Friday, January 27, 2017

Donald Trump Bodyguard Fake Arm حارس دونالد ترامب ذو اليد المزيفة

أثارت تلك اللقطات التى يُرى فيها حارس الرئيس الأمريكى دونالد ترامب ذو الملامح الحادة , وهو يمسك بخنصره الأيمن بالعديد من المناسبات العديد من التساؤلات والريبة والشكوك على الكثير من مواقع التواصل الإجتماعى ...

rump bodyguard 'hid machine gun under fake hand'

A fierce social media debate kicked off about whether one of President Donald Trump's bodyguards wore a prosthetic hand to conceal a gun under his coat during the inauguration.

Online commenters have pointed to the way a bald, hulking US Secret Service agent was holding his right hand as he walked beside Trump and First Lady Melania Trump  after Friday's Washington DC event.

One popular theory claimed the agent wore a "tactical fake hand" to hide a weapon in the sleeve of his coat that he could quickly deploy against any would-be assassin.

أسلوب يلجأ إليه بعض رجال المخابرات ورجال العمليات الخاصة أو حدات مكافحة الإرهاب حول العالم بوضع يد مزيفة يراها البعض بأنها اليد الحقيقية والتى تذكرنا بمقالب الكاميرا الخفية واليد البلاستيكية التى تخفى اليد الأصلية مكانها مفاجئة لضيف البرنامج.

January 26, 2017: A stiff-looking man guarding Trump at the inauguration has sparked rumours his arms were fake and that he was holding a ready gun under his coat.

During a short video clip that has been circulating, his right arm doesn't appear to move and he maintains his arms in the same position.

It sparked some wild speculation about the US president's security during Trump's 1km walk back to the White House in which he and his wife waved to onlookers.

One theory that could have come straight out of a James Bond film speculated the bodyguard was concealing a Belgian-made FN-P90 sub-machine gun under his coat.

وما يوجد بالصورة هو نفس التكنيك الدفاعى بإظهار يد حقيقية ويد مزيفة تحمل مكانها أسفل المعطف سلاح دفاعى فتاك مجهز للإطلاق الفورى وردع كل ما أمامه وبكل دقة دفاعا عن حياة الرئيس الأمريكى الجديد المتعنت والمثير للجدل الذى أصبح هدف لجميع قوى الإرهاب بالعالم تقريبا وللمكسيكيين وبعض العرب بل وللأمريكان أنفسهم أيضا الراغبون بالإطاحه به وقتله وتفجيره من اليوم الأول لتوليه الرئاسة بل ومنذ وقت إعلان فوزه بسباق الرئاسة الأمريكية.

The Belgian-made FN-P90 sub machine gun some online commenters believed was hidden beneath the "tactical fake hand" of the secret service agent.

Among the first to speculate was blogger Frag Hero, who said: "After yesterday’s presidential inauguration, many members of the military and law enforcement community noticed something very unusual about one of Trump’s bodyguards."

"The conclusion they reached was that he did indeed have tactical fake arms."

But the theories were soon rebutted when an extended version of the video and images taken during the walk were revealed.

They showed both hands being held in different positions.

هل اليد اليمنى مزيفة أو ما هى إلا سلاح جاهز فتاك للإطلاق فى أى وقت ؟

أم أن يده اليمنى الحقيقية مختفية داخل البدلة وبها مسدس جاهز للدفاع عن الرئيس ؟

أم أن كلتا اليدان مزيفتان وما خفى داخل البدلة أعظم ؟!

Adam Lineham, a US army veteran, wrote on the website Task and Purpose how the images clearly showed the hands of the bodyguard moving as he left a limousine before adjusting his tie and coat.

Later images of the US Secret Service agent show him moving his right hand.

The former soldier who served in Iraq and Afghanistan took a swipe at the fake hand theorists.

"Look, I’m not one to question the tactical expertise of a bunch of guys who are really good at Call of Duty," Lineham wrote.

"My combat experience is limited to just the boring old counterinsurgency stuff we did in Iraq and Afghanistan."

He ended his article trashing any talk of a gun being concealed by the agent. 

"So there you have it. Those fake arms are real."