Sunday, September 4, 2016


Who knows what kinds of creatures lurk in the murky depths of the sea?

After all, we supposedly only know a very small percentage of the world’s species.

86% of all known life in the world, especially in the ocean, remains unknown to us.

Whether they’re simply a new, unknown species or a mythical monster, no one has been able to explain these strange sea monsters that have been washing ashore all over the world.

The Russian Mystery Monster

This beast washed ashore last year in Russia.

While this may be a perfectly normal animal, we’re not so sure. It’s twice the size of a human being and has what looks like fur on its tail.

People are debating on whether this is a whale, a squid, or, well- Who the heck knows? No one’s been able to figure it out.

The Montauk Monster

Was it a raccoon?
A dog with mange?
Or was it a genetic experiment from Montauk Air Force?

The internet went wild over this mysterious small animal, which washed ashore on a beach in New York.

No one’s ever really been able to confirm what it is and to this day, no one knows what happened to the creature’s body.

The New Zealand Beast

When this beast first washed ashore, people first assumed that it was the bloated, decaying carcass of an orca whale.

But DNA testing hasn’t confirmed a link.

The beast was over 9 meters (that’s almost 30 feet!) long and featured lots and lots of teeth. Definitely a pretty scary looking monster.

Whatever it is, you probably don’t want to be swimming with that.

They Call Him Trunko

This infamous beast has never been positively identified by anyone, even to this day.

 In fact, it’s hard to believe this thing is even real.

The mysterious beast was discovered off the coast of South Africa and was described as being engaged in battle with two orca whales before it washed up on shore.

The creature was described as having a nose like a trunk (hence the nickname “Trunko”) and, most interestingly, a tail like a scorpion’s.

Naden Harbor Carcass (Cadborosaurus)

In 1937, a mysterious creature was discovered in the stomach of a dead sperm whale off the coast of Naden Harbor.


The animal was believed by locals to be a mythical sea serpent, which cryptozoologists have dubbed a “cadborosaurus”.

While it was identified as a fetal baleen whale, that hasn’t stopped conspiracy theorists from thinking something strange is afoot.

The Tenby Monster

Locals discovered this mysterious creature off the coast of Wales and everyone’s been trying to figure out what the heck it is.

It really doesn’t look like any previously known animal.

With what looks like the head of a horse, the body of a pig, and long, bear-like claws.

theories have abounded with experts believing it might be a badger and others believing it might be a new animal altogether.

Canvey Island Monster

No, really. What the heck is this thing? You tell us. This mysterious animal, which had bulging eyes and what might have been gills.

washed ashore on Canvey Island. No one knows what it is to this day.

Panama Rubber Monster

Is it a sloth or a weird, humanoid beast?

No one really knows. The beast was discovered, while still alive, by a group of teenagers near Panama City.

Supposedly, the creature tried to attack and the boys beat it to death with sticks.

While officially declared a sloth by authorities, we’re still debating on what it could be.

“New Nessie”

Many monsters first assumed to be mythical were confirmed by science.

For example, the giant squid is just one of them. Something that looked like a plesiosaur was discovered by Japanese fishermen back in the 70s.

Dubbed the “Zuiyo-Maru” carcass, which translates to “New Nessie”, the scientific community hotly debated over the true identity of the beast.

Some believed it was a prehistoric monster.

Others simply thought it was a decomposing basking shark. You decide.

St. Augustine Monster

This is actually one of the only monsters on this list that isn’t so mysterious.

But you would never believe what this turned out to be.

This monster, a weird, bulky thing that was over 18 feet long, was found off the coast of St. Augustine in Florida.

After conducting a series of tests, the monster was later confirmed to be, and you’ll never guess.

a badly decayed and bloated sperm whale.