Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mum accused of seducing schoolboy by sexting photos of her breasts

'Let's get naughty' Mum accused of seducing schoolboy by sexting photos of her breasts

Karen Seldon

Karen Seldon allegedly had sex with a 15-year-old after sexting him

A WOMAN accused of seducing a schoolboy by sexting him photos of her bum and breasts was only stopped when his mother caught them just before a romp, a court has heard.

Mother-of-two Karen Seldon, 44, allegedly had sex with the 15-year-old after sending him a message saying: "Let's get naughty”.

But one of their sex romps was interrupted when the boy's mother and aunt turned up and the three women scuffled on the doorstep.

The court heard Seldon was "obsessed" with the boy and contacted him through the social network site, regularly sending him pictures of her boobs and bum.

Karen Seldon

The court heard Seldon was "obsessed" with the schoolboy

She was wearing a black and white dress that barely covered her bottom
The teen's mother

Prosecutor Suzanne Thomas said: "She started asking him personal questions about whether he liked role playing".

"She asked him to send her pictures of himself and sent him a message saying "let's get naughty".

"She asked him to come to her house, took him into the living room and told him that she wanted him."

Newport Crown Court heard how Seldon, aged 43 at the time, allegedly picked the teen up in her car and kissed him before they drove to her home together. 

Miss Thomas said: "They were about to go upstairs when there was banging on the door".

"At the door were the boy's mother and aunt. There was a great deal of shouting and scuffling while the women were arguing."

Karen Seldon

Seldon was accused of sending of sending the boy pictures of her breast and bum

The boy's mother called police and Seldon, of Caerphilly in South Wales, was arrested.

The schoolboy, who can't be named for legal reasons, initially told the police Seldon had forced him into the car.

But in a later interview he admitted agreeing to get into Seldon's car and had fully consented to the sexual acts.

In a police interview played in court the boy described Seldon as being "obsessed" with him for a long time.

Karen Seldon

Seldon is accused of sending the schoolboy a message which said 'let's get naughty'

He said he was called a "lad" after telling his friends about his sex romps almost three times his age.

Seldon denies four charges of sexual activity with a minor, including two of sexual touching, one of oral sex and one of intercourse.

She claims the allegations are "sexual fantasies" invented by the boy to boast to his friends.

James Evans, defending, told the boy: "Everything you told the police that day about your sexual conquest of Karen Seldon was just your sexual fantasies about her. Nothing actually happened".

"It's something you have fantasies about, things you told your friends to look like a lad and a legend among your little peer group, that is what it's really about."

Karen Seldon

Mother-of-two Karen Seldon leaving Newport Crown Court

The court heard Gwent Police failed to find any of the incriminating messages on the boy's Facebook page and the teenager claimed he had forgotten his password and deactivated his account.

The boy's mother went to Seldon's home after one of his school friend's texted her about the sexual relationship.

His mother told the court: "She was wearing a black and white dress that barely covered her bottom".

"She asked me if she could put some clothes on so I gave her a throw and said to her that she didn't mind flashing her private parts to my son".

"I asked her what she was doing with my 15-year-old son and she said she was sorry and had made a mistake."

The boy's aunt told the court Seldon was "drunk" and in a state of undress when they arrived.

She said: "My nephew was in the kitchen with his jeans around his ankles. He was pulling his top over his head".

"There was a scuffle, my sister pulled her to one side so that she could get to her son."

The court was also shown a "bodymap" and photograph of Seldon's injuries allegedly sustained in the showdown at her home last September.

They showed a purple bruise on her breast and bruises to her upper arms.

The court heard police failed to find fingerprints or fibres from the schoolboy at Seldon's home or in her car.

In a police interview Seldon accused the boy of having a "vendetta" against her and her daughter. 

She added: "The boy is nothing but a fantasist and a liar, the truth will come out".

"Everything he has said is totally untrue.”

The trial continues.