Thursday, August 4, 2016

Scotland Yard reveal counter-terrorism police-الشرطة البريطانية تستعين بـ c-men لمواجهة هجمات ‫‏داعش‬ المحتملة

Scotland Yard reveal counter-terrorism police
الشرطة البريطانية تستعين بـ c-men لمواجهة هجمات ‫‏داعش‬ المحتملة

كشفت السير"برنارد هوجن" القائد الشرطة البريطانية عن نشر دوريات للشرطة الجديدة مدججة بالسلاح في شوارع لندن اليوم بعد موجة من الهجمات الإرهابية في أوروبا اطلق علي هذه المجموعة اسم "c-men"

وتم تسليحها باسلحة غير تقليدية ما بين اسلحة اتوماتيكية فئة "SIG" وصاعق كهربائي بالاضافة الي موتوسيكلات فئة "BMW F800GS" وبنادق قنص

الفريق يتكون من ٦٠٠ عنصر علي درجة عالية من التدريب واليقظة.. 

جاء ذلك بعد عدة تهديدات محتملة قد تطال الاراضي البريطانية وتعتبر هذه الفرقة اقرب الي فرق الردع السريع للتغلب علي اي هجمات محتملة اينا كانت مداها او وقتها او عدد القائمين بها وفي اي مكان

ISIS, meet the C-Men: Scotland Yard shows off the first of 600 awesomely armed (and masked) Counter-Terrorism firearms officers who hit the streets today in vans, boats and MOTORBIKES

On the streets of London, in the future will patrolling a number of armed policemen, have announced to the London Police Commissioner Sir Bernard  and the mayor of the British capitals seedlings Kan. Namely, of the anti-terrorist special forces units that will be “armed to the teeth.”

Hogan-Hou explained that the number of armed policemen in the vicinity of the famous landmarks in London, will be increased due to the recent terrorist attacks in Europe, as well as that the aim of the measure is to calm down the citizens and to deter the potential terrorists from carrying out the attack.

The London police saved previously announced that it will increase the number of armed police officers from 600 to a total of 2,800 . This project is called ” Herkules ” . Policemen will carry SIG semiautomatic rifles , pistols , and give them drive around the latest models of the engine ‘ F800GS ‘ , which arrive from the factory to the BMW . In addition, available to them and the boats of the last generation , in the event that terrorists jurat after Thames .

” At the moment are not raspolagame The intelligence information that soon will come to attack , but we saw what was the case in Western Europe . Gi attacks we saw in Germany , Belgium , France , and would be crazy to go ignorirame that, while such matter to the streets to sent officers have weapons, ” emphasized Hogan – Hou .

He wrote that the terrorist attack in the United Kingdom is very verojaten and that ” not a question whether , but when will happen .”

Commissioner on the London police said that in the plan e armed police officers , who will be trained to be sprotistavat to the great armed terrorists to be very visible and that they will after patrolling the streets 24 hours a day .

The mayor Kan said that it was very important to the London Citizens to be sure that the police and security forces pravat it`s what is needed for London to be safe.

” The level of danger is not changed , no gi we learned lessons from Europe, from Nice , Paris , Munich ,” emphasized Kan .

Besides almost prepared 600 special forces , the British train the additional 1,500 , which will treniraat country -wide before it melt on duty. According to the estimates of the Scotland Yard , it will happen in 2018 years.

This special unit of the British guardians of the peace and order will carries the name ” C -Men ” ( Counter Terrorism Specialist Firearms Officers ) .