Monday, January 9, 2017

25000$ End Of The World Shelters - ملاجئ نهاية العالم بـ25 ألف دولار

شركة أمريكية تبنى ملاجئ بـ25 ألف دولار إستعدادا لنهاية العالم

These doomsday shelters for the 1% make up the largest private bunker community on earth

Vivos xPoint is located near the Black Hills area of South Dakota, just south of the City of Edgemont. This former Army Munitions Depot, with 575 hardened concrete military bunkers, is now being transformed into the largest survival shelter community on Earth, with potential accommodations for 5,000 like-minded survivalists. The Black Hills Army Base was originally built by the Army Corps of Engineers as a fortress to store bombs and munitions, from 1942 to 1967, when the base was retired.

أعلنت شركة أمريكية عن تطوير ملاجئ أطلقت عليها اسم  XPoint، والمصممة لأولئك الذين يخشون من دمار كوكب الأرض، أو يشعرون باقتراب كارثة طبيعية أو نووية ولا يستطيعون فعل شىء حيال ذلك.

Now being repurposed by Vivos, the massive complex is spread over a sprawling and remote, off-grid area of approximately 18-square miles. It is strategically and centrally located in one of the safest areas of North America, at a high and dry altitude of 3,800+/- feet, with relatively mild weather, well inland from all large bodies of water; and, 100+/- miles from the nearest known military nuclear targets. Massive. Safe. Secure. Isolated. Private. Defensible. Off-Grid. Ideally Located.

Whether it's nuclear warfare or a zombie apocalypse that triggers the end of the world, Vivos Group wants you to be prepared. The California-based company builds and maintains massive fortified shelters where high-net-worth families can buy space and live out Armageddon.

Its new development, Vivos xPoint, is billed as the largest private shelter community on earth. The bunker community houses up to 5,000 people and can withstand a 500,000-pound blast.

Take a look inside this modern-day Noah's Ark.

ستبنى هذه المستوطنات أو الخنادق على بعد تسعة أميال من جنوب غرب ولاية ساوث داكوتا، بعيدا عن الأهداف النووية، إذ سيتم إنشاء نحو 575 مخبأ، يتيح كل منها الفرصة لعدد يتراوح بين  10و20  شخصا للعيش والنوم براحة.

Each bunker was reportedly built and fortified to withstand a 500,000-pound internal blast (7 bars of pressure), while being strategically separated from the next bunker by an average of 400 feet in all directions, providing security, protection and privacy. There are over 100 miles of onsite private roads providing access to each of the bunkers, with several private runways, and a municipal airport nearby.

"This is the place you will want to be when the SHTF," or s--t hits the fan, according to a release from Vivos Group. No one calls xPoint home just yet.

The property contains 575 bunkers made of hardened concrete and steel.

تبلغ سعة المخابئ نحو 26 قدما وطولها 80 قدما، ومزودة بمساحة كافية للحفاظ على الإمدادات لمدة 12 شهرا، لكن لم يتم الإعلان عن مصير الإمدادات بعد الـ12 شهرا.

Located in South Dakota, the structures were originally built by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1942 as a military fortress that stored explosives and munitions.

The bunkers were built to withstand a 500,000-pound blast from explosives within.

Since 1967, when the base was retired, the bunkers have been gutted. Vivos acquired the property in 2016 and repurposed it as the "ultimate shelter community."

و تتوفر المخابئ للإيجار لمدة 99 عاما، بسعر 25 ألف دولار، بالإضافة إلى 1000 دولار رسوم الصيانة السنوية، لكن ستتوفر المخابئ بدون تركيب، وسيحتاج المستأجر تركيب السباكة وأنظمة الترشيح الكهربائية والهواء الخاص به.

Shelters range in size from about 26 feet in width and 60 feet or 80 feet in length. There's room for over a year's worth of supplies, according to Vivos.

Buyers accept their bunker "as is," without plumbing, electricity, or air filtration. They can hire a contractor or use Vivos' services to outfit their doomsday den.

وتقول الشركة إن الحصول على بعض الإضافات لهذه الملاجئ  بما فى ذلك فتحة الهروب، والأسلاك الكهربائية وخزان الوقود، والسباكة وتنقية الهواء، يمكن أن يكلف ما بين  25 و 200 ألف دولار وهذا يتوقف على عدد المرافق التى يحتاجها كل شخص.

Vivos can pitch in as little or as much as the tenants like.

The company estimates the cost of retrofitting each shelter — complete with a blast door seal and interior lock, an escape hatch, exhaust and air vents, a propane generator, a fuel tank, electrical wiring, plumbing, a hot water heater, and a septic system — is roughly $12,000.

More "optional" construction, such as building walls, flooring, and energy storage, could run up an additional $20,300.

لكن تقول الشركة إن جمع عدد من المؤمنين بالفكرة، يمكن أن يخفض سعر الإستئجار، إذ سيقسم بينهم، ليدفع كل شخص عدة آلاف فقط.

Vivos xPoint will provide 24/7 onsite security, with military trained guards, ‘members only’ access gates, state-of-the-art security devices, camera systems, onsite management and offices, all within the high security, military fenced property area.

Water is pumped from two water wells, reaching thousands of feet deep into an artesian aquifer, then stored within massive underground, reinforced concrete water tanks, with a water distribution system being deployed to each bunker. Each bunker is buried and protected under thick berms of earth, with extensive grading for drainage, across the gently sloping grasslands.

Onsite amenities are planned to include, a General Store, a members-only Restaurant & Bar, BBQ areas, a Community Theater, Hot Tub Spa, Gym, Medical Clinic, Hydroponic Gardens, Meeting Rooms, Classrooms, a Chapel, Horse Stables, Shooting Ranges, a Vivos Equipment and Construction Supply Depot, a Woodworking Shop, Maintenance Shop, Metal Fabrication Shop, and a fully built out showroom bunker to demonstrate how each bunker can be outfitted and equipped. 

They fit 10 comfortably, though some buyers may opt to turn their bunker into a deluxe suite for immediate family only. This rendering shows how LED screens might replace windows.

In this rendering, we see a three-bedroom home complete with a kitchen, living room, storage closet, and home theater. The blast door is not large enough for a garage.

There will be some amenities, including a full-time staff who will provide security, maintenance, and other support. Vivos also intends to install a general store.

Vivos hopes to complete construction on the general store and offices and living quarters for staff by fall 2017.

Vivos also plans to transform one bunker into a dedicated school and training space by next fall. The company will not provide the education, but rather, create space for it.

وتخطط الشركة لإنشاء  مدرسة وكنيسة، وحديقة، بالإضافة إلى عمل الموظفين بدوام كامل، بعد أن اشترت الشركة العقارات اللازمة العام الماضى، وستكون جاهزة بحلول الصيف المقبل.

Each bunker provides enough floor area, with attic potential, to comfortably accommodate 10 to 20 people and the needed supplies, for a year or more, of autonomous shelterization from virtually any catastrophic event.

All bunkers feature a standard 26.5’ interior floor width, with lengths of 60’ and 80’, each with a 13’ high ceiling to the top of the interior arch. Protection will be mitigated for virtually all known threats as each bunker includes a massive existing concrete and steel (4’ x 8’) blast door, that may be additionally sealed to stop all water, air and gas permeation; an air and exhaust ventilation shaft, and space for a rear ceiling escape hatch that can be embedded into the concrete structure as a secondary emergency exit.

A 99-year lease on a bunker costs $1,000 a year, plus a $25,000 deposit paid up-front. Vivos expects the renovation costs, including furnishings, will be many times that.

Vivos is currently taking reservations to lease a bunker and plans to host tours once the snow melts in March 2017. The first tenants could move in as early as next summer.

وتمتلك الشركة أيضا مجتمعات مماثلة فى ولاية انديانا وفى ألمانيا، كلاهما يعتبر أشبه بفنادق  الخمس نجوم  مع وسائل الراحة الفاخرة مثل حمام السباحة، والمستشفى، والحراس المسلحين.

The application process entails a tour, a background check, and a $5,000 fully refundable fee.

For some, you can't put a price on peace of mind.