Friday, May 6, 2016

PornHub Reveals What Justin Bieber is Into

When Justin Bieber celebrated his 22nd birthday at Big Bear Ski Resort in California, he partied big time. Many social media accounts took to Twitter to wish him a happy birthday, including PornHub. 

1. Love him or hate him, Justin Beiber is a famous figure who gets a lot of attention in the press.

2. The birthday tweet revealed some telling information about the pop icon.

3. This tweet revealed that Bieber was a platinum member and that he has a fondness for Latina women.

4. His first girlfriend Selena Gomez, shows that his preference for Latina ladies started young.

5. Justin has also been linked to the Latina model Jasmine Villanueva.

She was the mystery girl on Instagram that everyone thought was Kourtney Kardashian.

6. Another woman he has been linked to is 18 year old Brazilian Fernanda Paes.

He was seen leaving a club with her in Rio de Janeiro.

7. Justin has also shown his love for Latina girls by getting caught in a Brazilian brothel with a Panamanian escort.