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Tuesday, March 8, 2016


UK: Shafilea Ahmed – the western life she dreamed of but could never have

Pakistani Muslim girl Shafilea Ahmed suffered a whole life of force and abuse.

The parents were ‘ashamed’ of her behavior while Shafilea had done nothing wrong.

Are her parents proud now, having ruined their entire reputation and made themselves an internationally known crime statistic?

Shafilea Ahmed had seemed set for the sort of future any parent would have been proud of.

Shafilea Ahmed: Parents of Shafilea Ahmed charged with her murder

An engaging, enthusiastic pupil at her Cheshire high school, she was doing well in her studies and dreamed of one day becoming a barrister.

Instead, in a family tragedy that has played out for nine years, she became the most high profile victim of an honour killing that Britain has ever known.

Her parents, Iftikhar Ahmed, 52, and his wife, Farzana, 49, suffocated her in front of her siblings because in their minds she had disgraced the family name.

For most of her teenage years they had tried to crush her attempts to embrace the western culture that was all around her, and then to force her into an arranged marriage in Pakistan.

When they realised they had failed, they snuffed her out with a barbarity that has been difficult for even hardened detectives to comprehend.

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