Friday, May 6, 2016

EXCLUSIVE : Torture tools that were previously used by doctors

Torture tools that were previously used by doctors! These were designed to deliver pain, not healing.

If you think that going to the doctor is a horror, you need to see the tools used to treat patients in the past. Each gadget seems to be designed for the delivery of serious pain and not healing.

1. A mask of ice cubes meant to help heal an injured face.

This mask should handle Hangovers, do you think it worked? Nope.

2. A mechanical respirator that is clearly uncomfortable.

This machine will not help you breath better, it is very likely going to stop your breathing.

3. This was used to extract bullets in 16th century France.

In the 16th century, extracting the bullet caused more pain than getting shot,

4. How noses were shaped before plastic surgeons

Reshaping your nose with a torture tool.

5. A lethal instrument that no one patient would allow to have used on them!

How is this tool of pain going to make me feel better?

6. Saying a cold, hard no to masturbation!

Here is an anti-masturbation gadget that will keep you pure! It will ensure you remain in pure pain!

7. In the early 1900s, this was a surgeon's saw.

Operations were obviously not a delicate affair in the past.

8. A surgical chair that is an exact replica of the electric chair!

Surgery on the electric chair! No thanks, I'll skip that minor operation.

9. Gum massager.

Another bizarre instrument that you don't want to use.

10. Amputees had to bear this saw.

An elegant design for a wicked tool of pain.

11. Enema's in the 1800 century involved using a machine like this.

12. The thin line between medical instrument and weapon!

13. Just looking at the size of the needle will heal you before you get your injection.

The genesis of trypanophobia!

14. Dealing with venereal disease using this will only make you more sick!

15. The only medical instrument that survives to date.

Today, these items are made of plastic and rubber.