Sunday, September 27, 2015

10 Wildlife Creatures That Will Give You Nightmares

Our world is filled with interesting and scary creatures, which are responsible for many phobias. And while some of these creatures are totally harmless and only intimidate us with their horrific look, others can be lethal. Either way, here are 10 wildlife creatures that will give definitely give you nightmares.

Wolf fish – When someone asks me why I don’t like to go snorkeling, I just send them this photo of the wolf fish. If that’s not scary, I don’t know what is.

Goliath bird eating tarantula – Despite its name, this spider rarely eats birds. But, it could — it’s just that big. The goliath bird eating tarantula is considered by many to be the biggest spider in the world. And while there are much more poisonous spiders out there, we doubt they would scare you as much as this one.

Aye-aye – This Madagascar primate has a weird name and even crazier looks to go along with it. Good thing is, they are pretty harmless to humans, but still, we don’t suggest looking at this picture before going to sleep, it will surely give you nightmares.

Goblin shark – This nightmarish shark lives at great ocean depths, which means not many of us will see one in person. And this is a good thing. I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to sleep for a few days if I ever saw one.

Sea pig – This disgusting looking creatures are not able to harm you, but they will definitely give you nightmares. I mean just look how ugly and creepy they are. Compared to these guys, regular pigs look like real beauties.

Botfly – You may be wondering — what’s scary about a fly? Well, this is no ordinary fly. Botflies can lay their larvae under your skin, allowing these parasites to grow underneath it. That’s right, maggots growing in your flesh. Yuck!

Naked mole-rat – If these little monsters don’t give you nightmares, I don’t know what will. Thankfully, they are much more intimidating than they are actually dangerous. Naked mole-rats are usually found in East Africa.

Gharial – While gharials are larger than most crocodiles, they have a pretty distinct feature — a long, narrow stout with a lot of sharp teeth. If you ever saw one, you’d probably run like crazy, afraid for the livelihood of your limbs. In reality, these animals are much less scarier than regular crocodiles. Their jaws aren’t made to consume large animals and humans.

Star nosed mole – Does this creature have a face? Is that its face? Damn! Nature truly created some crazy-looking animals. And while this one won’t be able to hurt you, it may give you nightmares!

Vampire bat – The scary bats hunt only during the night, and feast on the blood of different mammals, and they’ve been known to attack humans as well. Real vampires may not exist, but this is pretty close if you ask me.