Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Egyptian Army Hunting ISIS Militias Cowards In Sinai +18 Only

+18 ONLY..Egyptian army special forces tracking and eliminating ISIS / ISIL Cowards in Sinai .. the bodies of the terrorists found carrying explosive belts and hand made highly explode bombs to attack the army personnel and soldiers in Egyptian territory.

All targets has been traced , located and captured .. continues heavy gun firing occurred during the chasing of the terrorist elements until hunting them down one by one.

Clearing the area is number 1 priority to clean the Egyptian borders from those cowards and Isis militants allies who attacking Egyptian army and innocent civilians with explosives , exploding belts, exploding cars, bombs and gun shooting.

A new strategy has been planned by the Egyptian third army special forces generals headquarters and marshals to hunt and eliminate all terrorist activities in Sinai special after the last cowards terrorist attack on the Suez inn hotel in city of al arish and result of 3 judges killed and 18 badly injured and extremely wounded including 4 in serious injury cases during the second stage Egyptian parliamentary election monitoring .

A real wild battle in the area with those bastards to hunt them down.

Just a lesson from the Egyptian army special forces on the borders carrying a message ....WELCOME TO EGYPT...LAND OF THE PHARAOHS.