Sunday, June 28, 2015


We all know that youth is something that is worshipped in our culture, but it is something that is REALLY worshipped in Hollywood. That’s why so many celebrities go under the knife, even when they’re only in their 30s, because they have such fear that they look too old. Not all celebrities have this fear, though. Some actually look far younger than they are and play characters that are 10 or even more years younger than their actual age. Prepare to have your mind blown because these 15 celebs look way younger than they actually are.


Obviously being a badass has done wonders for Gwen Stefani because she hardly looks like someone who was born in the… wait for it… 1960s! Say what?! Yep, Stefani is actually 45 years old which is truly hard to believe. Her face has barely aged and her body is rock hard. She looks better than rockers half her age. You go girl.


Salma Hayek is so damn gorgeous we want to smack her sometimes. She’s just one of those women whose beauty is effortless and, apparently, ageless. If you were shocked by Ms. Stefani then hold on to your hats, because Ms. Hayek is 48 years old. If you saw those photos of her recently in a bikini you’re probably shaking your head right now at her real age.


We first fell in love with Alyson in the 90s when she made us laugh on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. No one these days quite does quirky the way Alyson does. Then she found great success on the hit show How I Met Your mother. Not only is she funny and talented, she’s also much older than you probably think. If you think she’s around 30, guess again. She’s 40! Sit down, have a beverage and wait for the dizziness to pass.


Maybe there’s something about being on the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer that helps age a person much more slowly – that’s the fountain of youth! Seth Green looks almost exactly like he did in the 90s when he was also on that show. Maybe it’s his sense of humor that keeps him so young. Seth is 41 years old.


Today’s rap stars are usually discovered quite young, but that wasn’t the case for gorgeous M.I.A. who came onto the scene in 2005 when she was already 30 years old. Her first album was an instant hit and there was no denying this talented and beautiful musician was on her way to fame and fortune. Can you believe M.I.A. is turning 40? She looks about 28. Those looks and youthful – not fair, man, not fair.


Has Jennifer Aniston aged at all since starring in the hit sitcom Friends? We think not. No matter what hairstyle she is wearing or who she’s romantically involved with, Jennifer always has that youthful glow, and those toned arms and abs, which is why it’s shocking to realize she’s actually 45 years young! If she looks this good now, imagine her at 50!


Garfield is one of those actors who can play a high school kid even though he’s way past the drinking age. That’s what happened when he played a very convincing teenager Peter Parker, but he was actually 28 at the time. Now at 31, Garfield has enjoyed much success in his career, not the least of which was starring as Spiderman himself. We bet having the lovely Emma Stone as your girlfriend keeps a guy young at heart.


Whether she’s on the big screen in such films as “Catch Me if You Can,” “Seabiscuit” and “The 40 Year Old Virgin,” or on the little screen playing Alec Baldwin’s love interest on 30 Rock, Elizabeth Banks is one of those fresh-faced actresses we all enjoy watching. She also happens to be one of those actresses who looks much younger than she actually is. Care to guess? If you said 33, you’re wrong! She’s actually 40! Unbelievable. What is your secret, Mz. Banks?


Remember how awesome Rachel McAdams was when she played Queen B in the 2004 hit comedy Mean Girls? Well, the supposed high schooler was actually 26 when she shot that film. Now 36, Rachel is as lovely as ever. And busy as ever. She is currently shooting scenes in the highly anticipated second season of True Detective.


Everyone’s favorite nerd is much, much older than he looks. Parsons, who plays Sheldon Cooper on the hit sitcom Big Bang Theory, looks about 26 years old, right? Well he’s actually… you’d better sit for this one… 41 years young. That’s what we call a baby face! Can’t wait to see how he looks ten years from now – probably very much the same.


Sarah Hyland has what we call Selena Gomez genes (not actual denim but the DNA kind) because she looks like she’s about 14 years old, but she’s actually 24. Amazing. Her youthful looks make it easy for her to play the part of eldest daughter (and high schooler) Haley Dunphy on the hit ABC sitcom Modern Family.


Probably the reason Elijah Wood looks so young is because he looks like a tiny little elf, and we mean that in a good way. But it’s a known fact that elfish people don’t age. Just ask Jenna Elfman. But seriously, Elijah looks like he’s 25-ish when in actuality he’s 34. Don’t believe us – Google it.


No, seriously, we must insist you sit down for this one as we don’t want you fainting while standing and bumping your head. We don’t know how she does it. Maybe she’s blessed with good genes (again – not the denim kind), maybe she uses a really good moisturizer, and maybe she eats a ton of fruits and veggies, but this lady just ain’t aging. Admit it, you think Halle is about 38/39. The woman is 48 years old! Did you faint? Hello? Well, you were warned.


For those of us who remember Johnny back in his 21 Jump Street and Cry Baby days, we remember a sweet yet dangerous young man who made hearts throb with one sidewards glance. The actor, who is now 51, hard to believe, is aging very well and just as sexy as ever. In fact, he could show these young Hollywood whippersnappers a thing or two about being a stud.


This guy looks to be about 30, but the truth is he’s 44. Go ahead, get up close and see if you see one wrinkle on this guy’s face. You won’t find it. We’ve all been lucky to enjoy him week after week on the hit TV show Heart of Dixie and hope to see his glowing smile and boyish good looks on big and small screens for many years to come.