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Exclusive : Mysterious Paranormal Facts Encyclopedia Part . 2

Bolivia’s Death Road – The Most Dangerous Road In The World

In the Amazonian rainforest is the world’s most dangerous road that connects La Paz and the low-lying region of Coroico in the Yungas region of Bolivia. With solid rock on one side and 2000 feet hole on the other this La Carretera de los Yungas that is only 12 feet wide is one of the most spectacular road with its beautiful landscape view.

This 40 mile road is also known as Death Road, Coroico Road, Camino de las Yungas, Grove’s Road, Road of Death, El Camino de la Muerte and Unduavi-Yolosa Highway. The road gets its name Death Road as around 200 to 300 people are killed on the road every year.

The Death Road was made in the 1930s by cutting the side of the huge Cordillera Oriental mountain chain. It starts at La Paz at 3,660 meters altitude and then goes 4,650 meters high to La Cumbre Pass. From there it takes a steep slope to Coroico which is at 1,200 meters altitude. The steep descent of 3,650 meters is one of the longest downhill stretches in the world. Many sections of the road are unpaved and have no railings.

The rain and fog in the rainy season reduce the visibility and also cause many mudslides and tumbling of rocks from the hillsides above. Small waterfalls also pour down the cliffs. In the summer the dust from vehicles hamper visibility.

The driving rules at the North Yungas Road are different. Unlike the rest of Bolivia who drive on the right side, here vehicles drive on the left. The driver can therefore get a better view of the edge making passing safer. Vehicles that descend down never have the right of way and should move to the outer edge of the road. This force the fast vehicles to stop so that passing can be safe.

On July 24, 1983 around 100 people in a bus were killed on the North Yungas Road. The bus fell in the canyon. It has been Bolivia’s worst road accident. Later in December 1999, 8 Israeli travelers were killed in a jeep accident. The road has been modernized now to make it safer than the old one. The new modern Yungas Road has two lanes includes asphalt pavement and guardrails. The original road is now less used only by a few adventure travelers.

Four Case Reports Of Cotard’s Syndrome

A 53- year-old Filipino complained that she was dead and smelt like rotting flesh. She was telling everyone to take her to the morgue so that she could be with the dead. A 17 yr. old girl spent three years of her life thinking she was dead. These are the cases of Cotard’s Syndrome or Walking Corpse Syndrome. It is a rare mental illness in which the patient strongly believes that he is dead. Sometimes the patient complains of loss of blood, organs or some body parts. People with mood disorders, medical conditions and psychotic disorders have been found to suffer from this illness. Cotard’s Syndrome occurs due to the lesions in the frontal and temporal regions of the right hemisphere of the brain.

First reported in the 1700s the illness is still a mystery today. No one knows the cause of the illness.

Some Cotard’s Syndrome cases:

1. Ms. L, A 53 Yr. Old Filipino Had Been On Antidepressants. In 2008, New York her relatives admitted Ms. L to the psychiatric unit. Ms. L had started complaining that she was dead and smelled like rotting flesh. She insisted that she should be send to the morgue. Then she started accusing the paramedics of trying to burn her house down. Ms. L refused to take medicines and did not eat anything. She isolated herself and slept on the bed most time of the day. She also did not follow personal hygiene. With her family’s support and proper medication Ms. L showed improvement in a month.

2. British Man Mr. G Was Utterly Convinced That He Was Dead Though He Was Breathing. Doctors told him that he was suffering from Cotard’s Syndrome. He did not believe them and said that his brain was dead. Eight months before Mr. G was severely depressed and had tried to commit suicide. He stopped smoking, talking and eating because he thought he was dead. He went to the graveyard to lie down many times and was brought back by the police. After months of therapy and treatment he was cured. Mr. G after recovery said that he had lost his sense of taste and smell. He did not talk, as he could not think of anything to speak. He had lost pleasure in everything.

3. Haley Smith, 17 Yr. Old Girl From Alabama Suffered From This Syndrome. Ms. Smith was disturbed as her parents were divorced. One day suddenly Haley felt that her body was numb and she was dead. She felt like going to the graveyard and lying there. As time went by she stopped going to school. She slept during the day and remained awake in the night. After a few days of this condition, Haley accepted that she was dead and decided to live this new life. She ate whatever she wanted as she was not going to put on weight because she was dead. She also stopped talking to her friends. After two years she spoke with her father about her condition and then she found her real illness. With medication and therapy she was herself once again. During her illness she watched Disney Films, which made her feel better and alive.

4. Man From Iran Claimed That He Was Dead And turned Into A dog. In 2005, Iran a man in his thirties went to the hospital and told the doctors that he was dead and he had been turned into a dog. He said that even his wife was dead and a dog now. He accused his relatives to have poisoned his family. He said that God had protected him in death. He was treated for Cotard’s Syndrome and was relieved of his symptoms.

Some patients suffering from the Walking Corpse Syndrome have died of starvation. They refused to eat thinking they were dead. Some also try to harm themselves and commit suicide.

Understanding Fallstreak Hole And Hole Punch Cloud

The Fallstreak Hole or Hole Punch Cloud is a combination of amazing and rare cloud formation. The Hole Punch Cloud appears like clearings in the cloud cover or clear circular, rectangular or pentagram shaped patches in the sky. When they are formed they look like UFOs, sky holes and cloud circles. These cloud formation is also called as Punch Hole Cloud, Skypunch, Canal Cloud or Cloud Hole. The Hole Punch Clouds are formed when part of the water of the cloud freezes into ice crystals. A Fallstreak Hole is formed when the ice crystals grow large enough and stream out of the hole in a constant pattern.

The Hole Punch Clouds are very rare. Because of their unusual appearance they have been mistaken as UFOs. These Hole Punch Clouds have been seen recently in Romania, Moscow, Malta, West Palm Beaches (Florida, USA) and Australia.
How Is Hole Punch Cloud Or Fallstreak Hole Formed?

The Hole Punch cloud or the Fallstreak Hole is formed because of a rare atmospheric occurrence. These holes are formed when the temperature is below freezing. Though the temperature is below 0˚Celsius the cloud droplets do not freeze due to the lack of ice nucleation. To freeze and convert into solid form, water needs something like a nucleus and without it the water will not freeze even if the temperature drops to -40˚Celsius.

Planes passing through this layer of cloud can start the freezing process of the ‘super cooled’ water. When the plane passes there is a large reduction in the air pressure over the wings and the blades of its propellers. This cools the air quickly and the momentary cooling lowers the temperature to the extent that the droplets start to freeze spontaneously. These ice crystals grow quickly. When they freeze there is a little amount of heat generated that cause the water droplets around it to evaporate and create a hole.

The hole then expands outward as the surrounding droplets start freezing and a stunning view is created. Sometimes rainbows are also seen with the fallstreak clouds. With the fallstreak hole the sky appears to have opened up the way to heaven.

Church Made Up Of Skulls And Bones

In Sedlec, a suburb of Kutná Hora of the Czech Republic is a small Roman catholic church known as ‘The Sedlec Ossuary’ or ‘The Cemetery Church of All Saints’. The name cemetery is a little untypical for a church, but that is exactly what the church is. Inside the church there are thousands of dead bodies hanging on the walls and from the ceilings. This horrifying church is the most popular tourist attraction.

The history of the church dates back to 1278. It is said that during that time Henry, the abbot of the Cistercian monastery in Sedlec was sent to the Holy Land by King Otakar II of Bohemia. While returning Henry brought a small amount of earth from Golgotha, where Christ was crucified and sprinkled it over the abbey cemetery. The story of his holy act spread and the cemetery of Sedlec became the desirable burial site for all the Central Europeans.

Thousands of people were buried there in the 14th century during the Black Death and in the 15th century after the Hussite Wars. The number of burial started exceeding the space available and the cemetery had to be expanded. In 1400, a Gothic church was built in the center of the cemetery. The church had a vaulted upper level and a lower level to be used as an ossuary for the graves unearthed during construction.

After 1511, the work of unearthing the skeletons was given to partially blind monks. It is said that these monks began piling the bones in an artistic pattern. There is also a myth about a monk who went mad and started making things from the bones. In 1870, the Schwarzenberg family who were then the landowners hired a woodcarver named František Rint. Rint did the decorations and sculptures of the church with human bones.

Inside the church are skeletons of about 40,000 to 70,000 people. The walls and ceilings of the church are artistically decorated with human bones. The corners of the church are occupied by huge bell shaped piles of bones. From the center of the church hangs a huge chandelier of bones. The chandelier is made of one of every bone in the human body and is surrounded by garlands of skulls draping the vault. There are rows of skulls and bones hanging from the ceilings. There is display case that shows skulls with wounds caused by different weapons of the mid century. There is a large coat of arms of the Schwarzenberg family; a raven pecking the eye of an invading soldier is best part. Other attractions are the piers and monstrances flanking the altar, a skull candle-holder and the signature of the creator Rint also done on finger bones on the wall near the entrance.

The human bones all around in the church reminds us of the short human life and the unavoidable death.

The Witches’ Market In La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz has a unique market that helps to bring back love, health, intelligence, happiness and wealth. This Witches’ Market also known as El Mercado de las Brujas is located on Calle Jiminez and Linares between Sagarnaga and Santa Cruz. Strange and fascinating products are sold here. Vendors line on the street to sell native herbs, various parts of frogs, potions, naked couple figurines, black penis candles Bolivian armadillos, aphrodisiac, owl feathers, snakes, dried turtles and star fish. The most famous thing sold is the dried llama fetus.

In this part of Bolivia the ancient Aymaran beliefs are still practiced. Different ingredients used in the rituals to call on the spirits that populate the Aymara world are sold in the Witches’ Market. The llama fetuses are buried in the foundations of new houses as a sacred offering to the goddess Panchamama, the goddess Mother Earth. The fetus will keep the construction workers safe and will give the resident wealth, health, happiness and good luck. The fetuses sold are the ones that come from miscarriages or still births. Baby llamas are not killed and sold.
The naked ceramic couples are bought to improve sex life, rectify impotency and increase fertility.
Dried Armadillos are kept in the house to prevent thefts. Frog parts are believed to bring good luck.
The sweet smelling herbs bring good luck and love.
Even powdered dog’s tongue is sold here. This powder is added to the man’s food to make him a loyal lover.

Roaming in the Witches’ market are the Doctor Witches called yatiri. The yatiri is seen wearing a black hat and carrying coco pouches that contain amulets, talismans, potions and powders. It is believed that the yatiri has the power to contact the supernatural. The yatiri read fortunes, cure illness and cast a spell to improve money problems, work problems, to pass exams etc.

The Witches’ Market is becoming an interesting site for travelers.

Amazing Work By Man

The Largest Statue In The World :

The Spring Temple Buddha is the tallest Buddha and the largest statue in the world. It is 128 meters i.e. 420 feet tall including the lotus throne of 20 meters (66 ft). It is placed on a pedestal/building, which is 25meters (82 ft) tall. The total height of the monument becomes 153 meters (502 ft). This huge monument depicts the Vairocana Buddha and is located in the Zhaocun township of Lushan County, Henan province in China. It was built in 2002.

The Largest Fountain In The World:

The Fountain Of Wealth in Singapore is the world’s largest fountain. It is located underground within Suntec City, the largest shopping mall in Singapore. Constructed in the year 1995, the fountain is a symbol of wealth and life. The fountain is made of silicon bronze and consists of a circular ring, which is 66 meters in circumference. The ring is supported on four large slanted columns. It occupies an area of 1683.07 square meters, with a height of 13.8m.

The bronze ring of the fountain is designed based on the Hindu Mandala, meaning universe and is a symbolic representation of the oneness in spirit and unity and further symbolizes the equality and harmony of all races and religions in Singapore. The water in Chinese culture is a symbol of life and wealth and the inward flow of water symbolizes the retention of wealth. During some times in the day the fountain is turned off and the visitors walk around the mini fountain at the central base. It is believed that if you walk around three times by touching the water, you gain good luck.

The Tallest Ferris Wheel In The World:

The High Roller, in Las Vegas, Nevada, US is the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. It is 167.6 meters (550 ft) tall. The wheel has 28 spherical cabins which can hold 40 people each. The full revolution takes 30 minutes. The construction of the wheel had started in 2011 and was opened to the public on March 31st, 2014.

The Largest Exterior Elevator In The World:

The Bailong Elevator in Zhangjiajie, China also known as the Hundred Dragon’s Elevator, is the world’s largest exterior elevator. It is over 1,000 feet tall. It carries tourists up the side of a massive sandstone column in a mountain range in China’s Hunan Province. The elevator is glass, affording 40 passengers at a time a dizzying view to the depths below. The work on the lift started in October 1999 and was completed in 2002. After it was built, it was declared as the world’s tallest sightseeing elevator and the fastest with biggest capacity. After it was opened in 2002, it was temporarily shut down for safety concerns. It was again started in 2003. The lift takes a minute to reach the top.

Song That Makes People Suicide

Music has a deep effect on the human mind and emotions. There is one song in the history that has killed more than a hundred of its listeners. The song has been also linked to the death of the person who composed it.

The song goes:

“Gloomy is Sunday, with shadows I spend it all
My heart and I have decided to end it all
Soon there’ll be candles and prayers that are sad, I know
Let them not weep, let them know that I’m glad to go
Death is no dream, for in death I’m caressing you
With the last breath of my soul I’ll be blessing you.”

Gloomy Sunday was written by a Hungarian pianist and composer Rezsó Seress in 1932. He was a 34-yr old struggling song writer. It is said that after his girlfriend left him he became so depressed that he wrote Gloomy Sunday. Some say that the song Seress wrote was a description of war and the final destruction of the world. He put his sorrows and his disappointment in the song with all his heart and soul. The music alone was very depressing and sad. Then came the mournful lyrics written by László Jávor. It is said that Jávor’s suicidal girlfriend inspired the song. The song was first recorded by Pál Kalmár in 1935 in Hungarian. According to this song, the actor wants to commit suicide after his lover’s death to reunite.

In 1936 the song was recorded in English by Hal Kemp whose lyrics were written by Sam M. Lewis. The lyrics of Lewis’s song clearly refer to suicide. Later the song was called the Hungarian Suicide Song. There are legends that many people committed suicide after listening to this song. In the 1930s there are press reports that linked the song with at least nineteen suicides both in Hungary and United States.

Legends say that the people who committed suicide were having a piece of sheet music in their hands or some quoted the lyrics of the song in the suicide notes. Some say that people listened to the song again and again and killed themselves. Two men shot themselves hearing the band play the song.

The song was banned in Hungary. In the early 40s, BBC banned the lyrics of the song as they were disturbing the public. Later only the instrumental versions were allowed to play on the radio. It is said that certain outlets in the US also refused to play the song as they feared that the song was responsible for the suicides. According to the legends, more than hundred people committed suicide after listening the “Gloomy Sunday”.

Many suicide stories are shared on the internet. One of story is about a SS guard who asked a violinist to play the song for him one evening. The guard asked him to play the song again and again. The guard then walked to the balcony and shot himself. Another story is of a woman in London. She listened to the song again and again and took an overdose of drugs.

Seress himself committed suicide on the 13th of January 1968. He jumped from his apartment building. Some said that the success of ‘Gloomy Sunday’ had left him depressed. He had lost hopes of creating another beautiful song. His last thoughts were:

“I stand in the midst of this deadly success as an accused man. This fatal fame hurts me. I cried all of the disappointments of my heart into this song, and it seems that others with feelings like mine have found their own hurt in it.”

10 Most Magnificent Trees In The World

1. Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree, Hawaii:

The Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree has the most beautiful bark amongst all the trees on the earth. The bark appears to be hand painted with different shades of color. The smooth and flaky bark sheds its layers at different times and what appears is amazingly stunning. Different colors appear on the bark that looks like a rainbow. Again when the new bark age, new colors appears. The color of the bark constantly changes and the tree never has the same color pattern more than once.

2. Dragon’s Blood Tree, Yemen:

The Dragon’s Blood Tree is unique because of its appearance. It looks like an upside down umbrella. The name of the tree is given due to the dark-red sap its produces. The sap is used for medicinal purposes.

Unlike other trees the branches of the Dragon’s Blood tree at maturity produces an umbrella shaped crown and the leaves remain crowded at the branch tips. The tree looks like a giant mushroom.

3. Teapot Baobab, Madagascar:

The Teapot Baobabs are trees with a distinct shape which make them look very strange. These trees are found in Madagascar. These trees have no leaves most of the time. The trunks of the trees are thick and fire-resistant and can store water. Some Baobab trunks are so thick that people reside in them.

4. Baobab Prison Tree, Australia:

The Prison tree is in Western Australia. In the 1890s the Baobab trees with wide hollow trunks were used as temporary prisons.

5. Chapel Tree, France:

Chapel Tree is unique because it is not just a tree, but also a religious place and a building. It is an Oak Tree with a huge trunk. In the 1600s the chapels were made in the tree. A staircase winding around the trunk is made to reach the chapels. Already it is more than 800 years old now and some parts of the tree are already dead. The tree is now covered with oak shingles to protect it.

6. Boojum Tree, Baja California:

The Boojum tree looks like a huge cactus. The inner wood of the thin trunk is very soft and the trunk therefore can grow in sinuous shapes and can grow high. As the tree grows in the desert it has small leaves covering the trunk to reduce water loss. When it’s time to flower the top of the trunk is covered with a cloud of cream blooms.

7. 144-Year-Old Wisteria, Japan:

This massive Wisteria of Japan is a flowering vine.

8. Wind Swept Trees, New Zealand:

The intense winds of New Zealand bent the trees. The trees are twisted and blown in all sorts of directions from the continuous force. The trunks can stand straight but the branches make them fall back to the ground.

9. Tree Of Life, Bahrain:

The name given to the tree is because of its mysterious survival in the desert without water. This 400 hundred year old tree stands alone in the desert. Legend is that the place where the tree is was the location of the Garden of Eden.

10. Bristlecone Pine, California:

The Bristlecone Pines are the longest living trees. They grow and survive in adverse conditions of cold temperatures and high winds. The oldest Bristlecone pine tree is more than 5,000 years old.

Most Amazing Lakes Around The World

Naturally Beautiful Lakes With Unique Features And Vibrant Colors

1. Hiller Lake, Australia:

Lake Hiller is a salt-water lake on Middle Island in the Recherche Archipelago, in the south coast of Western Australia. The lake is about 600 mts in length and is 250 mts wide. The lake is also called The Pink Lake because of its pink color. It pink color looks so bright as if someone has added pink dye to the lake. The southern ocean which is at some distance from the lake is however normal in color. The lake is surrounded by a belt of white salt and green eucalyptus forest.

The color of the lake is because of the presence of a living organism Dunaliella salina, type of halophile green micro-algae. It causes the salt in the lake to create a red dye.

2. Laguna Colorada, Bolivia:

Laguna Colorada is a saline water lake in southwest of Bolivia on the Chile border. The lake has red colored water. This bright blood red lake has white pools of borax deposits on the surface. The red color with contrast white white dots makes the lake a beautiful out of the world landscape. The red color of the lake is because of the red sediments and the algae in the water.

The place attracts lots of flamingos. Very rare species of flamingos have made their home there, making the place a very attractive tourist destination.

3. Wuhua Hai or Five-Flower Lake, China:

The Five-Flower Lake is located in the Jiuzhaigou National Park Jiuzhaigou in China. This beautiful lake sparkles with different shades of turquoise and the bottom of the lake is covered with ancient tree trunks, which surprisingly does not make the lake dirty but keeps the water clean and clear. Another thing about this lake is that it does not freeze in winter. Scientists are still not able to find the reason.

This lake also changes its colors. Sometimes it appears yellow and sometimes green, but most of the time however it is clear blue. In the 1890s, Jiuzhaigou valley suffered from a 5-year drought, but Five-Flower Lake was still full of water.

4. Mount Kelimutu Color Lakes, Indonesia:

Mount Kelimutu is famous for its tri-colored crater lakes. These lakes are located on the eastern summit of Keli Mutu. Each lake is distinctively different in physical structure and has a unique geochemical and hydrothermal structure. The three lakes often change color. The volcanic gas in Kelimutu triggers a chemical reaction of the minerals in the lakes which results in the change in colors. As the three lakes have different mineral contents the colors of the lakes are different.

The locals consider these lakes a sacred place being the home of the souls of the dead. So the other reason suggested is that the neglected ancestral souls change the colors of the lakes.

The first lake is named Tiwu Ata Mbupu (lake of the old people or lake of the elderly and wise ancestors’ souls); the second is named Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai (lake of young men and maidens); and the third is called Tiwu Ata Polo (lake of evil spirits or Bewitched or Enchanted Lake). The Tiwu Ata Polo is on the east and Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai is in the center. These two lakes are close to each other and are separated by a shared crater wall. The third lake of the old people is the westernmost lake slightly away from the two.

Three Incredibly Talented People

Men With Amazing Talent And Skills

1. Miroslaw Magola – The Magnetic Man:

Miroslaw Magola, 56 uses his mind power to move objects. This German can stick pots, pans, spoon and forks cans to his head, hands as well as chest without any glue or adhesives. He discovered about his amazing quality in the 1990s. He can defy gravity and make objects move, as he likes like a real magnet. He moves heavy items from the floor towards his body and then by creating a force keeps those things attached to his body.

With further research he can even spin the objects in air or shake them. Miroslaw is doing more research on the psychic energy to develop his unique powers. He wants to use his exceptional quality for the benefit of mankind.

2. Stephen Wiltshire – Crazy Visual Memory:

A London born artist Stephen Wiltshire has an amazing quality. He draws and paints detailed cityscapes. His drawings are lively and an accurately represent the cities. He accurately drew the New York cityscape after a short helicopter ride above it. He was awarded the MBE degree for his services to art in 2006.

Stephen was born on 24th April 1974 to a West Indian couple. At the age of three he was diagnosed autistic. At the age of five his teachers noticed his interest in drawings and began encouraging him. At the age of seven Stephen started sketching landmark London Buildings. At this young age his artwork attracted the media and he sold his first work when he was seven. Being autistic, he was not even talking then. He starts speaking fully at the age of nine.

At the age of ten he did a project called ‘London Alphabet’. He made a group of pictures showing the landmarks of London in alphabetical order starting from Albert Hall to London Zoo. In recent years, he has made the picture of the London skyline at night with the London Eye and another picture of Times Square in New York. The London skyline was priced at £12,500.

3. Fauja Singh – World’s Oldest Runner:

Fauja Singh is a London based Indian Sikh who was born on 1st April 1911. He is the world record holder in his age bracket. He completed the London marathon in 2003 in 6 hours and 2 minutes at the age of 92. Then in the same year he did his personal best in Toronto Waterfront Marathon. He completed it in 5 hours 40 minutes. Then in his 100th year, on 6th October 2011 he did the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in 8 hours 11 minutes. He is the first 100-yr old to finish the marathon.

When he was just about to turn 102 he ran 10kms for the Hong Kong Marathon in 1 hour 32 minutes. Born in Punjab India, Fauja Singh could not walk till the age of five. He had weak and thin legs. When he was young, Fauja developed the passion for running. He shifted to London in the 1990s.

Speaking about the marathon, he said: “The first 20 miles are not difficult. As for last six miles, I run while talking to God.”

Five Most Unusual Beaches In The World

1. Hidden Beach, Marieta, Mexico:

The Hidden beach is located on Marieta Island in the Puerto Vallarta, a few miles away from the Mexican coast. The beach is surrounded by rare wildlife. It is said that the Hidden Beach with its sandy seashore and crystal clear water is the world’s most attractive bomb site. The Marieta Island was used to conduct military tests before, as it was uninhabited. In the 1900 the beach was formed by a giant blast during target practice by the Mexican Government. Some say that the beach was formed as a result of volcanic eruption.

The Hidden Beach is not visible from the outside. The only access to the beach is through the long water tunnel that links the beach to the Pacific Ocean. To reach the beach visitors have to swim through a small tunnel. The Hidden Beach is officially name as Playa De Amor or the “Beach Of Love”.

2. Hot Water Beach, New Zealand:

Hot Water Beach is located in the Mercury Bay at the northeast tip of Coromandel Peninsula along the Pacific coast of New Zealand. At the Hot Water Beach, one can dig through the sand. The hot water from below comes to the surface to form a pool. The temperature of the water in the pool is as high as 64°C (147°F).

Volcanoes develop underground reservoirs of superheated water. This water comes to the surface. Till it reaches the surface the water cools down. At the Hot Water Beach, there are two fissures from where the hot water escapes. Large amount of salts is present in this hot water. We can also find calcium, potassium, magnesium, bromine, flourine and silica in the water.

3. Singing Beach, Massachusetts, USA:

Singing Beach is located at Boston’s North Shore. At this Beach the sand sings and hence the name is given to it. Friction between the grains of sand causes the singing sound. The sand produces such sounds when there is a certain humid condition; the sand grains are between 0.1 and 0.5mm in diameter and it contains silica.

The sound is produced when one sand grain rubs against the layer of sand beneath it.

4. Bio-luminescent Beach, Maldives:

The Bio-luminescent Beach looks like a sky full of stars at night. This happens because of the presence of light emitting microorganisms present in the water. The organisms in the water which produce lights are bio-luminescent phytoplankton called Lingulodinium polyedrum. These microorganisms glow when they are stressed or agitated by strong waves.

These microorganisms glow when stressed and reasons for their agitation include something that breaks the water like waves, a kayaker’s paddle or a surfer carving up the water. So even a boat going in water will leave a trail of lights behind the water.

5. Shell Beach, Shark Bay, Australia:

Billions of Shells can be found on the Shell Beach of Australia. These are tiny white shells of the cockle species Fragum erugatum. The sea water is hyper saline because of the climate there. Due to the high salinity of the water, the clams have no natural predators in that area and they are growing in huge numbers.

They die naturally and are washed on the shore by the waves. The beach looks beautiful with its snow white shells stretching for a few meters followed by the aqua blue sea water.

Four Most Amazing Natural Illusions

1. Underwater Waterfall In Mauritius:

Beautiful white sandy beaches and shallow blue lagoons make Mauritius the most beautiful island of the Indian Ocean. Located about 2,000 kilometers from the southeast coast of Africa near Madagascar, Mauritius is the Paradise of Indian Ocean. Located at the southwest tip of the island is a stunning picturesque location. There appears to be an underwater waterfall within the ocean. The waterfall looks more prominent from the satellite view on Google maps. However, in reality there is no such waterfall. The scene is just an illusion.

The sand from the shores is pulled by the ocean currents from the higher coastal shelf and down into the deeper one in the ocean located further. When the sand infused, water passes through the break and the illusion is created.

2. River Tree In Baja California, Mexico:

The image looks like dead trees with branches. But in reality it is an aerial shot of the rivers flowing through the desert in Baja California, Mexico.

3. Brocken Spectre, Goslar, Germany:

When the mountaineer reaches the highest peak the Brocken of the Germany’s Harz Mountains, a ghostly figure appears out from the mist with a ring of light around its head. This Brocken Spectre or the ghostly figure is the magnified shadow of the observer. When the low sun is behind the observer who is facing the mist from the peak the shadow appears. The ring around the head or the rainbow colored fringes is caused by the diffraction of light.

4. Salar De Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia:

In Bolivia’s Uyuni it is impossible to find where the sky ends and the ground begins. The Salt Flats in the South American region are located near Bolivia’s Tunupa Volcano. In the region, a prehistoric lake dried up leaving a salty crust behind forming the Salt Flats of The Salar de Uyuni. When it rains the salty crust becomes a giant mirror.

The River That Ran Away From Paradise – Cano Cristales

From the mountain called La Serrania de la Macarena in Colombia, originates the world’s most beautiful river, the Cano Cristales. For most of the year Cano Cristales is just like any other river. Normally we see a crystal clear current of water flowing above a bed of rocks covered with green mosses. For a brief period of time every year the river transforms into a bed of vibrant colors like red, blue , yellow , orange and green. This spectacular natural wonder is also called as the “River of Five Colors” or the “Liquid Rainbow”.

Initially people thought that the colors came from the algae and the moss growing below the water. The real reason is Macarenia clavigera, a unique species of plant that grows on the river floor. This plant requires precise conditions the right level of water and specific amount of sunlight and it turns brilliant red. These brilliant red plants cling to the black rocks. The green algae, blue water and yellow sand together produce a rainbow effect. Macarenia clavigera most commonly turn red or into different shades of red from blood red to maroon. They are sometimes light pink sometimes bright pink. The plant is also seen in different colors like bright green, blue, yellow and orange as well giving the river a magnificent effect.

This happens for a brief period in between wet and dry seasons for a few weeks from September through November when the water level and sunlight is just right. During the wet season the water flows fast and is deep. Macarenia clavigera does not get sufficient sunlight then. In the dry season the water is not enough and it goes into a colorless hibernation. The river also has interesting rock formations, natural swimming pools and waterfalls. Tourist rush to witness the display of this natural work of art.

Experience shared by visitor on the web:

The time to visit the river is between June to November. In June, color is very soft, a clear rose and plant are growing, but with the time and growth, the color is more intense. In September and October, the red color is very intense and the contrasts are amazing. There are some waterfalls and pools (holes) where it is possible to swim. There water is warm always, and delicious.

Beautiful red bleeding to death in deep water resembles the torment of a heart.

Embryonic Twin Found in Woman’s Brain

Doctors discovered a tumor in the brain of a young woman and they perform surgery to remove the tumor. When the tumor is removed they are startled to see that the tumor was actually the woman’s ‘embryonic twin’. Sounds like a sci-fi story plot but this is a true story of a 26-year old Yamini Karanam, an Indiana University PhD student. From September 2014, Yamini suddenly felt that she could not follow things she read. The words made no sense to her.

“Problems with reading comprehension, listening comprehension. If couple of people were talking in a room, I wouldn’t understand what was happening,” Karanam said. Karanam had a discussion with the doctors and they discovered a tumor in her brain. For her surgery, Yamini went to Dr. Hrayr Shahinian at the Skullbase Institute in Los Angeles. He had developed a minimal invasive way to reach deep into the brain to extract the tumors.

“Unlike traditional brain surgery where you open the skull and use metal retractors and you bring a microscope to see in the depths of the brain, what we’re doing is keyhole surgery,” he said.

The method used fiber-optic technology with digital imagery. A half-inch incision into the brain allows for an endoscope to reach in and slowly and very delicately chisel away at the tumor. The surgery surprised Dr. Shahinian. The tumor he had removed was actually the embryonic twin of Yamini. The twin had never developed was found with bone, hair and teeth.

Dr. Shahinian said that this was his second case out of the 7,000 or 8,000 tumors he had removed.

Karanam called the tumor her “evil twin sister who’s been torturing me for the past 26 years.” She is expected to recover fully in three weeks.

Haunted House – Hampton Lillibridge
Hampton Lillibridge – The Most Haunted House In Savannah

The Hampton Lillibridge House is one of the very few 18th century residences which survived the great fire in 1820. The Hampton Lillibridge house has had many paranormal incidents. There have been many tragic deaths and stories of real ghosts residing there. This Hampton Lillibridge House built originally by Rhode Islander, Hampton Lillibridge in 1796 is located at 507 East Saint Julian Street on Washington Square.

After Hampton Lillibridge died his wife remarried and sold the house. The house was the bought and sold a number of times and it became a boarding house. During that period there is a story that a sailor hung himself on the third story of the house. In 1963 an antique dealer Jim Williams finally bought the place. Before he had purchased the house it was vacant for a number of years. The house then was in a bad state. Williams at the same time had also purchased the neighboring house and decided to restore both of them. When the houses were being relocated, the second house collapsed and a laborer was crushed to death.

When the workers were moving the house strange things happened. Tools and equipment of the workers disappeared or were relocated. Mocking laughter and sound of footsteps were heard by the workers. During his stay in the house Jim Williams experienced many abnormal things in the house. One day he saw a shadowy figure and he followed it all the way to the top story of the house. The figure then disappeared behind a door which was tightly locked and could not be opened. Even exorcism conducted in the house was ineffective as paranormal activities resumed within a week.

Neighbors reported seeing shadowy figures through the windows of the house. Many had seen a shadow of a man in black suit and bow tie standing at the window upstairs. Sounds of eerie music and laughter were heard from the house as if some paranormal party is going on. Images of dancing figures also were seen. Sometimes screams of a woman were heard.

It is said that the paranormal activities was perhaps due to the crypt which was found during the relocation. When the workers were preparing for the foundation to move they had uncovered the crypt which was half filled with water. The crypt was made of tabby, by which the workers judged the crypt to be from the colonial times. The workers then sealed the crypt and reburied it. Jim Williams did not investigate the matter at that time and regretted later.

After more than 50 years the house is still there. The current owner of the Hampton Lillibridge House in the Washington Square says that nothing has happened in the house from the time they are living in it. They have never experienced any paranormal incidents. Paranormal experts say that this is not the first time that the haunting cease to happen, it is just that the ghosts inside the house simply vanish or move to some other location.

Five Pictures That Are Proofs Of Ghosts

1. Ghost At The Cemetery :

The picture is taken in Queensland, Australia in the 1940s. The grave is of Joyce, Mrs. Andrew’s daughter who passed away when she was seventeen. Mrs. Andrews had taken a picture of her daughter’s grave. When the film was developed she was astonished to see the image of a child who was looking directly into the camera. Mrs. Andrews did not know the child and had not seen her there when she was taking the picture. Later it was found that near Joyce’s gave were the graves of two infant girls.

2. Grandfather’s Ghost:

Denise Russell in 1997 clicked this picture of his grandmother. She was in her 90’s and lived alone. In the picture one can notice a man standing behind the grandmother. On carefully seeing the photo everyone in the family recognized that the man as Denise’s grandfather who had passed away in 1984. Grandfather’s old photographs confirmed their suspicions.

3. Ghost Of The Farm Boy:

The photo is taken in a farm in Hertfordshire, England. When the photo grapher saw the photo later he was surprised to see the image of a child in the picture. He was confident that there was no child there when he clicked the photo. He enquired about the child around the farm. The farm owners told him that they had indeed seen a boy in white night clothes many times around the farm.

4. White Lady Ghost:

Sometime in 1975, Peter Berthelot clicked the picture of his wife Diane praying in the Worstead Church in Norfolk. When the couple saw the photo later they saw a mysterious image behind Diane. The church vicar told them the legend of White Lady that was more than 100 years old. He told them that the ghost visits people who are sick. She comforts them and heals them.

5. Brown Lady Ghost:

This is the most famous ghost images of all time. The picture was taken in 1936 by Captain Provand and Indre Shira in the Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England. The image is of the ghost of Lady Dorothy Townsend who was living there in 1700’s

The Racetrack Playa, Mystery Of The Moving Stones

The Racetrack Playa is located above the northwestern side of Death Valley in Death Valley National Park, Inyo County, California, United States Of America. It is a lake bed that is flat and is always dry. The length of the Playa is about 4 kilometers, north to south and about 2 kilometers, east to west. On this cracked earth, playa rocks move magically from place to place, leaving smooth tracks behind as the evidence of their movement on the lake bed, which is otherwise uniform. Racetrack rocks only move once every two or three years and most tracks last for three or four years. Some of these rocks weigh several hundred pounds. That makes the question: “How do they move?” a very challenging one.

The research had been going on since 1990s. No human or animal intervention was found in the movement. Originally it was thought that strong winter winds could possibly be the reason after it had rained, by making the rocks slippery. Another theory suggested that ice sheets moved the rocks. After it rained, a thin layer was formed on the playa by the strong winds. At night when the temperature falls below freezing, thin sheets of ice were formed even around the rock thereby enabling it to move with the wind.

The mystery was finally solved in November 2013, after it rained. The water up to three inches deep covered the playa and then froze during cold winter nights, forming sheets of ice. They observed that when the sun comes out, the ice begins melting and breaking up into large floating panels. These ice panels, driven by light winds, push the rocks ahead of them, leaving trails in the soft mud below the surface.

Researchers observed many ice-embedded rocks moving slowly across the playa on several dates in December 2013 and January 2014. This evidence of the rocks in motion has been shared in a video by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

By February 2014 when the lake had dried up and new trails left by the recently-moved rocks could be seen in the playa sediment surface. Some of the rocks had been equipped with a small GPS recorder and their records indicate that some rocks had moved over seven hundred feet during at least four episodes of movement. The conclusion was reached by a team led by paleobiologist Richard Norris of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego.

This work demonstrated the movement of the rocks and attributed it to wind moving the rocks while they were embedded in a large ice sheet floating on a thin layer of water.

Asked if the mystery of sliding rocks has finally been solved, Richard Norris replied, “We documented five movement events in the 2 1/2 months the pond existed and some involved hundreds of rocks. So we have seen that even in Death Valley, famous for its heat, floating ice is a powerful force in rock motion. But we have not seen the really big boys move out there.Does that work the same way?”


Reincarnation is the rebirth of the soul . It is believed that the biological death does not destroy the soul , the soul comes back to earth in a different form, in a different body. Many religions believe that reincarnation has been happening since the beginning of history and has recently gained interest in both culture and scientific research. Roughly a quarter of Americans believe in reincarnation according to a 2012 Pew Research report, and there are thousands of case studies on reincarnation stories from around the world.

True stories of Reincarnation.

James Leininger

James was born to Andrea and Bruce Leininger, a highly educated and modern couple. From an early age, James loved to play with planes. From the age of two James began having night mares about planes and he would wake up screaming ,”Airplane crash , on fire, little man can’t get out”.

Once his mother Andrea bought him a toy plane, and pointed out what appeared to be a bomb on its underside. She says James corrected her, and told her it was a drop tank. “I’d never heard of a drop tank” she said. “I didn’t know what a drop tank was.” Andrea’s mother suggested that , James probably was remembering his past life.

The couple took him to a counselor and therapist Carol Bowman, who believed that the dead sometimes can be reborn. With guidance from Bowman, they began to encourage James to share his memories. James was able to share more details about his past life with his parents, such as: the name of the pilot, James M. Huston Jr.; the Navy ship on which he served, the Natoma; his co-pilot’s name; and the fact that he was shot down at Iwo Jima.

Bruce was able to track down the co-pilot Jack Larson and Houston’s living sister. James told them many things from his past life which no one would ever know. There was no reason then for his family and Houston’s sister not to believe him.

They believe that James Leininger had a past life Lt James Houston Jr, a man who died in Iwo Jima in 1945 and he had come back to finish something.

Shanti Devi

Shanti Devi was born in 1926 in Delhi, India. In 1930s, the little girl started remembering her past life. She began telling her parents at the age of four that this was not her real home. She told them that she had a husband and a son in Mathura and she wanted to go to them.

Shanti Devi told her school teachers the same. One of the teachers then wrote a letter on the address given by Shanti Devi to enquire about the same. To everyone’s surprise they got a reply from Shanti Devi’s previous husband, saying that his young wife Lugdi Devi had passed away a few years ago after giving birth to their son. The details Shanti Devi gave were all true.

The case was then brought to the attention Of Mahatma Gandhi, who set up a commission for investigation. Shanti Devi took the researchers to her previous home and gave them the exact description of how her house and neighbourhood looked before. She recognised her husband Kedarnath, her sister and son. She told him details of their married life which made Kedarnath believe that she was indeed Lugdi Devi, born again. Shanti Devi also recognised her family members. She gave correct information about her family memebers which no one outside the family would have ever known.

The commission’s report stated that Shanti Devi was the reincarnation of Lugdi Devi.

Moguicheng – The City Of Devil In China

Moguicheng is an area located in the desert of the Xinjiang town in China. The region is full of mystery with strange things happening there and so is named Moguicheng, meaning the city of devil. The area is beautiful with its numerous criss-crossing earth mounds of different heights. These mounds look like ancient castles and it is said that the city is formed because of the dry climate and strong winds. The strong blowing winds have shaped the stones there. Some stones appear to look like stunning palaces proudly standing amidst the desert. Some look like ancient castles with steps. Some even look scary like demons. Even stones of red, blue, white and orange color are seen scattered. But it is not the natural beauty of this place that attracts the tourist; it is the mysterious sounds that bring them there.

People who had been to Moguicheng have reported mysterious sounds coming from nowhere. On a sunny day when a gentle breeze is flowing, pleasant sounds are heard. The sound resembles those of millions of bells tinkling or we feel that the melodious rhythm is coming from the strings of guitar pulled gently.

When the winds blow strongly and there is a cyclone, the musical sounds of the guitar turn unpleasant. One hears the sounds of many tigers roaring, elephants trumpeting, women shouting, babies crying. When the sky turns dark, it is said that many animals and people are mourning and quarreling in the city. As the storms get stronger the sounds become terrifying. The beautiful city turns in to a dreadful Demon city.

These strange sounds are still a mystery. No expert has been able to figure out the reason behind these sounds. When technology has no explanation, the reason is ghosts. People think that the pleasant sounds are of the fairies and the terrifying sounds are the voices of the ghosts.

The Haunting Hill Of Crosses In Lithuania

The Hill of crosses is a pilgrimage site located 12km north of the small Siauliai city in northern Lithuania. On the Hill at present there are over 200,000 crosses that are a sign of Christian devotion and memorial to Lituanian national identity. The crosses are so many that it is difficult to count them. The crosses are of different sizes and made of different materials. Some are made of metal, some of wood or granite and are piled on top of each other. How and when the practice of leaving the crosses on the hill started is a mystery.

Before the 1800s, there was a Domantai fort in that area and it is said that probably the first cross was placed after the Uprising of 1831 as a symbol of Lithunian defiance of foreign invaders. Over the century’s giant crucifixes, statues of Virgin Mary, carvngs of Lithuanian patriots and thousands of tiny effigies and rosaries have been placed here. In 1795 Siauliai was incorporated in Russia and returned to Lithuania in 1918. After the peasant uprising of 1831-1863 many crosses were erected on the hill. Relatives of the dead rebels who had no bodies to bry left crosses on the hill in memory of their lost loved ones. There were around 150 crosses by the end of 1895.

In 1914 around 200 and by 1940 there were around 400 crosses. Throughout this time the hill was a place for the Lithuanians to pray for their country and their loved ones who had sacrificed themselves in the wars of independence. In the years of 1963, 1971 and 1975 the Soviets leveled the hill by removing all the crosses and burning them. But each time pilgrims from all over Lithuania replaced the crosses. Finally in 1991, when Lithuania became independent the Hill of Crosses became her national identity and a symbol of her catholic faith.

There is another legend behind the Hill of Crosses. The story is of a Lithuanian farmer whose daughter was sick and was going to die. She was treated by all the doctors and given all possible medicines, but her health kept on deteriorating. Every night the farmer sat besides his daughter and kept praying for her health. One night while besides his daughter the farmer had a dream. A woman dressed in white clothes asked him to follow her instructions to make his daughter better. According to her instructions, the farmer built a large wooden cross and placed it on the hill of the Domantai Fort. The woman in white said that the cross was a sign of faith and love for God and it would heal his daughter. After he had placed the cross his daughter was cured of her illness and amazingly before he returned home she was out of her bed waiting for him.

The story of the cross and the miracle hill spread all over Lithuania. People came and placed a cross on the hill in hopes of curing their loved ones who were sick. Every year thousands of pilgrims visit the Hill. The number of crosses is growing every year.

Ghostly Tracks Of San Antonio

According to the legend, a tragedy occurred in the south of San Antonio in 1930s or 1940s on an intersection of roadway and a railway track. A school bus carrying small children got stuck on these tracks. A speeding train smashed the bus, killing its 10 tiny passengers and the bus driver. These tracks have now become ‘Ghosts Tracks’, people say that the place is haunted by those tiny little ghosts. If anyone stops or park their cars on the tracks, their car is pushed by the little ghost hands. The tiny ghosts don’t want people to suffer from the same ill-fate as they did.

Experiences Shared By Visitors On The Web:

My cousin and I had gone to San Antonio and we had heard rumors of some haunted railroad tracks. The story was a school bus full of children had stalled on these tracks with a train coming. The train was going too fast for there to be time to get the children off. So they all died. When we finally found the tracks, we stopped the car; parking it right on the railroad tracks. We were both a little nervous and scared, but we waited for something to happen. Just when we were about to leave, the car started rolling. We were both too freaked out to do any more than grab each other and gasp, eyes wide, mouths open. After what seemed like an eternity, (but was actually less than 5 minutes tops) the car stopped rolling. We looked around, and we were off the railroad tracks. Now, that may not seem spooky, but what we saw next scared us enough to jump back in the car and make the 6 hour trip home that night. Both of us got out of the car and walked around to the back. After the first 6 hour drive, our car had accumulated quite a bit of dust on it. That’s not scary, no. But what were scary were the little sets of handprints all over the back of the car. All the size of children’s hands.

I have had the pleasure of visiting the train tracks in San Antonio. My husband was driving our car with me riding shotgun and his sister in the back seat. We covered the car with baby powder and parked on the tracks. We shut the car off and put on the emergency brake and my husband pushed as hard as he could on the brakes. After a few seconds the car started rocking as if someone was pushing us from behind. My sister-in-law burst into tears and said, “Look!” I turned to look back at her and saw big and little handprints in the baby powder on the window next to her. The rocking continued, all the while my husband had his feet on the brakes. Then the car rolled uphill as if we were driving, and then down away from the tracks to safety. It was an experience I will never forget. –Audra Sweet

Many cases were reported that the cars do move on their own and small handprints appear on them. Some claim to have voices and laughter of small children there.

To experience this paranormal activity many people park across the tracks, turn off the engine and put the car into neutral. The car rolls across the tracks; every time. Cars are not pushed across the tracks by tiny, ghostly hands. To some people, the car appears to be going uphill, but the tracks are on a slight downward slope. This ghostly ‘gravity hill’ is an optical illusion. Despite an illusionary appearance of a level, or even slightly inclined road, the street surface was actually at a 2 degree declination as it approached the railroad track crossing.” In other words, the road runs downhill slightly, so naturally a car in neutral will roll in that direction on its own. The cars actually move downhill.

Investigations also revealed that no accident had ever occurred on this spot in San Antonio. It seems that a similar accident had occurred elsewhere which might have been recreated. Explanations were given for all the happenings there. But still many believe that the place is haunted and there are signs of paranormal activities there. The place is very popular and there are lines of cars waiting to experience the roll.

Bridgewater Triangle – The Place Of Paranormal Activity

Bridgewater Triangle, a 200 square mile area in southeastern Massachusetts in the United States has a long history of paranormal activity. The triangle includes Abington, Rehoboth and Freetown at the three points. Triangle also comprises towns like Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, North Middleboro, Segreganset, Dighton, North Dighton, Berkley, Myricks, Raynham, East Taunton and Taunton.

In the center of the triangle is the mysterious Hockomock Swamp or the Devil’s Swamp. The Triangle has been attracting many paranormal experts and ghosts hunters because of the mysterious happenings. The Hockomock Swamp is an area of around 5000 acres. The Wampanoag people call it Hockomock which means “place where spirits dwell”. The swamp is very dense and difficult to navigate. Hockomock is believed to be a home to spirits, strange animals and many other things. People have reported seeing ghosts and flying creatures here. There are Giant Dogs with red eyes, flying dinosaurs see in the swamp.

There also have been reports of Bigfoot sightings. A shaggy half man, half ape had been seen in the woods. In 1978, paranormal researcher Joe DeAndrade was standing near a pond in the Swamp. He saw a 7-feet tall brown and hairy big apish-man walking in the woods. After five years in 1983 John Baker a fur trapper reported of seeing a similar creature. It is said that the Bigfoot has killed the pigs and sheep of the local farmers. Many attempts were made to search the Bigfoot but all failed.

In the early 1900s, there have been reports of UFO sightings in the area of the swamp. The place is also an 8,000-year-old Native American burial ground. It is said that when the archeologists opened the graves in the area, the red earth in the tombs bubbled and then disappeared. Some feel that the Swamp is cursed by the Native Americans who were poorly treated by the Colonial Settlers. The swamp saw some of the bloodiest massacres and most of the Wampanoag tribe was killed and their land was taken away. The wounded and pained spirits of the Wampanoag are believed to be haunting the place. The ghosts of the natives are seen paddling the canoes.

Besides the Native American ghosts, reports of some other ghosts are heard from the Bridgewater Triangle. A mysterious truck has been seen on the Copicut road. The truck driver follows the travelers closely. He continuously honks the horn and makes wild motions with his arms. After some time the truck disappears.

In Rehoboth there is a one-room school Horbine. The school was built in 1840s and was running till 1937. After the building was renovated in 1968 strange voices are heard from the school. Some say that the renovation had awakened some spirits.

On Route 44 in Seekonk, motorists have reported seeing a man with long red hair and full beard. This ‘red-headed hitchhiker’ is seeing walking along the roadside. If someone stops to pick up the man, he disappears. Some have reported driving through him.

Profile Rock in Bridgewater Triangle is another site of paranormal phenomenon. This Profile Rock located in Freetown was considered sacred. People claim that the ghosts of the Native American warriors dance around the Profile Rock.

With the stories of ghosts, strange animals, UFOs, etc. Bridgewater Triangle has become one the world’s most diverse hotspots for paranormal activity.

Largest And Oldest Building Of South Africa Is Said To Be Haunted

The Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town, built in the seventeenth century is believed to be the most haunted site in South Africa. The fort was built by the Dutch East India Company between 1666 and 1679. The castle was constructed on the shores and very close to the sea. The high tide would fill its moat. The castle had a dark hole dungeon (Donker Gat) to hold prisoners. The prisoners were chained to the walls and tortured in the dungeon. When a giant wave would hit the castle during the high tide, it would drown the prisoners chained in the dungeon below. The fort was also an execution site for people who were found guilty of criminal offense.

In 1915, a two-meter tall figure was seen in the castle between the Oranje and Leerdam battlements. It was again seen in 1947.The figure would march and stop after some time. He would then leap over the castle to see the street below. Loud sounds of footsteps have also been reported. It is said that the footsteps may be of the same ghost who rings the castle bell from time. The ghost is of a guard who had committed suicide by hanging himself to the rope of the bell many years ago.

In 1729, in the month of April the Governor Pieter Gysbert van Nodt ordered death sentence for seven soldiers. The seven soldiers claimed that they were wrongly accused and condemned Noodt’s justice. Noodt died under mysterious circumstances the same day the seven soldiers were hanged. Now van Noodt is seen walking on the ground and cursing someone. Then he disappears.

Other ghost is of Lady Anne Barnard a resident of the castle in 1700s. She appears at the parties in the castle. There is a ghost of a black hound who welcomes the visitors by leaping over them and then suddenly disappears.

The castle was declared as a historical monument in 1936. It became a national monument from 1969 and from 1 April 2000 it is a provincial heritage site. Extensive repairs were done during the 1980s making the Castle the best preserved example of a Dutch East India Company fort.

Four People Who Claim To Have Traveled Through The Time

We have seen time machines taking a person to the past or the future only in movies or have heard about them in stories. In reality is this time travel possible? Even scientists have started wondering about time travelers being a part of our future. Some think that it is theoretically possible to travel through time. No one has been able to find out the means or a definite way to make it happen.

There are people who say that they have visited to some other time and place.

1. Woman Who Visited A Queen’s Memories:

Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain were students at the St.Hugh’s College in Oxford. On August 10, 1901 they were visiting Versailles. New to the place, they got lost while looking for Petit Trianon. Then they saw two men wearing long green coats and hats with three corners. The men directed them across a bridge. Both Anne and Eleanor felt strange. On the other side of the bridge, they saw a woman in 18th century clothing sitting on a stool and sketching.

The women went back and began investigating the mysterious scene they had experienced. Both of them knew nothing about the 18th century France. On doing some research they were shocked to see a picture of Marie Antoinette, as she was the same woman they had seen sketching outside Petit Trianon. The Queen had been actually sketching outside the Petiti Trianon when she learned about the Parisian mob marching towards Versailles. Did the women travel to the past?

2. Time Traveling Hipster:

The above picture is taken at the reopening of the South Fork Bridge in the early 1940s in Gold Bridge, B.C., in Canada. There were many people to witness the event. The photo was shown later on the website of Virtual Museum Of Canada. The person with sunglasses looks out of place. His fancy goggle, branded shirt and the camera he is holding definitely does not belong to the 1940s. Did the hipster use the time machine?

3. The Man Who Foresaw The Firebombing Of Hamburg:

In 1932, a German newspaper reporter went to Hamburg Shipyard with the photographer to take interviews for a story. As they finished and were leaving they heard aircraft engines above them. In the sky they saw a lot of warplanes and then bombs began exploding around them. Within a short time everything was burning. The photographer quickly took pictures of the devastation and came back to Hamburg to develop the film. To their astonishment, there was nothing they had captured about the attacks. The editor accused them of making up a story and being drunk.

In 1943, 11 years later Hamburg did see the bomb attack. RAF dropped around 600 bombs that killed 40,000 people. It was the Second World War’s first destruction of a major city. The German Reporter saw the story and the pictures. He claimed that this was exactly what he and his friend photographer had witnessed 11 years earlier.

4. Hotel Time Warp:

In 1979, two British couples went on a holiday in the north of France. In the night while driving on the road they were looking for a place to rest. On the way they saw some signs of a very old-fashioned circus. Then they saw an old building that look like a motel. They found a few people standing there who told the British couples that the building was an inn and that the hotel was down the road. They moved on and found an old fashioned hotel. Inside the hotel, they found everything made of wood. There was no telephone or any modern device.

The hotel rooms had simple wooden latches and the windows had shutters and no glass. In the morning, two gendarmes wearing old fashioned uniforms served them breakfast. The c0uples paid a bill of only 19 francs and they left. On their way back, the couples decided to stay in the same odd and very cheap hotel. But this time they did not find the building. The circus, inn and the hotel had just vanished without any trace. The pictures the couples took of the hotel did not develop. When the couples did a little research, they found that the uniforms French gendarmes wore were worn in 1905.