without us ever noticing because they just rock a hoodie and sweats. Just sayin’.

Anyway, Mariah is sort of just famous for being famous at this point, with no recent album successes and rather appalling behavior (being 3 hours late for the NYC Christmas lighting).

Laurence Fishburne 1999 vs Laurence Fishburne 2012

You’ll definitely recognize the 53 year old Laurence Fishburne first for his iconic role as Morpheus in The Matrix. Second, you might recognize him as Cowboy Curtis on Pee-wee’s Playhouse back from 1986-1990. Laurence’s career seems to be mimicking his weight gain. He is most recently depicting the character of an outspoken grandpa on ABC’s Black-ish.

So it would seem that Fishburne is settling into his new shape.

Russell Crowe 1999 vs Russell Crowe 2011

Russell Crowe is rather well known for putting his foot in his mouth, quite regularly. I’m not trying to say it made him fat, I’m just saying that karma has a delightful way of catching up to us. Crowe is 50 years old and has two children, so in society that gives him an excuse to don his worn out polo and cargo shorts look.

The Gladiator star has multiple new films coming down the pipe, so it would seem that the weight gain is not affecting his roles.

Brendan Fraser 1997 vs Brendan Fraser 2008

Brendan Fraser has had one of the more varied careers in Hollywood, ranging from goofball comedies like George of the Jungle to more suspenseful films like The Mummy. Obviously in the past Fraser boasted quite the six pack, which garnered him multiple roles as the romantic lead.

To give you a glimpse into how Fraser’s career is doing now, I’ll tell you that one of his more recent roles was Furry Vengeance, which grossed $17 million. Sound good? Compare to The Mummy‘s 155 million, and maybe Brendan will find the motivation he needs to get back in shape.

Matt Damon 2008 vs Matt Damon 2009

What happened to the handsome Matt Damon? No big deal, this bulk up was specifically for a role and was quickly worked back into shape. News just broke that there is a Bourne sequel in the works for 2016, thank the action movie gods!

Damon has said that he ate McDonalds, Doritos, and dark beer in between takes on set of The Informant (the film at fault for the weight gain). How do I get that job? Seriously, right now I do that for free.

Renee Zellweger 2002 vs Renee Zellweger 2003

Renee Zellweger is everyone’s favorite romantic comedy darling. Famous first for Jerry Maguire, and now immortalized as Bridget Jones for her highly successful turn in two installments of Bridget Jones’s Diary.

For both films Renee gained around 30 pounds for the role (eating 4,000 calories a day!), even going so far as to lose it in between roles and gain it back. Thankfully this dramatic weight gain and loss has worked in her favor, with two new films coming down the pipe for 2015.

Gerard Butler 2006 vs Gerard Butler 2010

Talk about a transformation. Butler is known as quite the bod’ in Hollywood, and seeing him all round and saggy is just depressing. Luckily, Gerard seems to have slimmed down recently for his upcoming role in London Has Fallen, due out in October 2015. I miss the good old days when Gerard was famous for gaining weight.

Those abs in 300 didn’t come easy. Hey, Hugh Jackman never loses shape, why should Gerard?

Matthew Perry 2000 vs Matthew Perry 2013

Chandler Matthew Perry probably holds the trophy for most attempts at finding a successful second TV show. Sure, Friends is quite the juggernaut to follow up, and it can’t be fun to always be compared to that (says the person who jokingly called him Chandler).

Living in the shadow of a behemoth success like Friends isn’t easy, but many of the cast have gone on to successful careers. Matthew is an alcoholic and drug addict (clean at this point), so in my mind he gets some slack for the body weight. Hopefully his career can clean up to.

Hilary Duff 2008 vs Hilary Duff 2012

Hilary Duff is seriously the cutest, and its just a shame when her weight isn’t following suit. Thankfully, her weight seems to have fluctuated most when she was a new mama, which is completely understandable. Now she’s on the cover of Cosmo for April, so the jokes not on her.

I can’t think of a better way to show off your new bod’. Hilary has a new album and a new TV show called Younger on TV Land, so she seems to be doing just fine.

Tyra Banks 2005 vs. Tyra Banks 2010

I think we all remember this one. Tyra Actually came out and addressed her “weight issues” publicly, in typical girl-power fashion. The former Victoria’s Secret Angel has since found her way back to her “healthier” self again.

The Next Top Model Host seems to be doing just fine despite her more recent absence from the TV screen, Setting up several scholarships in her name among other philanthropical endeavors.

P!nk 2013 vs. P!nk 2015

P!nk may have played a huge influential role in today’s pop culture – Lets Face it, there would probably be no Ke$ha, Rihanna, or Lady Gaga without P!nk – but lets just hope she’s not influencing these beautiful woman in the waist department. We’re joking! Don’t get your panties in a twist. Not that she would care what we think anyway. She’s laughing all the way to the bank with her $32 million, making her one of Forbes highest paid musicians.

All in all, we like pink, and you should too. She might be a little chunky now, but she’s earned her keep, and made a bunch of noise doing it.

Anna Gunn 2012 vs 2015

Often times with these transformations, it takes several years for us to even notice. But, in the case of Anna Gunn (Co star of Breaking Bad) we saw it happen before our eyes between seasons. Gunn admittedly went through a “trying time” with depression and, subsequently, her weight. She also revealed that she thought this was directly related to the way public received her roll on the immensely popular show.

It can’t be easy being the wife of the most notorious meth cook, so we forgive her for always getting in the way.

Pierce Brosnan

What can we say? The greatest James Bond that has ever existed. Is getting old. The world greatest secret agent deserves a break. He deserves to take vacations and to eat all the unhealthy food he wants. We’re not really judging. These are just funny pictures… But, who knows. The 61 year old is still working and still kicking ass.

Maybe he’ll get those dashingly good looks back that all those Bong girls fell victim to.