Sunday, December 20, 2015

In Photos : scary real ghost shows in a dark cemetery

Ghost caught on camera at St Bartholomew’s Cemetery in Australia

بالصورة.. «عفريت» مخيف يظهر في مقبرة مظلمة

Paranormal investigators claim to have captured incredible shots of a ghost in a graveyard - taken on Halloween night. The ghost geeks were in the grounds of a 175-year-old church when they heard a whining sound. After pictures were developed, they saw an 'anomaly' which they believe is truly a visitor from the afterlife. Four members of Sydney South West Paranormal Investigators team were at the ghost-spotting expedition at St Bartholomew’s Cemetery in west Sydney, Australia when the incident occured.The church, which was built in 1841 and destroyed by fire in 1989, has long since been believed to be haunted.

The main team investigator, "Kelly Ryan," said, they took over 300 pictures of the place, and noticed something strange in the picture No. 209, where they found something that moves with his legs and two arms, saying they do not claim that this is a spirit of man, but they see it as abnormal and strange situation.

When some of the 300 pictures they took were developed, they noticed an 'anomaly' on picture number 209.Lead investigator Kelly Ryan said: "We think it’s moving towards us. It has legs, arms. We think it’s a male. “We’re not claiming this is the spirit of a human being, we’re just saying this is an anomaly.’’ A local historian has researched the graveyard and she thinks a jockey haunts the site.

Hazel Magann says a scout group once saw her being followed by a short man who she believes may have been Thomas James Willis, aka the Penrith Jockey, born in 1834 in Middlesex, England. As well as the site being where Willis’ mother Mary is buried, a ghost who may be his daughter Emily who died in 1963 has also been spotted there. The ghost spotters say they've seen a young girl running who matches Emily's description. Kelly adds: “It doesn’t matter what evidence we have, there’s always going to be sceptics. We love sceptics because it keeps us honest.’’