Tuesday, May 26, 2015

(+21 Adults Only) burned Sixteen year old girl alive - (للكبار فقط +21) إشعال النيران في جسد ابنة زعيم عصابة


16 year old girl burned alive

This is definitely one of the most-horrifying video of public killing in the world nowadays. How could this happen? How could these people put justice within their own hands? See the video and read the whole article below! 

What is very appalling in this video is that it shows how the awful girl dazed and stumbling in the middle of a crowd of people, her face bleeding. After she is viciously beaten, the helpless woman is doused in a flammable liquid before going up in flames, and is filming screaming and writhing in pain as the people just watched her.

these guys burned Sixteen year old girl alive and people watched her burn.I tried to google and what i know so far is

لحظة إشعال النيران في جسد ابنة زعيم عصابة

She was a 16 years old girl and she was burned alive in city of guatemala and people stood there and watched her burn and cheered .She was punched and kicked before she was set on fire by the mob.

بالفيديو والصور.. لحظة إشعال النيران في جسد ابنة زعيم عصابة

اعتقل سكان قرية اسمها "Rio Bravo"، أو "النهر الهائج" في أمريكا الوسطي، مراهقة اتهموها بالمشاركة في قتل سائق قبل أسبوع، فتكاتفوا على جسدها ضربا وركلا، ثم صبوا عليها البنزين وأشعلوا فيها النار.

there were around 250 people watching and they stopped police from reaching her .. so now the question is what kind of police that was .. i mean couldn’t they have called a backup or something .. what were they doing ? relaxing ?

Moment the girl is bleeding from the face as the mob surround her.

بالفيديو والصور.. لحظة إشعال النيران في جسد ابنة زعيم عصابة

لم تذكر الصحف اسم المراهقة، البالغة من العمر16 عاما، بل اختصرت قصتها بأنها ابنة رئيس عصابة سجين حاليا في "ريو برافو" البعيدة 125 كيلومترا عن العاصمة، جواتيمالا سيتي، وأنها قد تكون شاركت فعلا بقتل سائق 68 عاما، لرفضه دفع "إتاوة" شهرية للعصابة الناشطة منذ عامين في المنطقة.

Horrific video of a vigilante mob burning a girl to death after beating her up has gone viral.

The shocking 4-minute-38-second clip shows the 16-year-old girl bleeding from the face as the baying mob surround her in the village of Rio Bravo, 77 miles west of the Guatemala capital, Guatemala city.

حيث جروها غاضبين إلى الشارع العام، وظلوا يضربونها بطريقة متوحشة في جسدها ولكما بالأيدي، وركلا بالأرجل، وداسوها بأقدامهم وهي تتلوى على الأرض، وبعضهم شدها من شعرها وهي تصرخ، ثم قام أحدهم بسكب البنزين على جسدها وإشعال النيران فيها. 

بالفيديو والصور.. لحظة إشعال النيران في جسد ابنة زعيم عصابة

According to reports, the girl who has not been named but is said to have been a clothes seller, was set upon after allegedly murdering a taxi driver.

Locals say the girl and two men shot driver Carlos Enrique González Noriega, 68, dead before robbing him and running off.

وانتقم الأهالي من المراهقة وقتلوها حرقا بذنب أبيها المسئول عن العصابة الممتهنة السرقة وقطع الطرق والسطو المسلح، حيث عندما تعرف إليها بعض السكان حتى اعتقلوها وأحرقوها انتقاما من أبيها".

The two men fled down a series of alleys, but the girl took a wrong turn and was surrounded by the fuming 250-strong mob.

بالفيديو والصور.. لحظة إشعال النيران في جسد ابنة زعيم عصابة

After viciously beating her, the video shows her stumbling around bleeding from the face.

At one point she is punched to the ground and set upon again as the mob demand justice.

يذكر أن جثة المحروقة تركت "مكومة" ومتفحمة على الأرض لساعات "ولو لم تأت سيارة إسعاف لتنقلها، لبقيت على الطريق حتى اليوم التالي"، حيث أن الحادثة البشعة حدثت على مرأى من الشرطة التي منعها الحارقون من التدخل، وتركوا الجثة وغادروا.

She is then set on fire and filmed writing and screaming in pain as the lynch mob watch on.

At one point she tries to run away but then collapses on the ground in flames.

16 year old girl burned alive

As she lies burning to death, a man runs over with a can of petrol and puts it over her sending her up in flames again.

The girl screams out in pain and then passes out.

The mob, which include children, continue to stand and watch as her lifeless body is consumed by flames and left as a smouldering corpse.

A police spokesman said that officers had tried to intervene but were blocked by the vigilante mob.

The video which was uploaded to YouTube has since been removed after being viewed hundreds of thousands of times within just hours.

Police say they are now investigating the attack.

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