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Exclusive : Chilling Childhood Photos Of The Most Evil Men in The World

bin laden

Ever wonder what Hitler was like as a child? He is the world’s most notorious dictator who changed the face of Europe in the 1940’s. What was somebody like this when they ran around in their knickers going to Sunday school? Well, we managed to dig up a few photos of famous dictators and serial killers from their days of childhood and we want to know if you can guess these bad dudes based on their school pictures.

What Nazi leader did this kid grow up to be?

Credits: Mirror

under Hitler’s orders, this child grew up to establish and control Nazi concentration camps. Additionally, this man was Reichsführer of the Schutzstaffel

Heinrich Himmler

Credits: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-R99621 / CC-BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you guessed Heinrich Himmler you are correct. Many may have not heard of this leading member of the Nazi party who took full control of the police and concentration camps in 1934.

He expanded the camps to hold “racially undesirable people” who were separated from German society. These people were not only Jews, but also homosexuals, criminals, and Romani.

What terrorist had this chilling stare as a child?

Credits: OMG Top Tens

he came from a very wealthy Saudi Arabian family and established one of the most famous terrorist organizations in the world.

Osama bin Laden

Credits: Getty Images

It may have not been hard to guess this man from his childhood picture. He grew up to found al-Qaeda and orchestrate the attacks on September 11, 2001. Bin Laden spent 10 years on the FBI’s most wanted list and had a bounty on his head as high as $25 million, before he was killed by a team of Navy Seals in 2011.

Who grew up to be the Green River Killer?

Credits: Seattle Pi

According to confirmed murders, he’s the most prolific serial killer in American history. Can you guess how many murders this guy has got racked up under his belt?

Gary Ridgway

Credits: King County Sheriff's Office, via Wikimedia Commons

If you guessed Gary Ridgeway who is responsible for 49 confirmed deaths throughout the 80s and 90s then you are correct. While he definitely killed at least 49 prostitutes and other vulnerable women, he said he’s killed many more. Estimates projects that it’s nearly twice as many as he confessed to legally.

And speaking of serial killers, do you recognize this one?

Credits: Daily Mail

This serial killer became famous for leading a cult commune and organizing a famous murder. However, before rising to notoriety, he had a fringe career in the Los Angeles music industry. If only he had made it as a singer/songwriter.

Charles Manson

Credits: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (Yahoo News), via Wikimedia Commons

Charles Manson is one of the most well-known serial killers in history. Perhaps people fear him because of his ability to manipulate others to conduct murders on his behalf. Maybe we fear the Nazi symbol carved into his forehead, or maybe we simply fear what we don’t understand. Manson certainly falls into this category.

Do you recognize this well-known dictator?

Credits: from the book "Josef Wissarionowitsch Stalin - Kurze Lebensbeschreibung", Moscow 1947, via Wikimedia Commons

He was the leader of the Soviet Union from the 1920’s up until his death in 1953. In that span of time, he was responsible for millions of deaths that researchers have trouble accurately measuring.

Joseph Stalin

Credits: Keystone/Getty

Stalin was a famous Soviet dictator who was responsible for anywhere from 3-60 million deaths of his own people. This was due to famine, ethnic deportation, executions, and a number of other tragedies. He will certainly not go down in history as a successful leader.

Maybe this killer is why we all seem to fear clowns…

Credits: Biography

He was known as the serial killer clown, and he was certainly a terrifying sight to behold. He frequently dressed up as Pogo the clown, but his act wasn’t exactly a joke.

John Wayne Gacy

Credits: White House photographer, via Wikimedia Commons

Yes, Pogo the Clown was John Wayne Gacy. He would regularly perform at fundraising events and parades in addition to voluntarily entertaining hospitalized children. However, he moonlighted as a serial killer who sexually assaulted and murdered at least 33 teenage boys between 1972 and 1978. Now, that’s no laughing matter.

Can you recognize this far-right terrorist?

Credits: The Independent

He carried out attacks in 2011 that killed eight people in the Government quarter Regjeringskvartalet in Oslo (again, good luck with that pronunciation. I’m so glad I’m writing this and I don’t have to read it to you.)

Anders Behring Breivik

Credits: Pool/REUTERS

This jolly chap is actually the Norwegian terrorist who on that fateful July day in 2011 then turned to kill 69 people after killing the initial eight. He caused a fatal explosion and was declared a terrorist.

You will most likely recognize this notorious Fascist.

Credits: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-1989-0322-506/ CC-BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Perhaps you can’t tell who it is without the mustache, but he is a notorious dictator whose name will certainly litter the history books for years to come. Before killing millions of people with ethnic cleansing, he was one of the most charismatic and well-respected politicians.

Adolf Hitler

Credits: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-S33882 / CC-BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

And then…after gaining the people’s trust, he aimed to eliminate Jews from Germany and establish a New Order to counter what he saw as the injustice of the post-World War I international order dominated by Britain and France. He restored Germany to economic property, and then drove them straight back into the ground.

What did this jolly dog-lover do to his victims?

Credits: Manhattan College

Before treating his victims in a rather inhumane manner, he was known to dissect animals as a child. For example, he once impaled a dog’s head on a stake that he stuck in the ground.

Jeffrey Dahmer

Credits: ALLAN Y. SCOTT/AP Photo, via

Dahmer was one of the most notorious serial killers in history. He was known to lure them into hotel rooms, drug them, strangle them, and then cut up their bodies. He was also known to perform fellatio on corpses, drill holes in the skulls of his victims while they were alive, and pour acid inside those holes.

What did this Japanese leader encourage citizens to do?

Credits: via Wikimedia Commons

During the height of World War II, things were looking bleak. Rather than becoming captive, this leader encouraged his people to do something dire to themselves.

Emperor Shōwa (Hirohito)

Credits: 宮内省(Imperial Household Agency) (毎日新聞社「天皇四代の肖像」), via Wikimedia Commons

The emperor feared his citizens would defect and prefer US treatment over Japanese. The solution: he encouraged them to commit suicide rather than be subjected to the “evils” of the Americans. With the promise of a place in the afterlife, over 1,000 Japanese civilians committed suicide in 1944. Some jumped from what was known as the “Suicide Cliff.”

This dictator made quite a few headlines in 2003.

Credits: Web Odysseum

This dictator was widely known for using terror against his own people.

Saddam Hussein

Credits: via Wikimedia Commons

Saddam Hussein was removed from power in the US Invasion of Iraq in 2003. Under his influence, Hussein was responsible for the deaths of close to 250,000 Iraqis.

Who did this young man grow up to be?

Credits: So Bad So Good

Don’t be thrown by the infectious smile or the focused eyes, he is one of the most brutal rulers in the Middle East.

Bashar al-Assad

Credits: Fabio Rodrigues Pozzebom/ABr, via Wikimedia Commons

Bashar al-Assad is the current President of Syria. His brutal practices are causing millions of refugees to flee to Europe. He has been known to torture and kill his own people, as well as any political opponents that try to fight him.

What 1970’s killer did this cowboy grow up to be?

Credits: Channeling Erik

Despite being well-known and liked by his peers, this child later said he didn’t understand what made people become friends. He said there was an underlying fabric he couldn’t understand about interpersonal interactions.

Ted Bundy

Credits: via Wikimedia Commons

Bundy killed at least 30 women, though the actual number could be much higher. He was known for luring young college women to a place where he could brutally beat and abuse them sexually. Additionally, he was known to perform sexual acts with the corpses after he killed the women.

Do you recognize this Supreme Commander?

Credits: Web Odysseum

He was the leader of his country, beginning in 1994. He also harbored a fear of flying and only traveled by train to the surrounding countries of China and Russia, before dying of a suspicious heart attack in 2011.

Kim Jong-Il

Credits: Joseph Ferris III/Great Brightstar, via Wikimedia Commons

Kim Jong-il used state terrorism and strong military efforts to keep control. He imposed a cult-like attitude over the state, forcing citizens to respect and revere him as a supreme leader.

Do you recognize this leader of the National Fascist Party?

Credits: Biography

He had chubby cheeks as a toddler, but quickly outgrew both those cheeks and exchanged them for extremist views.

Benito Mussolini

Credits: Keystone/Hulton Archive, via Getty

Mussonlini was a radical who influenced future politicians with his Fascist ways, mot notably was Adolf Hitler. Hitler even expressed great admiration for Mussolini, though the latter thought little of Hitler after he assassinated one of Mussolini’s close allies.

Have you heard of this Russian serial killer?

Credits: VK

Don’t be killed by the sad eyes. This child grew up to kill as many as 60 people in the 90’s and 2000’s. Additionally, he’s been quoted saying his aim was to kill 64 people, the number of squares on a chessboard. Perhaps he saw death as a game.

Alexander Pichushkin

Credits: AP Photo, via Wikimedia Commons

Pichushkin targeted primarily elderly homeless men by luring them with the offer of free vodka. After drinking with them, he would kill them with repeated blows to the head with a hammer. In what became his trademark, or signature, he would then push a vodka bottle into the gaping wound in their skulls. If that visual doesn’t plant fear in your heart, nothing will.

Who in this photo was the Boston Strangler?

Credits: via

He was identified by a victim in 1964. He tied his victim to the bed, beat her, assaulted her, and then apologized saying, “I’m sorry,” before he abruptly left. The victim identified him, which led to his arrest.

Albert DeSalvo

Credits: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) -Strangler Bureau, via Wikimedia Commons

DeSalvo would weasel his way into apartments of young women, where he would sexually assault them and strangle them with their own clothes. His eldest victim died of a heart attack, and a few others were wounded with knives. But DeSalvo primarily stuck to strangling as his main method.

Who was this Romanian Communist Politician?

Credits: Târgovişte, Romania Police department, via Wikimedia Commons

He had a bit of an ego, dubbing himself with the name “Geniul din Carpați” which translates to, “The Genius of the Carpathians.”

Nicolae Ceausescu

Credits: By not credited [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

Nicolae Ceausescu and his huge ego don’t fall far from the personalities of other notorious leaders. This one was a Romanian head of state who used brutal practices and rule to show control.

The worst great Massacres child

Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone (1899-1947) was the son of Italian immigrants who gained world-wide celebrity and notoriety during the Prohibition Era as Al "Scarface" Capone. His rise to fame involved violence, gang warfare, bribery and corruption in New York and then Chicago where he became the powerful, brutal and wealthy crime boss of the South Side Italian gang, the Chicago Mafia.

Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone

Mug Shot of Al Capone in 1939

His alleged involvement with the St. Valentine's Day massacre (February 14, 1929), that targeted his bitter rival George “Bugs” Moran, received unprecedented publicity that both fascinated and repelled the public. Despite his violent reputation and his connection with organized crime Al Capone assumed airs of respectability as a legitimate businessman and philanthropist. Some viewed him as a 'Modern day Robin Hood' others saw him as a dangerous mobster. One thing is certain......Al Capone was the most famous gangster in American History.

Elizabeth Bathory

Elizabeth Bathory was a countess who lived in the Carpathian Mountains.  She was one of the inspirations of Dracula and her nickname was Countess Dracula.  

She was possibly the most prolific serial killer in history.  She believed that blood on her skin made her fresher and younger.  She was responsible for the killing of 650 girls; many were tortured for weeks and were often naked when they were tortured. They were forced to eat their own flesh.  She sometimes drank the blood of the girls and stabbed them with needles.  Some had their face, hands and private parts burned and bit their flesh and private parts.  Many of them starved to death, others were burned or froze to death naked.  She might have eaten some of her servants.  It is possible that she bathed in blood.  She was never put on trial, but was forced to stay in one room for the rest of her life.  She died 4 years later.

Talat Pasha

He was the Grand Vizier of the Sultan in the Ottoman empire from 1917 to 1918.  In 1915, Talat declared an order to wipe out the Armenian race.  People were whipped, tortured, robbed, raped and killed.  All of the Armenians were forced into concentration camps.  People were overloaded with supplies and forced to trudge miles with no food and they were killed if they couldn’t continue.  People were naked when they marched.  The whole male population of Angora was exterminated.  Many were forced to rape family members.  People were killed by bayonets, clubs, axes, hammers, spades, scythes, and saws.  Many had their private parts and sexual organs cut off.  Tens of thousands were burned, drowned, poisoned, dismembered, crucified, boiled and beaten to death.  Out of the population of 2.5 million Armenians, 1 to 1.5 million people were killed.  Talat was assonated in 1921 by a Armenian assassination squad.

who is the angel of death?

He was a physician in the concentration camp Auschwitz and the doctor known as the “Angel of Death.”  He was in charge of selecting Jews to be sent to concentration camps or to be killed.

Josef Mengele

He practiced many experiments on people.  One of the most common experiments was on twins.  He would find the similarities and differences in the genetics of twins, as well as seeing if the humane body could be manipulated.  There were about 3,000 twins, only 200 survived.  The twins were arrange by sex and age.  During the experiment, he would pour chemicals into the eyes of the twins to see if it would change their colors into sewing them together in hope to create conjoined twins.  He sometimes tried to change the sex of the twins.  He sometimes forced parents to kill their children.  He tortured children to see how long they could survive.  He often beat prisoners to death personally.  He sent over 400,000 people to their deaths in the gas chambers.  Mengele escaped with his family to South America and lived there the rest of his life.  It is possible that he used 88 twins in his medical experiments there.  He died from a stroke in 1985 while swimming in the Brazilian ocean.

the most Russians / Jew killer child in history

was the chief of the Reich Main Security Office, the second most powerful person in the SS and the mastermind of the Final solution.  He was one of the highest ranked of all the Nazis and was responsible for many war crimes.

Reinhard Heydrich 

His actions caused the deaths of millions of people.  He was responsible for the mass murder of Soviet officials and Russian Jews during Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union, which killed over a million people.  He forced 60,000 Jew to leave Germany and go into Poland, where they were sent to Ghettos.  As he chaired the Wannsee Conference, he presented a plan of transportation and deportation of 11 million Jews from every country in Europe to be worked to death or killed.  Heydrich thought  of the pretext to invade Poland, which killed over 80,000 people and  started World War II.  There was an assassination attempt on him in 1942.  He survived the attempt to kill him, but died 9 days later.  In response to his death, Nazis killed nearly everyone in the village of Lidice.

the architect of the Holocaust child

he was the architect of the Holocaust.  He was in charge of rounding up Jews into and forcing them into ghettos and concentration camps.  He was responsible for day-to day organization of the Final Solution.

Adolf Eichmann

Adolf Eichmann organized the registration, cremation and transport of Europe’s Jews.  From May until July, 1944 Eichmann organized the deportation and murder of more than 400,000 Hungarian Jews.  He was responsible for 5 to 6 million Jewish deaths. He would leap into his grave laughing because the feeling that he had 5 million Jews he killed filled his heart with gladness and joy.  He once said that he would even kill his father if he was ordered to do so.  He escaped and made his way to Argentina and lived under the name Ricardo Klement for 15 years.  He was captured in May 1960, Israeli Security captured him and took him to trial.  He was tried for 15 charges and hanged.

the french tyrant child

He was the leader of the French Revolution.  Before he became a tyrant, he wanted the people of France to have freedom and rights but when he gained power his personality changed and he became obsessed with guillotining people.

Maximilien Robespierre

He began to create a reign of terror, a 10-month period in which mass executions were carried out.  He also began to see everyone including friends as enemies.  People were guillotined for not supporting the French Revolution, hoarding, desertion, rebellion, and other things he saw as crimes.  He guillotined entire families of aristocrats and ordinary people.  He even guillotined his closest friends.  Most were killed without trials.  As many as 40,000 were either executed or died in prison including King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette.  He was also responsible for hundreds of thousands that died in battles during the Revolution.  Under his orders, his men attacked Vendee, killing well over 100,000 men, women and children.  He believed that killing people was better than forgiving people.  Ultimately, in 1794, Robespierre was guillotined without trial.

the torture kid

He was the religious leader of Iran from 1979 to 1989.  He was also the leader of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, which killed 3,000 to 60,000 people.

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

The Shia Islamic Law had a lot of harsh rules for the normal people.  Men and women had strict dress codes, citizens lost equal rights and met with very harsh punishments, were brutalized, tortured and killed.  People were imprisoned and tortured for listening to music.  People were lashed 100 times for kissing in public. People were tortured and killed if they did not believe in Allah.  People were shot, hanged, blinded, gassed, stabbed in the chest, stoned to death and burned alive.  People had their hands cut off for stealing.  Women had their faces slashed or burnt by acid.  People were killed by machine guns, knives, clubs, cutters, and acid.  In the 1988 Iranian Massacres, Khomeini ordered that every prisoner that did not repent anti-regime activities should be killed.  About 30,000 people were killed in 5 months while thousands of others were killed for other reasons including children that were hanged from cranes.  His followers held 52 Americans captive for 444 days, but there were others there for 6 years.  They were blindfolded most of the time.  They might have suffered a fate worse than death.  He spread his ways across the Middle East.  Saddam Hussein feared the spread of Khomeini’s militant brand of Shiism so he attacked Iran, which started the Iran-Iraq War, which caused the deaths of 1 to 2 million people.  During the war, Khomeini sent young boys to fight and refused to make peace with Iraq even though there was at least one moment when Saddam offered peace for Iran.  Because Khomeini refused to settle peace, Iran’s economy was ruined and 500,000 to 1 million Iranians were killed.  His hatred of America and Western society inspired and paved the way for terrorist groups including Al-Qaeda.  He paved the way for the Islamic Holy War, which has killed more than 2 million people.  Khomeini died from cancer in 1989.

Rome’s 5th emperor from AD 54 to AD 68.  He brought the Roman Empire to ruin.  He burned entire cities.  He murdered thousands of people including his aunt, stepsister, ex-wife, mother, wife and adoptive brother.


Nero was Rome’s 5th emperor from AD 54 to AD 68.  He brought the Roman Empire to ruin.  He burned entire cities.  He murdered thousands of people including his aunt, stepsister, ex-wife, mother, wife and adoptive brother.  He systematically murdered every member in his family.  Some were killed in searing hot baths.  He poisoned, beheaded, stabbed, burned, boiled, crucified and impaled people.  He often raped women and cut off the veins and private parts of both men and women.  He is said to have fiddled while Rome was burning.  The great fire killed many of Rome’s citizens and left hundreds of thousands destitute.  Though Nero probably started the fire, he blamed it on the Christians.  Christians were starved to death, burned, torn by dogs, fed to lions, crucified, used as torches and nailed to crosses.  He was so bad that many of the Christians thought he was the Antichrist.  He even tortured and killed the apostle Paul and the disciple Peter.  Paul was beheaded and Peter was crucified upside down.  Nero committed suicide when he realized he was losing the rebellion and his life was in danger.

the wild sex adventures emperor child

Rome’s 3rd emperor from AD 37 to AD 41.  He was wild, extravagant, with a penchant for sexual adventures.  In the first 3 months in his reign of terror, over 160,000 animals were sacrificed in his honor.


He was Rome’s 3rd emperor from AD 37 to AD 41.  He was wild, extravagant, with a penchant for sexual adventures.  In the first 3 months in his reign of terror, over 160,000 animals were sacrificed in his honor.  He later got a brain fever that made him mentally ill.  He then believed he was a god.  Under Caligula, the law became an instrument of torture.  He believed prisoners should feel a painful death.  He began to brutally murder for fun.  He would kill his opponents slowly and painfully over hours or days.  He decapitated and strangled children.  People were beaten with heavy chains.  He forced families to attend their children’s execution.  Many people had their tongues cut off.  He fed prisoners to a lions, panthers and bears and often killed gladiators.  One gladiator alone was beaten up for 2 days full days.  He sometimes ordered people to be killed by elephants.  His cruelty caused people to commit suicide.  He demanded sex with a lot of women including his 3 sisters.  He would force husbands to give up their wives.  He exiled his sisters and had his brother in law put to death.  He caused many to die of starvation.  Sawing people was one of his favorite things to do, which filleted the spine and spinal cord from crotch down to the chest.  He liked to chew up the testicles of victims.  He killed some of his most important friends and his father-in-law.  One time Caligula said “I wish Rome had but one neck, so that I could cut off all their heads with one blow!”  In AD 41, Caligula was killed by Casius Chaerea, a man whom Caligula had mocked at court for his effeminacy.

the mad monarchist child

ruled the Huns from 434 to 453.  He was the leader of the Hunnic Empire which stretched from the Ural River to Germany and from the Baltic Sea to the Danube River. 

Attila the Hun

Attila ruled the Huns from 434 to 453.  He was the leader of the Hunnic Empire which stretched from the Ural River to Germany and from the Baltic Sea to the Danube River.  He was a bloodthirsty, cruel and ruthless barbarian that was a lover of battle. He wanted to destroy the Roman Empire and everyone in his way.

If you were a citizen in Rome and begged for mercy, he would kill you.  He was as great a menace to the Teutonic tribes people as he was to the Romans.  He was so destructive that people believed he was a punishment from Heaven.  His nickname was Attila the Scourge of God.  

Attila the Hun. Mummified 1,500 year old baby

Attila and the other Huns thought that other people’s lives were meaningless.  He would torture and destroy his enemies, his own people and entire population of cities.  He rampaged Roman cities and may have killed up to hundreds of thousands.  People were sometimes torn limb by limb.  One time Attila found Saint Ursula, the perpetual Virgin, and wanted to marry her.  She refused which made Attila angry and had her killed along with 11,000 of her companions.  It is said that he might have drunk a women’s blood.  He eat 2 of his sons and killed his brother.  Attila coughed up blood and died in 453.

Genghis Khan

He was Khan of the Mongolian Empire from 1206 to 1227.  In that time he conquered most of China and all the land through the Caspian Sea.  He was ruthless, vengeful, cruel, and bloodthirsty.  He and his army destroyed countless numbers of cities, solders, civilians and children.  People were killed  by having molten metal and silver poured into their eyes and ears. In one massacre alone, 700,000 people were killed. At another place, the poor were decapitated and the rich were tortured to find out where their treasure was.  Women were sometimes raped in front of their families.

Hundreds of thousands had their lives ruined.  It is said that if his army of men had no water they would cut a horse’s vein and drink its blood.  He would use people as human shields.  Tens of thousands became slaves.  He would order you to be killed immediately if you were an enemy, if you betrayed him or if you were disloyal to him.  Genghis and his army killed  20 to 60 million people (or 10% to 30% of the known world’s population).  He killed three-fourths of the population of the Iranian Plateau which was 10 to 15 million.  He also killed his brother at age 13 just because his brother had stolen a fish from him.  Genghis Khan once said “The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy to drive him before you, to see his cities reduced to ashes, to see those who love him shrouded in tears, and to gather into your bosom his wives and daughters.” Genghis Khan died of natural causes in 1227.

the terror baby

was king of Belgium from 1865 to 1909.  He ruled the Congo Free State, which was a private project, from 1885 to 1908.

Leopold II of Belgium

He was king of Belgium from 1865 to 1909.  He ruled the Congo Free State, which was a private project, from 1885 to 1908.  The Congo Free State was 76 times larger than Belgium.  He is considered one of the greatest liars of all time because he fooled the whole world that he was helping the Congo and the world believed him.  Instead he turned the Congo into a country ruled by force labor.  He was free to rule the Congo Free State as a personal domain.  Leopold ruled about 20 million Congolese.  Under his administration, the Congo Free State was subject to a terror regime.  The Congo Free State also became one of the most infamous international scandals of the turn of the century.  His men tortured, maimed, and slaughtered millions of Congolese.  Congolese were killed if they did not bring enough rubber.  Hundreds of thousands of people had their hands, legs, feet, arms, heads, ears, and noses cut off.  Many villages were burned and the Natives forced to flee into the jungle.  Leopold’s men raped, flogged and eat the natives. They slaughtered hundreds of thousands of children.  More than 500,000 died from various diseases.  A few million died of starvation.  Leopold killed around 10 million Congolese (or 50% of the Congo’s population).  Before Leopold acquired The Congo Free State, most African countries were free countries, but within 30 years after Leopold acquired the Congo Free State, all but 2 African countries were taken by European countries.  He did all of this just to get more money.  Leopold died in 1909.

the torture and organs cut lover baby

was the Grand Inquisitor of Spain from 1483 to 1498.  He started the Spanish Inquisition, which was established on November 1, 1478 and disbanded in July 15, 1834.

Tomas de Torquemada

Torquemada was the Grand Inquisitor of Spain from 1483 to 1498.  He started the Spanish Inquisition, which was established on November 1, 1478 and disbanded in July 15, 1834.  The Spanish Inquisition was an ecclesiastical tribunal run by the Spanish monarchy and established to root out heretics and other individuals who threatened the status of Roman Catholic Church in Spain.  Torquemada’s spies turned friends against friends and they made sons and daughters testify against their parents.  Torquemada without lack of evidence would order Jews to be tortured or killed because of his discrimination towards them.  Countless of people were tortured, whipped, subjected to horrific physical punishments, and forced to surrender all of their property.  Children sometimes died from starvation.  People were often naked when they were tortured.  Torquemada favored many forms of torture like foot-roasting and suffocation.  People were sometimes burned alive, hanged, and grilled.  Some ways of torture often went through sexual organs.  One way  to torture people was the garrucha, which pulled a prisoner’s arms and legs from their sockets.  Another way of torturing Jews was the toca, a water torture, which was when water was forced down the victim’s throat.  Another method was the porto which used tight cords to stop blood from flowing.  Another method was the turtle which was when victims were crushed with heavy weights.  Another method was when a victim would be pushed into a garroting chair, which had a sharp point in the neck region.  Another method was the rack which stretched a person’s body a foot or more.  Then an inquisitor would rip off the victim’s nipples, tongue, ears, nose, and genitals. Some people were skinned from their head to their waist.  2,000 to 10,000 Jews suffered death by being burned on stakes and more than 9,000 were punished by other methods.  Many Jews died from starvation.  By one account, he killed over 30,000 people.  Torquemada’s hatred of heretics influenced King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to expel every Jew or Muslim that had not embraced Christianity which was 200,000 to 300,000.  Most of them had ancestors that have lived in Spain for centuries.  It is said that Torquemada himself had Jewish blood in him.  Torquemada died of old age in 1478.

the executioner child

was dictator of China from 1943 to 1976.  Mao’s plan was to make China a superpower country.

Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong was dictator of China from 1943 to 1976.  Mao’s plan was to make China a superpower country.  Mao also said he would turn China into a powerful country that could match the United States and the Soviet Union. In the process however, he created the greatest famine and genocide in history.  Under Mao’s rule China endured a series of economic disasters and political terrorism.  Millions of Chinese died by execution, starvation and committing suicide.  Tens of millions were sent to labor camps.  5 Million were executed.  Mao turned neighbors against neighbors and sons and daughters against their teachers and parents.  Mao used fear to root out every last hint of dissent.  A criticism uttered in private could lead to public humiliation, torture or death.  The famine killed about 30 to 45 million people.  Millions died from disease.  Another 700,000 committed suicide out of fear of Mao.  Mao lead 2 Great Leap Forwards which was a plan to use China’s vast population to rapidly transform the country from an rural economy into a modern communist society.  Both combined killed 40 to 50 million people.   Millions of children were also killed.  If children stole food, they would have their fingers chopped off.  Mao once lead a revolution that everyone in China was supposed to accept, but if you opposed the revolution, you would either be imprisoned for many years, tortured or executed.  People were expected to work till they dropped.  People were beaten up and tortured if they could not do their work and if they were late going to work.  People were also beaten up if they said something that made Mao or his men angry.  Mao’s brutal men had methods of torture like whipping, burning people with incense or with flame of a kerosene lamp and nailing a person’s palms to a table and then to insert bamboo splints under fingernails.  Mao killed 70 million people.  Mao died in 1976 after suffering from a nervous system disease.

The Torture Terrible Child

Young Ivan IV and his first and most beloved wife Anastasia.

was Tsar of Russia from 1533 to 1584.  Ivan was cruel, brutal and merciless even as a kid.  When he was young, he had had habits of taking creatures like dogs, cats, bears, and other creatures to the top of tall buildings and then throwing them to the ground.

Ivan the Terrible

Ivan was Tsar of Russia from 1533 to 1584.  Ivan was cruel, brutal and merciless even as a kid.  When he was young, he had had habits of taking creatures like dogs, cats, bears, and other creatures to the top of tall buildings and then throwing them to the ground.  Ivan killed people when he was a teenager.  Ivan found them fun and amusing.  When Ivan became Tsar of Russia, he became paranoid and started to see enemies everywhere.  Ivan forced thousands to move from their lands and made them homeless.  Ivan became obsessed with killing and torturing anyone he saw as enemies but most were innocent people.   Ivan destroyed hundreds of villages, towns and cities.  In the Novgorod Massacre, 60,000 were tortured to death.  Ivan had his own personal torture chamber.  Ivan tortured and destroyed entire families.  Hundreds of parents were forced to see their children tortured and killed.  Ivan ordered hundreds of people to be eaten by bears and wolves.  He personally killed and tortured people with his long and hard staff.  If Ivan ordered someone to be killed, he would often want to watch the execution.  Some his executions were as long as 15 hours.  He enjoyed seeing people’s blood and suffering from being tortured.  Ivan ordered people to be beheaded, strangled, hanged, blinded, burned, stabbed, boiled, disemboweled, buried alive, impaled and fried.  Ivan would often remove people’s ribs with red hot pinchers.  Peasant girls were often tortured, whipped, raped and used for target practice.  Religious leaders were tortured and killed if they begged Ivan to stop his killings.  He blinded his architect and boiled his treasurer.  Ivan killed one of his wives a day after their marriage.  He even killed his favorite son in a rage.  Ivan died while he was playing chess with one of his friends in 1584.  Most likely he was poisoned.

Death Baby

was dictator of Uganda from 1971 to 1979.  Amin charmed and promised the world that he would bring peace and democracy to the people of his country.

Idi Amin

Amin was dictator of Uganda from 1971 to 1979.  Amin charmed and promised the world that he would bring peace and democracy to the people of his country.  Instead he turned Uganda into a poverty-stricken land patrolled by death squads.  Amin was possibly the most brutal and merciless dictator of all time.  His rule was characterized by human rights abuses, ethnic persecution, political repression, massacres and the expulsion of 80,000 Asians from Uganda.  Amin pitted his people and executed hundreds of thousands of his people.  Amin was probably the most sadistic dictator in the 20th century.  He would show executions of people on television.  Amin tortured and killed his country’s soldiers, government officials, teachers, artists, doctors, journalists, engineers, politicians, police officers, photographers, lawyers, business people, ordinary citizens, ministers and children.  Amin’s men tortured and killed people with sledge hammers while Amin kept the pictures for fun and amusement.  Amin often had his victims buried alive.  Amin would often give the heads of his enemies to crocodiles.  Hundreds of thousands of dead bodies washed up to the shores of Lake Victoria.  Amin killed 4,000 people by throwing them into crocodile infested rivers.  About 50,000 people died from disease, most were children.  He would cut the flesh of people and force them to eat it until they died.  Amin ate human flesh and he said proudly that he was a cannibal.

He also drank human blood.  Amin mutilated one of his wives and had her limbs sewn upside down.  Amin killed and tortured 300,000 to 500,000 Ugandans.  Amin was forced in exile in Saudi Arabia for the rest of his life.  Amin died almost 25 years later in 2003.  In that time Amin lived a very peaceful life.

Genocide Baby

was Prime Minister of Cambodia from 1976 to 1979.  His plan was to destroy the civilization of Cambodia and turn it into a new age.  He turned Cambodia into a killing field.

Pol Pot

Pol Pot was Prime Minister of Cambodia from 1976 to 1979.  His plan was to destroy the civilization of Cambodia and turn it into a new age.  He turned Cambodia into a killing field.  Pol Pot is the only man in history that ordered an official genocide against his whole country and he killed the greatest percentage in the amount of time he was in power.  He declared that the Buddhist religion, money, and personal possessions would all be banned.  His communist government forced mass evacuations of cities.  Millions of Cambodians were displaced, tortured and killed.  People were separated from friends and families.  People died from effects of slave labor, malnutrition, poor medical care, starvation and execution.  Hundreds of thousands were clubbed to death and buried alive.  Thousands were killed from disease and torture.  Many were hanged.  Millions of people including the elderly, pregnant women, and children would stand in water up to their necks in cold and rainy seasons, working on canals, with legs and feet swelling up and bleeding.  If you stopped working because of illness, you would not be feed or you would be killed.  If a worker made a mistake, he or she would be flogged to death or shot.  You would be expected to work until you dropped dead.  Many people had no rights to eat.  If people were found eating dead humans, they would be buried alive.  Pol Pot wanted teenagers to become solders with a love of killing.  If Cambodian people married people of Vietnam, the husband and wife would be killed.  People that spoke and looked like Vietnamese were also killed.  Pol Pot often ordered people to kill and fight Vietnamese.  He took pictures of the people he executed and recorded them in detail.  Prisoners were forced to drink humane urine.  He ordered babies to be torn limb by limb.  People were beaten to death by blunt instruments like hammers, spades and axe handles.  People were also killed by sharpened bamboo sticks.  Some of his men killed people by bleeding them to death.  He liked to keep the skulls of dead people.  To Pol Pot, his people’s lives were not just cheap, but of no value at all.  He killed 1 to 3 million Cambodians, 25 to 33 percent of the country.  Pol Pot died in April in 1998 of natural causes.

Vlad III of Wallachia or "Vlad the Impaler"

Vlad Dracula

Vlad was prince of Wallachia a total of 3 times, in the years 1448, 1456 to 1462, and 1476.  He is best known for inspiring the Dracula ledgend, the cruel methods he used to torture and kill people and how much he enjoyed killing people.  His last name, Dracula, means little devil.

The most common method he used to kill people was impalement.  Vlad had a horse attached to each of the victim’s legs and a sharpened stake was gradually forced into the body.

The end of the stake was usually oiled and care was taken that the stake was not be to sharp.  Normally the stake was inserted into the body through the buttocks and was often forced through the body until it emerged from the mouth.

However, there were many times where victims were impaled through other bodily orifices or through the abdomen or chest.

He was so found of doing this that he is now known as Vlad the Impaler.  The height of the stake ranked the victim.  Vlad also loved to impale animals.  It was possibly of the most gruesome and painful way of dying in history.

Victims would endure this for hours or days.  Everyone in the city Amlas, including every children, went through this, which was up to 20,000 people. Vlad did not want the stake to be too sharp because the victim would die to soon and it would not be as much fun to watch.

He would impale children and babies through their mother’s chests.  Impalement was his favorite way of killing people but it was not his only method.  Vlad ordered people to be poisoned, blinded, strangled, hanged, decapitated, stabbed, disemboweled, skinned, exposed to extreme elements and animals, hacked, dismembered, burned, boiled, scalped, roasted, nailed in the head, buried alive, etc.

He would like to cut off people’s noses, ears, hands, feet, limbs, and sexual organs.  He often cut of peoples private parts (especially in the case of women) and would keep them.  People were sometimes worked to death.  He also smashed the heads of people into hard walls.  He liked to eat and drink around bodies of dead and naked people that had stakes through them.  He destroyed many of his villages on his way into battles.

He roasted children and forced their parents to eat them.  Vlad hated people who were sick, weak, poor, beggars or vagrants.  He invited all of the poor and sick of Wallacha to a fake party.  He asked them if they wished to be be anything other than poor people.  When they all said yes, they were all burned immediately.

He murdered his wife had had her sexual organs cut off.  There were rumors that Vlad loved to drink blood.  Vlad killed over 100,000 people.  If that is true he killed 20 percent of Wallacha’s population.  Nearly all of those people went through horrible ways of killing that would take a long time.  Vlad was decapitated in 1476.