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North Korean leader's half brother Kim Jong-nam assassination in 5 seconds

North Korean leader's half brother Kim Jong-nam assassination in 5 seconds

تفاصيل قتل الأخ غير الشقيق لزعيم كوريا بـ«إبرة سم» في 5 ثوان

Poison suspected in death of North Korean leader's half brother and rival

A South Korean man watches TV showing breaking news about the alleged assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's half brother. (Jeon Heon-kyun / European Pressphoto Agency)

kim Jong Nam, the half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, was killed Monday in Malaysia after being ambushed in the Kuala Lumpur airport by two women who apparently poisoned him.

Once considered the successor to his father, Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Nam, 45, had been living incognito in exile in Macau, reportedly under the protection of the Chinese government. Even though he disavowed any aspirations to leadership, North Korea watchers invariably raised his name as a potential replacement in the case of a coup d’etat against Kim Jong Un.

اتضح من تحقيق قامت به السلطات الماليزية أن إندونيسية اسمها Siti Aishah واعتقلوها أمس الخميس، تمكنت في 5 ثوان فقط من تسميم وقتل كيم جونج- نام، الأخ الأكبر غير الشقيق لديكتاتور كوريا الشمالية، حين كان في التاسعة صباح الاثنين الماضي ينتظر في مطار Klia الدولي بالعاصمة الماليزية كوالالمبور حلول موعد سفره إلى مقاطعة Macau، حيث يقيم منفي الذات مع زوجته الثانية بحماية السلطات الصينية.

Although the bizarre killing remains under investigation, intelligence officials in the U.S. and South Korea are calling it a likely assassination by the North Korean government. Kim was reportedly approached from behind while he waited in the departure area of the airport in Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital.

Joongang Ilbo, a South Korean newspaper, quoted an unidentified intelligence official as saying that Kim was “stung by a poisoned needle” after being approached by “two female spies” working for North Korea.

“They fled in a taxi right after the crime,” the newspaper quoted the official as saying.

Another version of events came from Malaysian police official Fadzil Ahmat, who told reporters that Kim said before his collapse that “someone had grabbed him from behind and splashed a liquid on his face.’’ A different Malaysian official described a cloth placed over his face.

By whichever method, the killing had all the hallmarks of a North Korean assassination. “This sounds like a classic North Korean operation,” said Sue Mi Terry, who was a senior North Korea analyst for the CIA from 2001 to 2008. “Kim Jong Nam was the most reform-minded person in the family and whenever there are discussions about regime change, his name comes up.”

صحيفة The Star الماليزية، اطلعت على التحقيق الأول بمقتل Kim Jong- Nam البالغ 45 سنة، وذكرت فيما قرأته "العربية.نت" بموقعها، نقلًا عن مدير بالشرطة الماليزية اسمه محمد فوزي هارون، أن "عملاء من الخارج ربما خططوا للاغتيال" الذي نفذته امرأتان تم اعتقالهما، فيما نقلت عن مسئولين بالاستخبارات الكورية الجنوبية أن أولئك العملاء "هم من كوريا الشمالية" مع أنه لا دليل حتى الآن يؤكد قيام الديكتاتور الكوري كيم جونج- أون بقتل أخيه، وهو ما تقوله السلطات الصينية أيضًا.

The timing of the apparent assassination might be linked to reports of instability in North Korea. Kim Jong Un has purged many of his former deputies, most recently his minister of state security. A North Korean diplomat, Thae Yong Ho, who defected last summer said in a news conference last month that the “traditional structures of the North Korean system are crumbling.”

A file picture taken on June 4, 2010, of Kim Jong-Nam, the eldest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, shown waving after an interview with South Korean media representatives in Macau.

Kim — portly like his father and brother, and frequently photographed unshaven with his shirttails hanging out — was the heir apparent to North Korean leadership until 2001, when he was arrested in Tokyo trying to enter Japan on a false Dominican Republic passport. He told authorities he was trying to bring his son to Tokyo Disneyland.

After his public disgrace, the North Korean government began grooming Kim Jong Il’s youngest son, Kim Jong Un, who ended up taking over the country while still in his 20s after the 2011 death of the father.

Kim Jong Nam gave occasional interviews to Japanese media. Despite his slovenly appearance and a penchant for drinking and gambling, he was said to be something of an intellectual who expressed his belief in globalization, market economies and the need for North Korea to reform its communist economy.

ويعتقد هارون، استنادًا إلى التحقيق، أن 4 رجال كانوا في المطار برفقة القاتلة الرئيسية "ستي عيشة" وشريكتها الحاملة جواز سفر فيتناميًا باسم Doan Thi Huong المولودة في 1988 بمدينة Nam Định عاصمة المقاطعة بالاسم نفسه في الشمال الفيتنامي، وهي التي تم اعتقالها الأربعاء بعد عودتها إلى المطار لتسافر منه إلى فيتنام، وتعرفوا عليها من ملامحها وثيابها التي كانت ترتديها يوم انقضت على كيم من خلف ظهره، وغطت وجهه بقطعة قماش مبللة بسائل أسيدي الطراز حرق عينيه، وفي الحال أقبلت عليه "ستي عيشة" وحقنته بإبرة سم كيماوي انهار معه للحال في صالون المطار، وهو سيناريو مرتكز بالأساس إلى لقطات صورتها كاميرات مراقبة عدة داخل المطار لعملية الاغتيال الصاعقة، كما أفاد الشهود أيضًا بنفس السيناريو.

“He sees his brother failing,” said a Japanese journalist, Yoji Gomi, who released a 2012 book about Kim Jong Nam, “My Father, Kim Jong Il and Me.” “He thinks [Kim Jong Un] has a lack of experience. He’s too young and he didn’t have enough time to be groomed.’’

This undated picture released by the official Korean Central News Agency on Feb. 2, 2017, shows North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visiting the newly built Pyongyang Orphans' Primary School.

Kim Jong Nam lived much of his life in hiding. He is believed to have been the first of Kim Jong Il’s offspring, a love child of a long affair with Song Hye Rim, a North Korean actress. Their relationship and the existence of the child were kept secret for years out of fear that it would not be accepted by Kim Jong Il’s father and North Korea’s founder. 

“Wisteria House,” a book about the family written in Korean by his aunt, Song’s sister, described how the secret family was shuttled among secluded villas and seaside retreats in North Korea, Switzerland and Russia, a pampered but precarious life of luxury. 

وكانت الفيتنامية ظهرت في فيديو صورت لقطاته كاميرا مراقبة خارج المطار، بدت فيها على رصيفه بعد الاغتيال بقليل، مرتدية بلوزة بيضاء ممهورة بأحرف LOL وجوارب وردية، وهي الثياب نفسها التي ارتدتها حين عادت إلى المطار الأربعاء للسفر إلى فيتنام، فأدركوها واعتقلوها، ثم اعتقلوا شريكتها "سيتي عيشة" الخميس، إضافة إلى اعتقالهم رجلا وصفته الشرطة بأنه "صديق لستي عيشة" التي مثلت صديقتها الفيتنامية أمس الخميس أمام محكمة بكوالالمبور، ونراها بعد الدقيقة 1.18 في فيديو تنشره "العربية.نت" أدناه، لحظة نقلها إلى مقر المحكمة التي لم يصدر عنها ما يفيد بشأن توجيه أي تهمة إليها بعد.

Kim Jong Nam’s mother had psychological problems and is believed to have died in Russia.

Although Kim Jong Il publicly acknowledged his first son and was said to be an affectionate father, he reportedly thought the young man had become too Westernized because of the time he spent abroad.

In recent years, Kim Jong Nam lived in exile in Macau but traveled frequently. For his protection, he often traveled under an assumed name; initial reports from Malaysia said he was using the name Kim Chol.

Kims son, Kim Han-sol, 21, educated in Hong Kong and the West, has spoken out about humanitarian issues such as human rights and famine in North Korea. Wearing ear studs and speaking unaccented English, he gave a videotaped interview in 2012 in which he said his father never wanted to be a North Korean leader. "My dad was definitely not really interested in politics,’’ he said.

Kim was reportedly in Kuala Lumpur visiting a girlfriend, and it was unclear whether she was suspected of having lured him away from Macau. An assassination in Macau would have been more likely to incur the anger of Beijing.

أما "ستي عيشة" المولودة في 1992 بمدينة Serang عاصمة مقاطعة "بنتن" في جزيرة "جاوة" الإندونيسية، بحسب الوارد ببطاقة هويتها، فاتضح أنها فرت من المطار بعد الاغتيال، ومضت إلى فندق في بلدة Ampang التاريخية قرب العاصمة كوالالمبور، لتنتظر فيه الفرصة المناسبة لمغادرة البلاد، إلا أن الشرطة داهمته واعتقلتها بعد وصول معلومات عن وجودها فيه، كما اعتقلوا صديقًا ماليزيًا معها، هو من نقلها وشريكتها الفيتنامية إلى المطار، حيث ارتكبتا عملية الاغتيال، وفي غرفتها عثروا على 300 دولار وهاتفي جوالي.

If an assassination is confirmed, it would be in keeping with the modus operandi of the North Korean government. Pyongyang has been blamed for numerous attacks against defectors and critics abroad, including the 1987 bombing of a South Korean airliner by a female North Korean agent and a 1983 bombing in Burma directed against South Korean President Chun Doo-hwan.  

Kim’s first cousin and childhood playmate, a defector, was shot outside his home in South Korea in 1997.

The North Koreans have been implicated in at least one other poison needle attack, in 2011, when a South Korean pastor and activist died mysteriously in China. 

صديقها الماليزي المعتقل، عمره 26 واسمه محمد فريد جلال الدين "ولم تضمه الشرطة إلى لائحة المشتبه بهم في الاغتيال، بل بريء" وفق ما قرأت "العربية.نت" أيضًا في ما نشرته The Star بموقعها اليوم الجمعة، نقلًا عن مشارك بالتحقيق لم تذكر اسمه. ويبدو أن الصديق الماليزي لم يكن على علم بمخطط الاغتيال، بل نقلهما إلى المطار لاعتقاده أنهما كانتا ستسافران إلى بلد آخر.

“Somebody like Kim Jong Nam who was living overseas must have been aware of the possibility of being assassinated,’’ said Joel Wit, a senior fellow at the U.S.-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies. “He was originally going to succeed Kim Jong Il. He had been very critical of the regime. He was a focal point for potential opposition. Certainly the North Koreans had plenty of motives.”

It is unclear whether Kim Jong Nam and Kim Jong Un spent any time together or had even met. In any case, familial loyalty has not stopped Kim Jong Un before. His uncle and regent, Jang Song Taek, was publicly purged and executed in 2013 after the young leader believed he had become too powerful; more than 100 other North Korean officials have met similar fates.

In his five years of leadership, Kim has resisted calls to reform his economy and has methodically pursued the development of weapons of mass destruction. Since the beginning of last year, North Korea has conducted two nuclear tests and more than two dozen missile tests, the most recent last weekend, when an intermediate-range missile flew about 300 miles from a launch site northwest of Pyongyang.

والذي اتضح للآن أن الاغتيال "تم في 5 ثوان فقط" وفق ما نشرت صحيفة New Strait Times الماليزية بموقعهاوبدأ بانقضاض إحدى الامرأتين، المفترض أنها الفيتنامية Doan Thi Huong على ظهر الأخ الأكبر غير الشقيق للزعيم الكوري الشمالي، ورش وجهه بسائل أحرق عينيه، تلاه ظهور الإندونيسية "ستي عيشة" أمامه، وبيدها إبرة سم كيماوي حقنته بها، ثم لاذتا فرارًا إلى جهتين معاكستين في المطار، فيما انهار كيم جونج- نام شبه مغمى عليه، وقبل قليل من وصوله إلى مستشفى نقلوه إليه لفظ أنفاسه الأخيرة قتيلًا.

South Korea PM calls security meeting over death of North Korean leader's half-brother

South Korea's prime minister will preside over a national security council meeting on Wednesday to discuss the death of the North Korean leader's estranged half-brother in Malaysia, an official at the prime minister's office said.

Kim Jong Nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, was found dead in Malaysia, according to Malaysia's police. U.S. and South Korean government sources have told Reuters he had been murdered, without giving further details.

Second suspected assassin of Jong-nam used Indonesian passport

A passport believed to be that of the second suspect

The second woman arrested in connection with the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's half-brother Kim Jong-nam was using an Indonesian passport bearing the name of Siti Aishah.

Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said in a statement that the woman with the Indonesian passport was arrested at 2am on Thursday.

"Based on her passport, she was from Serang in Indonesia.

"She was identified based on CCTV footage at the airport and was alone at the time of arrest, " he said.

The date of birth in the passport was listed as Feb 11, 1992.

Jong-nam, 45, was killed by two women who splashed his face with a chemical at the KL International Airport 2 departure hall at about 9am on Monday. He was about to leave for Macau.

The women later got into a taxi and fled.

One of the women was arrested at the airport on Wednesday when she tried to board a flight out. She has been remanded for seven days from Thursday to assist in the investigations.

The woman, 29, was in possession of a Vietnam travel document bearing the name of 'Doan Thi Huong.'

Police are looking for four men who were in the company of the two women at the airport when Jong-nam was killed.

Second woman arrested in Kim Jong-nam's assassination

Kim Jong-nam and his half-brother North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

Another suspected woman assassin has been detained in connection with the killing of North Korean leader's half-brother Kim Jong-nam at KLIA2.

The second arrest was confirmed by Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar.

Jong-nam, 45, was killed by two women who splashed his face with a chemical at the KLIA2 departure hall at about 9am on Monday. He was about to leave for Macau.

The women later got into a taxi and fled.

One of the women was arrested at the airport on Wednesday when she tried to board a flight out.

The woman, 29, was in possession of a Vietnam travel document bearing the name of 'Doan Thi Huong.'

Kim Jong-nam's FB page may have given him away

A Facebook page belonging to Kim Jong-nam, which contained past pictures of the North Korean leader's half brother at several locations, including Macau and Europe, may have given him away and led to his death in Malaysia.

Assassins wipe, wash and flee the scene

They wiped the deadly liquid on his face, darted into the bathroom to wash their hands and then left the scene.

That is how two women detained in investigations into the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s half-brother Kim Jong-nam have described their actions at KLIA2 on Monday morning. It has since become one of the most high-profile murders to have occurred in Malaysia.

Mystery man behind recruitment of female suspects in Jong-nam's murder

Female suspects Doan (left) and Siti Aishah.

The two women suspected to have murdered North Korean Kim Jong-nam were allegedly "recruited" by a mysterious man to carry out the deadly task as early as three months ago.


Kim Jong nam assassination.. the last photo

According to a report by China Press, both Siti Aishah, 25, and Doan Thi Huong, 29, were not North Korean "special agents, but were possibly duped by a spy ring to commit the assassination.