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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Indian young man his body absorbs 11,000 volts electric shock شاب هندي جسده يمتص الصدمات الكهربائية بقوة 11000 فولت

16-year-old 'electric boy' from India can withstand a shock of 11,000 volts without feeling a thing

في ظاهرة محيرة للعلماء، يمكن للمراهق الهندي "ديباك جانغرا"، تحمل مرور تيار كهربائي بقوة 11 ألف فولت عبر جسمه دون أن يشعر بألم.

The 16-year-old discovered his strange skill when he was repairing his mother's heater.

And now he claims he can resist enough electricity to power 500 houses and can even sit with his hands inside a tub of water along with naked live wires.

He told local media: "I have a gift from God. I feel very privileged. I have the power to do things no-one else can and I don't intend on wasting it.

وقد اكتشف المراهق قدرته العجيبة على إمتصاص كمية الكهرباء، الكافية لإضاءة 500 منزل، بالصدفة، أثناء إصلاحه سخان والدته، إذ يمكنه وضع يده داخل حوض مياه به أسلاك كهرباء عارية دون أن يتأثر.

"I used to be scared of electricity but now I am confident. I have tested myself over and over again and I will never get hurt. I can touch a live wire with my tongue and I know nothing will happen to me."

Student Deepak stumbled upon his talent when he tried a spot of DIY on a broken heater.

He explained: "My mother kept complaining that our heater was broken so I thought I'd take a look and try to fix it myself because we couldn’t afford to take it anywhere and pay someone.

وذكر المراهق (16 عاما)، أنه حصل على تلك الهبة من الله، ويشعر بالتميز لقدرته على القيام بشيء لا يمكن لأحد آخر منافسته فيها، ولا ينوي إضاعة تلك الهبة.

"I accidentally touched the live wire with my screwdriver but nothing happened - I didn’t get a shock. But at the time I assumed we must have had a power failure in our village."

Two weeks later, he was tinkering with a jammed disc in a DVD player.

He said: "I hit the live wires again but again nothing happened. This time I knew something amazing had just happened. I touched it again and again, and then went outside to check the power supply was ok.

"That was the day I realised there was something unusual about me."

وأضاف أنه اعتاد الخوف من الكهرباء، لكنه الآن أصبح أكثر ثقة في التعامل معها، بعدما اختبر نفسه عدة مرات ولم يصب بشيء، حتى أنه يمكن لمس سلك كهرباء به تيار بلسانه دون حدوث ضرر له.

Since then Deepak, from a remote village near Sonipat, in Haryana, northern India, has experimented with a string of electricals to find out what voltage he can tolerate.

He added: "I could cope with 110 volts, 240 volts, 440 volts and my curiosity kept on growing. I wanted to know more and more. How much I could actually cope with?"

It was then that the daredevil teenager tried to put his talent to the ultimate test.

وعن كيفية اكتشافه الأمر، ذكر "ديباك" أن والدته كانت تشتكي منذ 3 سنوات من تعطل السخّان، ولفقرهم قرر هو إصلاحه، حيث لمس أسلاك الكهرباء دون أن يصاب بشيء، وفسّر الأمر بانقطاع الكهرباء عن القرية، لكن بعد أسبوعين أثناء إصلاحه مشغل الـDVD لمس السلك الحي ولم يحدث شيء له، ليدرك الأمر، ويكتشف أنه يملك قدرة خارقة.

He climbed an electric pole to touch the 11,000 voltage wire that powers his village – much to the shock of a petrified crowd that screamed below.

He explained: "I was hanging from the pole touching the wires and I think people thought I was crazy. My mother came running over and started begging me to come down. She thought I was killing myself.

"But once people saw me touch the wires and walk away unscathed, everyone started cheering. I surprised everyone."

An estimated 350,000 people in Britain receive serious injuries from electric shocks every year.

ولاكتشاف مدى قدرته على تحمل التيار الكهربائي، صعد إلي عمود كهرباء في القرية، ولمس سلك جهد عالي بقوة 11 ألف فولت، وهو السلك الذي يمد القرية بالكهرباء، فيما اجتمع أهل القرية بأسفلها يطالبونه بالنزول، اعتقادا بأنه يحاول الانتحار، لكن بعدما لمس السلك ونزل سليما، بدأ الجميع في التصفيق وتحيته.

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