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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Zionists incite the " Muslims holocaust " الصهاينه يحرضون علي "محرقة جماعية للمسلمين"

الصهاينه يحرضون علي " هولكوست " للمسلمين عن طريق اليمين المتطرف في بولندا والمجر ودول اوروبا الشرقيه

Poland is white .. and it will remain white

The population of Post-World War II Poland became nearly ethnically homogeneous as a result of the Nazi Holocaust, the radically altered borders, the deportations ordered by the Soviet authorities, who wished to remove the sizeable Polish minorities from Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine and deportations of Ukrainians from Poland 

Although the concept of an ethnic minority is mostly used with regards to modern period, historically, Poland has been a very multi-ethnic country. Early on, the influx of Jewish and German settlers was particularly notable, forming significant minorities, or even majorities in urban centers. After the Polish-Lithuanian union of mid-14th century and the Union of Lublin formally establishing the Commonwealth in 1569, Lithuanians and Ruthenians constituted a major part of the Commonwealth populace.

For many centuries, Poland was the main country of the Jews worldwide, and Jews constituted Poland's first minority group. However, it did not survive World War II. Beforehand, there were 3,474,000 Jews in Poland. Those who managed to escape mostly fled to the United States, Israel, Great Britain or Latin America.

According to the Polish Ministry of the Interior and Administration, at the time of the 2002 census, there were 1,055 Jewish people in Poland.[8] In the 2011 census, however, that number had grown to 7,353.[19] Its representatives live mainly in large cities like Warsaw, Wrocław, Kraków and Lublin.

Tens of thousands of people joined nationalist marchers waving flags and burning flares in Warsaw

some of the banners at the march said, "White Europe, Europe must be white," and "Pray for Islamic Holocaust."

Thousands of Europeans have marched the streets of Warsaw on Poland’s independence days with banners and chants of “Clean Blood,” “White Europe,” “Refugees Get Out!”, “Pray for an Islamic Holocaust.”

The march had an average of 60,000 from the far-right activists in what seems like their largest gathering in Europe in recent years.

Protesters disrupt Poland independence day events

The organized march by the far-right group is an annual event that marks Poland’s independence in 1918.

Under the red smoke of their bombs, they called for an Islamic Holocaust and prayed for a White Poland. The march was later joined by far-right leaders from Italy and the UK.

“The numbers attending this year seem to be bigger and, while not everyone on the march is a far-right activist or fascist, it is undoubtedly becoming more significant and is acting as a magnet for far-right groups around the world,” Nick Lowles, from the UK anti-extremism group Hope Not Hate, told

Ultra nationalists and fascist groups disrupted Poland's main independence day march Saturday, waving flags and burning flares as they marched down the streets of Warsaw.

Some wore masks and waved red and white Polish flags, chanting "Death to enemies of the homeland," and "Catholic Poland, not secular."

Police estimate that 60,000 people took part in the independence day march.

Police estimate that 60,000 people overall took part in the annual march, as reported. While the vast majority were Poles, other protesters came from all over Europe.

Poland regained its independence in 1918.

One of the lead organizations involved in the march is the National Radical Camp, which has previously taken to the streets to protest against Muslim immigration, gay rights, the EU and anything it considers undermines Polish Catholic values.

Demonstrators disrupted the march.

While support for the group remains small, its critics argue that the Polish government, which they say has struck a nationalistic tone and linked immigrants to crime and disease, has fostered an atmosphere of intolerance and xenophobia that has emboldened it.

Some of those marching lit flares during the event.

In a statement this week, Poland's Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Glinski strongly condemned the gathering saying: "We do not approve of support in the public sphere for an ethnic national community, we support the idea of a nation rooted in culture." This was echoed on Monday by Poland's President Andrzej Duda who said there was "no room or tolerance for xenophobia, sick nationalism or anti-semitism" in Polish society.

Earlier on Saturday, the Polish capital had seen a far smaller demonstration by groups condemning the hijacking of Polish independence day, which falls on November 11.

Far-right marchers waved flags as they took part in the march.

The day celebrates the re-birth of Poland in November 1918, 123 years after the Prussian, Habsburg and Russian empires carved up Poland among themselves and erased it from the map of Europe.

But in the past few years, the holiday has been overshadowed by the far-right march and fears of violence despite condemnation from key political figures in Poland.

President Duda led the formal celebrations of Polish independence day in central Warsaw. After laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier, he told the crowd to remember the price of freedom and independence.

Subsequent statements from Poland's deputy prime minister and president have been added.

في خضم إنشغال الأمة العربية بأزمات وصراعات وإنقسامات وعدم التوحد وحرب الصراع في اليمن وعوده علي عبدالله صالح وثورات الربيع العبري الذي أساسه الحرب علي العرب والاسلام وليس لتطبيق الشرع او الشريعه.

وفي ذكري إستقلال بولندا يوم 11نوفمبر 1918 بعد 123 عام من الإنقسام داخل حدود روسيا وبروسيا والامبراطوريه النمساويه المجريه نظم اكثر من 60 ألف مواطن بولندي كاثوليكي مسيرات وصلوات علي طول الحدود طلبا لحمايه ربانيه من تهديدات المسلمين والاسلام.

المسيره والصلاه دعت لها مؤسسه مسيحيه متطرفه إسمها " ديوس سولو باستا " وإستغلت مايسمونه ذكري الإنتصار علي المسلمين في معركه بحريه تسمي "ليبانت" هزم فيها مسيحي أوروبا الجيش العثماني في القرن السادس عشر والذي أعتقد أنذاك أنه تم بفضل ترتيل صلاه المسبحه التي خلصت أوروبا من الأسلمه بحسب قول المنظمين.

The march and prayer called for by a radical Christian institution called "Dios Sulu Basta" and exploited what they called "victory of the Muslims" in a battle called "Lepanto" in which the European Christian defeated the Ottoman army in the sixteenth century, which I think that it was thanks to the prayer prayer rosary, which concluded Europe of Islam Organizers say.

القائمون علي المسيره أرادو أن يكون هناك محطات للصلاه علي مسافه أكثر من 3500 كيلو متر علي حدود ألمانيا والتشيك وسلوفاكيا وأوكرانيا وروسيا وبحر البلطيق.

The walkers wanted to have stations of prayer at a distance of more than 3500 km on the borders of Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia and the Baltic Sea.

كما شارك في المسيره والتظاهرات بحارة علي متن قوارب صيد وزوارق ومراكب شراعيه وكونو سلاسل علي طول الأنهار وإحتشد مصليين في أكثر من 200 كنيسه لحضور مؤتمر صحفي لمنظمين المسيرات وإمتدت الصلوات إلي كنائس صغيره ومطارات دوليه خارج البلاد.

The marches were attended by sailors on fishing boats, sailboats, made a human chains along the rivers, and worshipers gathered in more than 200 synagogues to attend a press conference for marchers and extended prayers to small churches and international airports outside the country.

كما قام راديو ماريا التابع للإذاعه الكاثوليكيه ببث قداس علي الهواء قال فيه رئيس الأساقفه كراكوف ماريك جدراسوفسكي أنه يصلي من أجل الأمم الأوروبية الأخري حتي تدرك أنه ينبغي العوده لجذورها المسيحيه.

Radio Maria of the Catholic Broadcasting Corporation also broadcast a mass on the air, in which Archbishop Krakow Marek Gedrasovsky said that he prayed for other European nations to realize that he should return to their Christian roots.

البولنديين يرو أن الإسلام هو تهديد لبلادهم ورفضت بولندا وحكومتها إستقبال لاجئين عرب ومسلمين علي أراضيها غير منصتين لتحذيرات الإتحاد الأوروبي الذين هم تابعين له حتي بعد دعوه نواب أوروبيون خلال نقاش برلماني إلي معاقبه البلدان الممانعه لمشروع توزيع اللاجئين وقال حينها خوان لوبيز أغيلار النائب الاسباني : "علي المفوضيه الأوروبيه أن ترد بشكل قانوني لأنها حاميه المعاهدات ويجب فرض العقوبات علي الدول التي تفتقر إلي الإداره السياسيه للإلتزام بالقانون".

The Poles, who believe that Islam is a threat to their country, Poland and its government refused to receive Arab and Muslim refugees on its territory, not the European Union's warnings to which they belong even after European deputies called during a parliamentary debate to punish the countries that oppose the project. The European Commission must respond legally because it is the guardian of treaties and sanctions must be imposed on countries that lack the political administration to abide by the law.

60 ألف متظاهر متطرف رفعوا شعار " نصلي من أجل محرقه إسلاميه " مصحوبا بشعارات وطنيه أخري مثل " الدم النقي " و " اللاجئون يخرجون من أوروبا الشرقيه ".

Sixty thousand extremist demonstrators raised the slogan "pray for an Islamic holocaust" accompanied by other national slogans such as "pure blood" and "refugees go out of Eastern Europe."

الصحفي في واشنطن بوست " أفي سيك " هاجم منتقديه علي تويتر وقال لهم أن اللافتات المدون عليها " صلوا من اجل محرقه إسلاميه " موجوده علي جسر بمدينه بوزنان البولنديه من عام 2015 وليس من اليوم فقط منذ تولي حزب العداله والقانون البولندي المتطرف حكم البلاد.

The journalist in the Washington Post, "Avi Sik," attacked his critics on Twitter and told them that signs written on "Pray for an Islamic holocaust" are on a bridge in the Polish city of Poznan in 2015, and not just today since the party of justice and extreme Polish law ruled the country.

بررت الأسقفيه هناك بأن المسيرات والتظاهرات والصلوات مبادراه دينيه صرف وأن الأوساط الكاثوليكيه القوميه والعديد من المنضمين لها يرون أن هذه الصلاه سلاحا روحانيا بوجه مايسمونه مخطط أسلمه بولندا وأوروبا.

The episcopate justified there that marches, demonstrations and prayers were purely religious and that the national Catholic circles and many of its followers saw this prayer as a spiritual weapon in the face of what they called the blueprint of Islamism Poland and Europe.

كما قام وزير الداخليه يوم السبت باصدار أوامر صارمه لإعتقال كل من يناهض ويعارض المسيرات إشارة منه ومن دولته بالموالفقة على فحوى تلك المسيرات ودعم الشعارات التى تطالب بها فى التمييز العرقى والتمييز والتحيز بين الأديان وممارسة العنصرية ونشر التفرقة والبغضاء والحرب على اللون والطائفة والدين بمخالفة صارخة لللقوانين الدولية المعمول بها وقوانين الأمم المتحدة والإتحاد الأوربى وبالفعل قامت الشرطه بإعتقال أكثر من 45 شخص حاولو أعتراض المسيرات وبررو بانها تدعوا للعنف والعنصرية والتمييز والطائفية والتفرقة وإراقه الدماء.

On Saturday, the Minister of the Interior issued strict orders to arrest all those who oppose and oppose marches. He referred to him and his country in their commitment to the content of these rallies and to support the slogans they demand in racial discrimination, discrimination and biases between religions, the practice of racism and the spread of discrimination and hatred and the war on color, sect and religion in flagrant violation of international laws The United Nations and the European Union. Indeed, the police arrested more than 45 people who tried to object to the marches and barrow as calling for violence, racism, discrimination, sectarianism, discrimination and bloodshed.

فيما رد وزير الخارجيه البولندي علي الإتهامات بالعنف والتحريض علي الدم والإرهاب بأنها دعوات مشروعه ومسيرات سلميه تدعوا لنقاء دماء أوروبا من الإسلام والمسلمين.

The Polish Foreign Minister responded to accusations of violence and incitement to blood and terrorism as legitimate calls and peaceful rallies calling for the purity of European blood from Islam and Muslims.

ماذا لو حدث كل هذا في دوله عربيه؟؟؟؟؟

What if all this happened in an Arab country ?????

نحن كعرب نحتضن إخوه الوطن بيننا وبكل سعه صدر ورحب ولم ولن نخرج يوما ضدهم بالعكس نقاتل خارج حدودنا للإنتقام من كل عابث بدمائهم.

We as Arabs embrace our brothers in the homeland among us and with all his might, and they welcomed and did not and will not come out a day against them, on the contrary, we fight outside our borders to avenge the sins of every person.

ستصل فكرتهم بأسرع ما تتخيلون لأوطاننا ولكن عن طريق من ؟؟؟ عصابة؟ أم المافيا؟ أم بنشر الجواسيس ؟ أم عن طريق من عرف عنهم أنهم يبيعون أوطانهم لهدمها وشتاتها وتدميرها منذ قديم الأزل بالمال وكما تحالفوا مع اليهود والفرنسيين والإنجليز لتدمير بلادهم تحت راية الإسلام والدين منهم براء وأسماهم "خوارج العصر وكلاب النار" والمعروفون لدى الوطن العربى بإسم "الخرفان" عفوا أعتذر لهذا الحيوان النافع أقصد "الإخوان".

Their idea Will reach as fast as you imagine for our countries but by way of who ??? Gangs? or the Mafia? Or by some spread spies? Or through those who known that they sell their homes and nations to demolish it and destroy it and vanish it since ancient times with money as then given alliance with the Jews and the French and British troops to destroy their countries under the banner of Islam and holy religion is innocent of them and popular called them "Khofar and khawarej of the era and dogs of hell fire" and known in the Arab countries as "sheeps" Sorry my excuse to this useful animal . I mean the Muslim Brotherhood.

الفكرة تصل إلى مصر....بزوبعة جديدة إخترعتها جماعة الإخوان الإرهابية

The idea reaches Egypt ... a new whirlwind invented by the Muslim Brotherhood

ما أكد تلك الأفكار المتطرفة بأنها "أنظمة مخابراتية دولية للحرب على الإسلام" مثل فكرة ثورات الخراب العبرى الصهيونى على الأمة العربية فقد أتت الفكرة من بولندا بنفس التوقيت ولم تتأخر وكأنهم على إتفاق على موعد معين ليقوموا بها بشتى بقاع الأرض فى أن واحد وبصور وأفكار مختلفة ظنا منهم أنه لن يكشفها أحد.

These ideas were confirmed as "international intelligence systems for the war on Islam," such as the idea of the revolutions of the Hebrew Zionist destruction on the Arab nation called "Arab Spring". The idea came from Poland at the same time and did not delay as if they agreed on a certain date to be carried out in different parts of the world. thinking that no one would reveal their plane.

وتوافقا مع تلك المسيرات والدعوات ظهرت زوبعة جديدة إخترعتها جماعة الإخوان الإرهابية حيث قاموا بإبتكار جماعه جديدة و أسموها " حركة أبناء يسوع " إشارة لأن تكون مسيحية لنشر التفرقة والعنف الطائفى وشتات بنى الوطن ونسيجة الواحد المتألف منذ قديم الدهر.

In line with these marches and invitations, a new whirlwind was invented by the Muslim Brotherhood, where they created a new group called the Sons of Jesus Movement, a reference to being a Christian to spread discrimination and sectarian violence between the one nation citizens.

وأصبح لديهم قناة ممولة على التليجرام و أصبحوا ينشرون بيانات و إصدارات همجية ودموية تدعوا للقتل والإرهاب والدمار......لكن الاغبياء نسيوا انهم هم اللى روجوا لتلك الحركة على تويتر و على قنواتهم المشهوره مثل الثورة اليوم و أخبار 24 .....احذروا الفتن 

And they have created a page channel funded on the Telegram and they spread some statements and versions of barbaric and bloody calls for killing, terrorism and destruction ... ... But those idiots forgot that they are the promoters of the movement on Twitter and on their famous channels such as the revolution today and news 24. Beware of sedition

وأري أن الحرب علي الإسلام قادمه وفي غضون السنوات القادمه ستكون مجازر في صفوف مسلمي أوروبا بسبب تحريض الصهاينه المستمر والعرب نيام فى صراعاتهم.

I see that the war against Islam is coming and in the coming years their will be massacres among the Muslims of Europe because of inciting by the Zionists and the Arabs continue is sleeping in their conflicts.

نريد أن تصل رسائلنا لاؤلئك المتخلفين عقليا وفكريا العنصريون بأن التنظيمات الإرهابية التي ظهرت بيننا لا تمثل لا الإسلام ولا المسلمين بينما هم رعاع إستغلتهم أجهزه مخابرات دوليه لضرب الإسلام بسفهاء الأحلام وأن الاسلام حقا دين يدعو للتعايش السلمى والتسامح ونبذ العنف والكراهية وعدم إراقه الدماء والتعدي علي الغير مهما كان دينه أو لغته أو لونه ولعل قول الله عز وجل علي لسان نبي الإسلام سيدنا محمد صلي الله عليه وسلم حينما ردد قول المولى عز وجل " لكم دينكم ولي دين".

We want our messages to reach to those crazy minds retarded and intellectual racists that the terrorist organizations that have emerged between us as isis does not represent neither Islam nor Muslims while they are a rabble exploited by international intelligence agencies to strike Islam with the wonders of dreams and that Islam is truly a religion calling for peaceful coexistence and tolerance and non-violence and hatred and non-bloodshed as It was the religion who never defer for language or color and perhaps the words of Almighty God on the tongue of the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad peace be upon him when he echoed the words of the Almighty, "you got your own religion and i have mine religion."

والتي جاء في سيرته ألاف الأحاديث والمواقف التي تدعوا لنبذ العنف وإحترام الغير ولكن للأسف خرج من بيننا خوارج أرادوا تشويه صورتنا وإظهارنا أمام شعوب العالم أجمع بأننا همجيون وقتلة وسفاحين.

Which included thousands of conversations and positions calling for the renunciation of violence and respect for others, but unfortunately came out of us some wanted outlaws to distort our image in front of others and show us in rge eyes of the peoples of the world that we are barbarians, murderers and killers.

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