Sunday, June 28, 2015

TOP SECRET : 10 Awkward Kids Who Developed into Gorgeous Stars

It is not easy being an awkward teenager or an unattractive child, but luckily many child stars do not look the same after they grow up.  While it is unfair to call them all totally ugly when they were younger, it is certainly easy to see they have developed into handsome men and beautiful women.

Here is a top ten list of stars that changed dramatically, for the better, as they grew older:

1) Josh Peck – Born Joshua Michael Peck, he played Josh Nichols in a popular sitcom by Nickelodeon, “Drake & Josh”. He’s been interested in stand-up comedy since age 8.  Josh has worked steadily from 2000 – present. He was the voice of Eddie in the popular animated Trilogy -“Ice Age”.  Recent roles include films like ‘”ATM”, “Red Dawn” (2012), “Battle of the Year” (2013), “Danny Collins” (2014), “The Timber”, and “The Wedding Ringer” (2015).

2) Matthew Lewis – even without the false teeth, the prosthetics they used for his ears, to make them stick out more, and shoes two sizes too large – for his role as Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter, Matt has changed a great deal. He’s come a long, long way since childhood stardom. Lewis, from the UK, began acting at age 5. He’s been working since 1995.

His recent work includes a music video with “Filth by a Band of Buriers”. He played the boyfriend. In 2013, he was Dodd in “Wasteland”, and in 2014 he was Corporal Gordon ‘Towerblock’ House in a TV series named “Bluestone 42″.

3) George Clooney – An American actor started as an extra in 1978.  Born George Timothy Clooney, his current work includes acting, writing, producing, directing and he is also an activist. He’s won four Golden Globe Awards, plus two Academy Awards,

for acting and producing. Most recently he worked on “The Monument Men”, in 2014, and married Alma Alamuddin. In January 2015, he won his fourth Golden Globe Award, the Cecile B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award.

4) Eminem – born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, this American song writer and Rapper is also an actor. According to Billboard 200, Eminem has sold over 155 million albums and singles.

He’s topper the charts as #1 – ten times, and is considered the best selling hip hop artist of all time selling 31 million digital singles. Recent acting projects in 2014, “The Interview, and “Entourage”.

5) Madeline Zima – Sweet little Grace Sheffield, from the family sitcom, “The Nanny”, Mia Lewis on HBO’s “Californication”, then Gretchen Berg on “Heroes”.

She originally comes from New Haven, Connecticut. Madeline has recently appeared on “The Vampire Diaries”, “Guilded Lilies”, and in 2013 eight episodes of “Betas”.

6) Lacey Chabert – child starlet, Claudia Salinger, of “Party of Five” and the voice of Eliza Thornberry of “The Wild Thornberry’s”, Lacey’s list of work as a voice actress.

(Meg in “Family Guy” for example), is as long as her list of acting accomplishments. She had a leading role as Gretchen Wieners in “Mean Girls”. Recent roles, Dr. Amy Shaw in “Baby Daddy”, and in 2016, “Twilight Fairies”.

7) Zooey Deschenal – accomplished singer who has worked on many music projects, and as an award winning actress. Her first lead role, “all the Real Girls”, (2003), won a nomination for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Actress.

Her older sister, Emily, plays Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan on TV series “Bones”, and they could be “look a-likes”. Zooey won the Critic’s Choice Award for her role in “New Girl”.

8) Jennifer Garner – won the hearts of the world as CIA officer, Sydney Bristow, in the action, thriller-drama series, “Alias”. Her claim to fame was the limitless looks her make-up artists were able to achieve, the woman looks natural in everything. Other achievements, “Rose Hill”, “The Pretender”, and “Martha Speaks”.

9) Sarah Michelle Gellar – an extremely well received American actress and producer. Sarah’s acting debut in 1983, made-for TV-movie, “An Invasion of Privacy”, then “Spencer: for Hire”, and “All my Children”.

She is best known for her long-playing, starring role as Buffy Summers in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. and “Angel”, “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, and “Scream 2″. She was Daphne Blake in “Scooby Doo”, recently starred in “The Crazy Ones” with Robin Williams. We’ll bseeing Gellar in “Scream Queens” in 2015.

10) Toby Levins – This Aussie actor worked with Steven Seagal and Steve Austin in “Maximum Conviction”, the TV series “Once Upon a Time” as Sentry, The White Knight, and in Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome, as pilot “Sandman”.

He was an awkward looking teenager but developed into a very handsome man.  His accent is also quite adorable.