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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Annunaki History - Sumerian Gods from Nibiru- Planet X


The Anunnakis were not mythical gods.They are considered one of the very first
 anthropomorphic form of God of our know history, lived in Sumeria.

Thought the concept of god is highly debatable and varies from culture to culture, we can 
generally say that by god we man someone who has higher level of creative energy that 
is beyond our limited knowledge. Whatever we mean by the word God, the 
Sumerian Gods-the annunakis- wanted to stay with human.

History suggests in the past, several ancient civilization were capable of reading and 
prediction the astronomical position of the planets and stars.The ancient people who 
just managed to survive by gather food from forest or by hunting, should not have the 
time to study and investigate the exact the position of stars and planet.

have gain we have been perplexed by the sudden influx of esoteric knowledge

Imagine a situation when you receive esoteric knowledge from certain group of being 
who reveal to you the secret of resurrecting the dead people. if anything like these 
happen to you in today’s world, you would be convinced that the god or someone 
of unthinkable creative power has come down to our planet Earth to teach us the 
secrets of life. Interestingly, incidents like “God coming down to earth” took place 
nearly six thousand years back at the time of summers- as described in 
Sumerian clay tablets.

In 1850, Austen Henry, a famous excavator, found some ancient clay tablets in Iraq 
(almost 250 miles away of Baghdad) during his excavation. The exact location of 
this excavation was near a area of today’s Iraqi town Mosul. These Sumerian 
tablets give us the clue about one of the notable historical findings of our time- 
evidence of advanced species descending to our planet, and living with humans. 
These tablets were first deciphered by a linguistic scholar Zechariah Sitchin, 
who was a master of many Middle Eastern languages: Sumerian, Hebrew, 
Aramaic. His translation reveals that the Annunakis were gods, lived with 
humans, who descended from a heavenly body. This Sumerian text is also 
known as Enoch, which describes Gods as “the watchers” as does Egyptian 
text. According to this tablet Annunaki came from a distant planet “Nibiru”, 
which is also known as Planet X.

Why Annunaki came to the Earth?

The most astonishing fact that Sumerian text revealed is how Homo sapiens 
were created by Annunaki with the help of his associates. Sitchin’s translation 
says that Annunaki came to our planet approximately 450,000 years ago in order 
to mine gold in a place in Zimbabwe. A recent research by an Anglo-American 
corp. has confirmed that an extensive scale of gold mining in the same area, at 
least 100,000 years ago. All the mined gold used to shipped back to Annunaki’s 
planet Nibiru, and the workers used to work in mines were from his planet. 
After a rebellion Annunaki decided to create a new working class to do the mining 
for them-probably this is the very first concept of enslavement of human 
race in our entire history.

In order to create a new slave or working class for mining work, the Annunaki’s 
genes and the native human genes were mixed up with the help of genetic engineering 
to create the new race- Homo sapiens. This really sounds like a fairy tale, yet our 
modern science says us that around 200,000 years back there was a sudden 
change or upgrade in human genetics, which is known to us as the missing link.
Though we still don’t find any logical explanation for the missing link, 
Annunaki’s experiments with humans genes can answer our search for this link.

What Sumerian Text says about Human Creation?

Sumerian tablets also describes that from the beginning of creation, this new race 
was capable of both understanding and communicating with a complex language, 
and they had massively improved brain size in comparison to their close ancestors. 
According to many biologists, sudden increase in brain size with a huge 
magnitude is utterly impossible and should take at least millions of years. 
The emergence of homo sapiens as we see us today, occurred 35,000 years ago 
with another dramatic change and till date we haven’t seen any other major brain 
update or change among us. Have you noticed any updates? Yes, I have 
noticed something very special, not in our brain but in the field of science 
and technology, especially in electronics and genetic engineering fields.

If you take a closer look at the events of the history of the last 40 thousand years, 
you will see that how dramatically our life style has changed within the 
last 50 years- we all are dependent on digital technologies. Does this indicate 
that some major improvement in our brain has taken place in recent times? Why 
there is a sudden improvement in technology in 19th century? Maybe we need to 
wait another 100 years or more to know what actually happened in between1900-2000 AD.
Whatever it is, let’s go back to Annunaki history, behind the new race-homo 
sapiens-creation, only two associates of Annunaki contributed the most- 
scientist Enki and Ninkharsag, who is also called Ninti. Ninti was an expert of 
medicine and at the later stage of creation process she was called Mammi, probably 
the word mama or mother derived from Mammi.

List Sumerian gods in terms of seniority

Under Annunaki’s leadership, Enki and Ninti had to create many prototypes of 
human forms before they find the perfect genetic combination for creating a working-
class humans. The outcome of genetic experiments created many defective 
humanlike creatures including human-animals.

Annunaki was referred as “father” of Gods by Sumerian tablets and later by a 
number of Akadian stories-thus he was considered having the highest privileged 
person among his people. He was also known as AN or Anu, mostly to Akkadian 
people. Anu had a wife, Antu, with whom he mostly stayed in high mountainous 
area near the Garden of Eden, in Iraq. Annunaki had two sons-Enki, the scientist who 
created homo-sapiens, and Enlil (half brother to Enki). Later both the brothers 
turned into rivals to take the complete control of Earth. But Anu chose Enki to 
remain subordinate to Enlil, because Anu believed in genetic purity and his 
obsession made him marring his half-sister, who was also the mother of Enlil. 
Annunaki had lots of internal problems during his ruling over this planet, 
including fierce battles between his own sons over the control of planet Earth. 
This tradition of power struggle continued and both Enlil’s and Enki’s off-
spring were also involved in the battle of supremacy and they fought a 
destructive war near the south part of today’s dead sea- a recent discovery 
has confirmed that the radiation pattern of that area is far more higher than normal

Sumerian Clay Tablets speak about similar stories of Noah’s Flood

Like you and I, everybody has heard about the great flood of Noah, and 
interestingly Sumerian tablets also tells about the similar kind of event that took 
place during the time of Annunaki. According to text translation, Annunaki left 
Earth with his flying craft, when catastrophic magnitude of water inundated 
the entire planet. Geographical evidence also confirmed the occurrence of flood 
in anywhere in the time period of between 11,000 to 4,000 B.C

It is believed that Annunaki interbreeded with Earth races in order to create a more 
adaptive race with the earth atmosphere and to rule the planet with full control. 
During the time of summers ( 4000-5000 BC) , in a place in modern day Iraq, 
God was depicted as human like form, but before that in Ubaid culture, in the same 
area in Iraq, God was depicted as reptilian-humanoids. Why there would be a 
sudden change in depiction of God in the same place within a short period of time- 
is not known to us so far. But there are many accounts about the human inter-
breeding with the extra-terrestrials and Sumerian tablets are the most ancient 
source of information about God, inter-breeding, and extra-terrestrial 
intervention in creation of human race.

Some Striking Facts about Sumerian Text 

Like almost every native culture, Sumerian tablets also describe an event like Noah’s 
flood took place at the time of Annunaki.

Sumerian tablets describe a place near Iraq called Edin (not Eden), which is 
very similar to the garden of heaven –Eden- describes in many religious holy books.

Sumerian text tells about the sudden up-gradation of human form, which fits well to 
the missing links of the human evolution.

This text tells about the existence of a planet, popularly known to us as planet X, 
which has been discovered recently.

It also tells about extra-terrestrial life was like reptilians. And reptilian life form was 
purposely mixed with human form to create a working class people who could be 
easily manipulated and controlled.

Still, we have no hard evidence that if the story described in Sumerian texts is a 
mere fairly tale or someone like Annunaki really came to our planet to rule and to 
control earthlings. But, the story of this ancient 

Sumerian book is a strong source of so called “reptilian shape shifters” (claimed 
by many conspiracy theorists) like creatures ruling our planet right now. If so, why 
don’t we see them or are they really mixed up with human and are much more 
intelligent than us-only time will tell us the true story.

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